Friday, June 29, 2007

The Big Lie of NATO

Anyone who followed the 78-day war of aggression the North Atlantic Treaty Organization waged against what was then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia knows that NATO officials can lie, and have done so with impunity.

But it shows a special kind of arrogance when even the highest official of the Alliance, secretary-general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, lies without hesitation.

At a conference today, Scheffer responded to criticism from Afghanistan, where 90 civilians died in NATO operations just this month, with this claim: "Let me make one point unmistakably clear - Nato has never killed and will never intentionally kill innocent civilians."

This right here is postmodern "morality;" actions are deemed moral or immoral based on their perpetrator. So when NATO invades a country, bombs civilian targets, destroys utilities, targets reporters, sponsors ethnic cleansing and destruction of cultural monuments, that's "humanitarian intervention" and beyond reproach. But if anyone else is so much as accused of doing any of these things, that's "genocide."

Civilians die in war. That is why starting a war was declared a supreme international crime, back in 1945. Scheffer presides over an Alliance that has violated that law with impunity. So yes, Jaap, you did intentionally kill innocent civilians. That much is unmistakably clear.


Unknown said...

You should be Proud of all that the NATO troops are doing. Because of what they do, you continue to have that wonderful freedom of speech. Be greatful. I sign off as a Proud Armymom.

kapetan Mile said...

bravo Mr, i have been reading your columns for years now. i only wish someone in the serbian government would be so outspoken towards the emperor and its servants.

M. Lukic
Montreal, Canada

CubuCoko said...


Had you bothered to read your Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, you would have realized the rights and liberties come from God, not from the government (and hence, the military). It's people like you that make the Empire possible.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Another goose-stepping statist proclaiming that military "might" makes right.

Now on the topic of NATO I had to laugh at the arrogance displayed recently by Mr. Scheffer. Clearly this boob has been living in a fantasy world. Just how many innocent civilians did NATO intentionally kill in its "humanitarian" intervention? Hmmm?

It was this very action borne of lies that drove me away from the Republicans and cleared the scales from my eyes about the political parties and their never ending blood-lust. They're two sides, in the states at least, of the same corrupt political coin.