Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are we to be spared nothing?

I understand that diplomacy is the art of saying "Ow!" while stepping on someone else's foot. And I understand that a diplomat is an "honest gentleman sent to lie abroad for the good of his country" (Wotton). But even so, there ought to be a line somewhere.

Here's Hillary Clinton's note to the people of Serbia (right from

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I am delighted to send best wishes to the people of Serbia as you celebrate your National Day this February 15.

The United States and Serbia share a long history of friendship and cooperation based on mutual interest and mutual respect. Today, we stand with Serbia as you work toward European Union integration, and we will continue to support your progress until this goal becomes a reality. I look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship and deepening our work together in the coming year as we promote stability and prosperity in the region and around the world.

As you celebrate your National Day, know that the United States is a partner and friend. I wish all the people of Serbia and Serbians around the world a peaceful and a prosperous future.

Um, no.

You're most certainly not delighted, Madam Secretary, and it's simply offensive to pretend otherwise.

The U.S. and Serbia had a long history of friendship and cooperation. That history ended on March 23, 1999. And not because of the Serbs, either.

Likewise, there is nothing "mutual" about the current relationship between Washington and the quisling regime in Belgrade. The successive U.S. administrations have repeatedly demonstrated that only the U.S. is allowed to have interests, and only the U.S. is entitled to respect - while anyone else in the world, Serbia included, is not.

To speak of "promoting stability and prosperity" anywhere, while chiefly involved in bombing and occupying countries around the world - or seeking to overthrow their governments through astroturf "popular revolutions" and staged rebellions - surely has to be the pinnacle of cynicism. Especially since the U.S. has done all those things to Serbia over the past 13 years, making it decidedly less stable and prosperous.

If these are the actions of a "partner and friend," who needs enemies?

Serbia's Foreign Minister is in Washington today, and he will smile and nod and shake hands and pretend everything is all right. It isn't. And unlike him, I'm not afraid to say it.

As for those who are missing the whole "National Day" reference, today is the anniversary of the first Serb uprising against the Ottoman rule (1804), as well as the anniversary of Serbia's first Constitution (1835). The quisling regime celebrates it as "Statehood Day" - something they themselves know nothing of. And apparently, neither does Madam Clinton.


Drago said...


Couldnt have said it better or in any other way myself!



Unhappy Observer said...

In order to have this Clinton`s farce exposed as a whole, you should also mention wishes to Kosovo`s (is still Serbia)so called independence anniversary which was stated a day or two after similar sent to Serbia: (sorry but can`t find the english version)
Who`s the fool...the fool is silence!!!

DJ said...

As always Mr Malic you are spot on, not everyone is Serbia`s "friend" .
In 1804 I think america was still in the process of its continued genocide of is indigenous population. While Serbia was writing a constitution, I guess one could say that america has some degree of envy towards Serbia. The yellow party can/will/are just use this as a cheap election tactic to show they are "patriotic".
We need a Marko Kraljevic in Belgrade to clean house.

Keep up the good work Mr Malic. You words are heard here in Srbija.

Srbo said...

Very warm wishes, too warm for such a freezing heart... A prelude to what, I wonder. She wants the Serbs to set up a FB fan page for her or something?

Asteri said...

Friendship and cooperation ended in 1980 or, at least by 1990.

robert49rml said...

I seem to remember this:

People who learn history from Spielberg movies,” a Serbian dissident retorted, “should not tell us how to live our lives”

jack said...

Doesn't her hubby have a Saddam style statue in Kosovo?

I don't see how you don't see the connection that the Balkans wars was to create oil and gas transit routes to the EU from the Caspian Basin and a base and transit route to fuel the jihad primarily in Chechnya but also Central Asia and Xinjing.

There is an ethnic link that binds all these groups together there Turkic identity that is classic British Pan Turanianism that supersedes the jihadist element something of which seems to not register with Trifkovic under his assumption that Turkey is asserting itself under the Erdogan government rather than US/EU promoting Turkish influence to control Caspian and Eurasian oil and gas as a bulwark against Russia has been the agenda since the collapse of the USSR.

The jihadist in charge of forces in Dagestan that encompasses the largest landmass bordering the Caspian Sea Basin is a Turkish mercenary identified as Sheikh Abdusalam.

Once the US launches war against Iran making the Nabucco pipeline viable through Turkey you will see the oil industry in the Balkans come to fruition.

There is a rumour that Saudi money helped finance Jolies Bosnian war flick but I have not seen any evidence to determine f it is true or not.


It's not the Spielberg movies that are the problem.

robert49rml said...

The comment about Spielberg movies was made by Hillary Clinton in 1999 referring to Serbs. It's not the movie it's the ignorance of people in charge like Hillary and Company. By the way you left out the narcotics business and other organized crime activities that not are flourishing because of the "liberation" of Kosovo

robert49rml said...

"organized crime activities that not are flourishing because of the "liberation" of Kosovo" Should be "that are flourishing..."

kukla said...

The comment was not made by Hilary Clinton -- it was made by a Serb ABOUT Hilary Clinton.