Sunday, October 26, 2014

Debuts and Anniversaries

My first first column at was published October 19, 2000. That's fourteen years ago. Even I forgot about the exact date, thinking it had been sometime in November.
Screencap of the very first column at
"Balkan Express", as it was called, had 269 editions - more or less once a week. In 2007, we changed the name to "Moments of Transition", and the publication schedule to every other week. The latest column, "Two Parades and A Drone", was published this past Saturday. It was the 460th column for that I have written over the past fourteen years.

Saturday was my debut as a columnist for RT's Op-Edge. The piece - "Ukraine's election: Behind the looking glass" - analyzed the background and possible outcomes of the ritual taking place in junta-controlled territories today. Looks like both the editors and the readers liked it, so look to more pieces from me over at Op-Edge soon.

I almost can't believe I've done all this, and plan to do more still. The very notion sounded surreal back in 1999, when I penned the first commentary in response to mainstream media rubbish concerning Kosovo, and had it published online. Yet here I am, fifteen years later, still standing. Still writing. Still flying.

Let's see what happens.


The Hero of Crappy Town said...

I think I've read you for most of that time having found in late 2000. I remember that you were a very rare and invaluable (to me at least) voice in those very bleak days.

Sincere congratulations on your RT gig! I will keep an eye on that one too.

Meezer said...

Congrats on the RT gig! I definitely will be checking it out.

Albert said...

Congratulations! Btw, if you are looking for something to write about, check out the documentary film E-team (just released on Netflix), It is about Human Rights Watch providing pretext for "humanitarian" bombing campaigns in Kosovo, Libya and (unsuccessfully) Syria. I didn't know HRW played such a big role in setting up the narrative for those wars and I couldn't even begin to imagine how one-sided their documentation of victims of atrocities were. I think you will find it interesting.

Nikole said...

Congratulations and thank you Nebojsa. Yours is an intelligent voice. Your steadiness, keeping at it with so much of world opinion media closed to you is heroic.

Unknown said...

Nebojsa, you are the best, no wonder you keep getting better after so many years!

It's always a great pleasure to see you on RT and yes you are the most valuable voice for our generation (yours and mine) when it comes to history and geopolitics.

Oh and let me remind everybody of your superb work over at the Reiss Institute for Serbian Studies:

Your first piece on RT's Op-Edge was great and while reading it, I was feeling like "it must be written by someone who could finally mention the similarities between Ukraine and Republika Srpska Krajina". Fantastic job!

Only you and Dr. Srdja Trifkovic can make sure that RT improves in the only area where it's below par: far too often, they talk only about events from 2001 onwards instead of mentioning every time they can that the current mess in world geopolitics started in 1990 with Yugoslavia.

Veliki pozdrav (my Serbian course starts a week later than planned, on November 12) :)