Friday, February 20, 2015

Blair? Seriously?

Former British PM, one of the Bombers of Belgrade and the butcher of Iraq, Anthony "Tony" Blair (or is it "Bliar"?) has actually visited the Empire's "puppet and lackey" in Serbia last June. Now he appears to have been officially hired as an "adviser" to what should be the Serbian government, but is in fact Empire's government in Serbia. Big difference.

Blair's speaking fees run into high six figures. A consulting retainer is probably much bigger. This isn't about money - though the systematically impoverished Serbia is plenty short thereof - but about principle, however. How self-hating, how spineless, how evil does one have to be, to cheerfully pay one's own aggressor and murderer?

John Bosnich and Višeslav Simić, both of whom I've had the privilege of meeting, explain the situation to RT's Anissa Nauai.


Anonymous said...

According to the guests the Empire wants Vucic to commit political suicide and be replaced by another puppet. Why would they want that? Vucic is a more useful puppet than Tadic ever was! Perhaps Seselj was right when he said the Empire has no respect for a puppet or Vucic and would be thrown away after being used like a toilet paper. Or perhaps the Empire wants to destabilize Serbia and create a second front against Russia?!
Apparently Ejup Ganic threatened Bosnia with war if Serbia does not go on the (EU)ropean path:

Asteri said...

The UK Blairites are keeping very quiet about this. Its an old story though - I'm sure I read it last year?

I really don't know who should be more embarrassed by their association in this relationship though. Who is going to be invited next - Albright?, Clark? Vucic has obviously decided to go down the road of Milo Djukanovic.

CubuCoko said...

Considering that Don Milo has held near-absolute power in his fief for ages, I suppose he might be somewhat of an inspiration to other tin-pot despots in "the region."

And yet when the reckoning comes, there'll be no hiding place for any of them.

Anonymous said...

It seems Russia Today has stepped on someone's toes. Too bad Vucic has no control over RT as he has over Serbian media...

Anonymous said...

John Kerry is not pleased with the little influence Russians have in Serbia.

"The United States thinks a number of European countries, Serbia among them, are "in the line of fire" when it comes to relations between Washington and Moscow."

"The U.S. senator noted that he was in the Balkans last fall, and that during his trip he noticed "great Russian influence in Serbia."

"Russia is marching in Serbia with greater than ever influence," he said, adding that at the same time, the U.S. embassy in Belgrade struggles to raise funds for exchange programs. "

"Russia is engaged in a massive effort to sway nations, to appeal to them, reach out to them, and fundamentally, tragically, sort of reigniting a new kind of East-West zero sum game that we think is dangerous and unnecessary."


Second front against Russia??

Anonymous said...

@CubuCoko I think you will find this interesting---->

"Putin in 2012 - Opposition is looking to turn someone into involuntary martyr":


"CIA: America has no objection to physical elimination of Putin":

Mabuballah said...

Bliar, Blair? No. It's biliar, rather like a biliary drain, except it lacks a drain but needs one.