Friday, February 15, 2008

Isn't Albania Enough?

The inimitable Taki Theodoracopoulos does a drive-by assessment of the Empire's Kosovo policy in his most recent column:

Even worse is the issue of Kosovo. With a few prominent exceptions, NATO, the EU, the USA, and the UN all favor speedy recognition of a rogue state led by drug dealers and terrorists and militant Muslims. What the hell is going on here? Why must we have a second Muslim state in our midst? Isn’t Albania enough?

Of course it's not enough to those who see "Kosova" as just the first step in annexing parts of Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, and even more of Serbia. And after that, who knows? If one believes the 19th-century canard about Albanians descending from ancient Illyrians, it's only a matter of time before some "reputable expert" asserts that all of the Balkans is actually "ethnic Albania." And why stop there? There's Albanians in Switzerland, Britain, New Jersey...

Anyway, at this stage slogans won't do Serbia much good. The people dismembering her, Czechoslovakia-style, seem to believe only in coercion. When dealing with aggression, polite arguments can only get one so far. Maybe it's high time to start doing some coercin' right back.


Njegos said...


I agree with you completely. And if the Serbs are not going to fight or apply economic sanctions then surely they can cut diplomatic ties with countries that recognise the independence of "Kosova". But I guess that would ruin Tadic and Co's photo-ops at future EU summits which, of course, are far more important than the dignity and the well-being of the country they were elected to lead.

MoJoWork'N said...


Strictly from the Cui Bono POV, I don't know how widely known it is, but the powers-that-be just released an announcement, that they'll be starting to drill for gold, in '3 to 4 weeks'. This came just a few days before the unilateral 'independence'/colonial integration decree.

I posted some details, here:

AMBO pipeline, just approved last September, also underway.

The relative significance of those announcements may be a matter for debate, but they shouldn't be overlooked.