Monday, March 10, 2014

A Sacred War

Empire's politicians who wish to whip up popular frenzy for invading other countries in the name of "freedom, democracy and human rights" (or on some other such imaginary pretext) always invoke the specter of Adolf Hitler, supposedly defeated by American men, guns and tanks. And oh yes, some Russians and Brits may have helped a little bit. But it was Private Ryan's war - Spielberg showed us so.

Rubbish. You want to know who actually ended Hitler? Who did the bulk (90%) of the fighting against him in Europe, and the bulk of the dying as well? The Soviets. To 185,000 American soldiers who died fighting in Europe (total American deaths in WW2, including the Pacific campaigns: 418,500), the Soviets lost anywhere from 8 to 13 million troops. Their total war losses, factoring civilians, may have reached as high as 28 million people.

This may help explain why, when Elena Vaenga starts singing "The Sacred War," people in the audience stand up, as if for the national anthem:

Because for Russians - and all other Soviet citizens who fought against Hitler back then, such as Galina Shaykislamova - the fight against Hitler is the holiest of wars. This is why they cannot abide neo-Hitlerites, in Ukraine or elsewhere. And why anyone, especially cowardly foreign REMFs, who spits upon that memory will be treated with as much respect as the "rotten fascist filth" from the third verse. 


Meezer said...

These guys are are ready to take on the fascists:

panix Panixgr said...

CubuCoko, you nailed it, big time.

That is why, while personally being far from anything socialist or communist, i think it is very wise to build upon the Soviet and Yugoslav legacy, even if some part of those were in conflict with each other, or in conflict with the main slavic backbones of the respective federations (Russians, Serbs).

We must learn to build on our victories, minimize our defeats and create hope.

And more than everything, know who the enemy is. I mean he has revealed him/her self in the most explicit manner.

Anonymous said...

@CubuCoko What is your opinion about allegations of corruption against Dodik? Do you think the opposition/media in Republic of Srpska play a role in a pro-EU/NATO regime change?

CubuCoko said...

I don't think Dodik is any more (or less) corrupt than your typical Balkans politician.

A number of sources, whose reliability I am not inclined to doubt (based on their track record), have indicated to me that the Empire is indeed working with several opposition parties - and even elements within the SNSD - and the media to have Dodik replaced with someone more like Tadic or Vucic, and the corruption stories are one of the tactics involved.

Witch-king of Angmar said...

One of the things people must do is utterly reject the Cold War propagandist notion that the Imperialists are using now to legitimize their conquest which says that "Hitler and Stalin were the same". They were not. This is what we call in Serbia, a coo-coo's egg planted beneath us and anyone perpetuating this myth is doing the cause a huge disservice.