Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thaci Hires Speechwriter: Borat

And now for something... slightly different.

It appears that the KLA regime in the self-proclaimed "republic of Kosovo" hired as their newest speechwriter none other than the infamous Kazakhstani troublemaker, Borat Sagdiyev. Evidence? In the July 18 statement to the Imperial Secretary of State, "prime minister" Hashim Thaci declared:

"Thank you, Madame Secretary, for the strong support that the United States of America has given to Kosovo and its people.

Today, Kosovo is an independent, sovereign and democratic state; it is a country of peace, stability and with a perspective to develop. Kosovo has excellent cooperation with all the countries of the region, with Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and in the near democratic future, we believe, also with Serbia. ....

This is a historical visit and meeting, because it is the first delegation of the state of Kosovo to visit Washington.

We expressed our new commitment to making progress in Kosovo, and awareness about the new responsibilities that we will take over for Kosovo as a state that will be part of the Euro-Atlantic family, part of NATO and of the European Union, and always in excellent relations with the US.

Kosovo and the people of Kosovo bow before the Government and the people of America for their support."

This had to have been written by Borat. Right?

(Apologies to Sacha Baron Cohen any offense that may have been accidentally given by associating his name with the terrorist KLA regime.)


erdega79 said...

it's obnoxiou and false but anything is that comes from washington or maybe london. It just makes their overall downfall harder

Gray Falcon said...

Well, it was more funny than anything else. Sadly, this is what passes for normal in the world today.