Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RT vs the Western "Media"

Since last November, I have made so many appearances on RT, I've had people ask me if I work for them. I wish! In actuality, I am a guest commentator, who just happens to get re-invited a ton. Maube because I am right more often than not? Certainly not because I'm telegenic...

On Tuesday I was a guest on the episode of CrossTalk about the elections in the Ukraine, which aired today. Three days prior, I chimed in about V. V. Putin's remarks at the Valdai Club forum in Sochi. He identified the Empire-possessed U.S. (and its EU appendage) as the source of instability, violence and chaos in the world. I've said as much myself back in February, so it's no wonder I concur.

The Anglosphere media, predictably, did not. For example, the Guardian's obnoxious (and clueless) Shaun Walker described Putin's remarks as "railing" against the West. Good thing the full transcript of the remarks (in English too) is available via the alternate media.

But something in Walker's piece particularly rankled:
Putin did not face many tough questions from the assembled audience. Peter Lavelle, a presenter on the Kremlin’s Russia Today television channel took the opportunity to tell the president that he is “the most popular man in modern history” and in much of the world is “looked upon as a saviour of sorts”.
I've addressed here before the whole "RT is Kremlin propaganda" nonsense. Walker is simply trying to disqualify RT and Lavelle with a drive-by ad hominem. Worse, though, in this passage he is lying by omission: Lavelle did say the words quoted above, but as part of a question about the Western media's demonization of Putin. Watch and listen for yourselves. Putin's reply, too, for good measure.

Now tell me again why you or anyone else ought to think the Western media is fair, objective, accurate and decent, while "Kremlin's Russia Today" is nothing but evil lies and propaganda. Rubbish.


Anonymous said...

You project a strong presence on screen and a clever host would want people like you invited in his show.

I've been watching several CrossTalk episodes which included you and I always look forward for them when I read the guests list and see your name. One of the best guests there and we have to consider that many of the other guests are very interesting, well spoken, informed and determined in their beliefs individuals so you had to face a tough competition.

Good job.
Good luck !

CubuCoko said...

Thank you. I have zero formal TV training, so whatever I manage to do is a combination of improv and practice.

Rohil said...

RT is much better than The Fox News Channel. RT is very good.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Poroshenko is behaving more like a nazi: "Their children will hole up in the basements - this is how we win the war!"

@CubuCoko do you think Seselj will be able to topple Serbia's government?

@CubuCoko keep up the good work!

CubuCoko said...

Interesting about the shelling... when the Serbs did that (both real and exaggerated) in the Bosnian War it was considered a "war crime" - but Croats doing it was fine, and apparently the Ukies. To the Empire and its "courts" (of pseudo-justice and public opinion) anyway. Their only value is hypocrisy.

CubuCoko said...

As for Seselj... difficult to say from here. I wouldn't be surprised if the Inquisition released him to avoid embarrassment of yet another Serb dying in its dungeons, while counting on him scaring his former (now renegade) associates into being more obedient pawns of the Empire.

panix Panixgr said...

In all respect, but I think you ppl exagerate a little bit about Nikolic and Vucic.

If some e.g. greek politician dared to call Putin or Cyril in athens, next day he would be found shot dead, and US embassy would not have to lift a finger, albeit aware.

In a world, where Slavs (Bulgarians, Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Bosniaks, Croats) live in the underground like hunted mice, its not a small thing for some Slavic nations to show their stature like Serbia has done and still does.

CubuCoko said...

Stature? They invited Putin so they could pretend to be patriots, to cover up their everyday treason that seeks to make Serbia into something worse than how you describe Greece.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why would Serbia choose EU over Russia. The EU has no money, Germans only produce and save. Russia has plenty of money, they only produce oil and gas. Serbia cannot compete with the Germans and EU, they will only be able to buy German manufactured goods on debt. While on the other hand, Serbia could compete with the Russians, Russia has plenty of oil and gas money to spend on Serbian goods. The EU could then invest in Serbian industry to gain access to Russian market.

CubuCoko said...

Dave, what you're saying is logical, and if it were a matter of logical choice, it would be a no-brainer. But since October 2000, Serbia has been governed by EU (and US) stooges - to a greater or lesser extent, before someone chimes in with "What about Kostunica?" - who have been dragging the country into becoming a US/EU colony. Economic logic doesn't enter their thinking - only obedience to their masters.

Anonymous said...

Putin has economical, geopolitical and nationalist interest in "conquering" the former Yugoslav lands, but the Serbs won't let him, they prefer to be conquered by their Atlantic enemies, Merkel and Kirby know that the Putin parade in Belgrade was only entertainment and pretend in front of the Serbian public...But Putin knows better

CubuCoko said...

I hope so, but I don't actually know what any of them think, or think they know. I guess we'll see what happens.

panix Panixgr said...

"They invited Putin so they could pretend to be patriots, to cover up their everyday treason that seeks to make Serbia into something worse than how you describe Greece. "

I am afraid, you are entering a trap that the saxon empire has set up for you, and you are going straight for the bait. What's this trap? It is called "self hating".

What do you expect the Serb politicians to do? They try to keep some minimal standards while keeping away the idea of being bombed to the floor again. Can Putin provide security? I guess not, since his own ppl are murdered by the 1000s by the banderovci. So, the Serbian politicians cannot do nothing more.

You talk about Greece? About worse than Greece? Can you pls elaborate cause I am not following you....

CubuCoko said...

Panix, I was referring to your earlier remark about how "If some e.g. greek politician dared to call Putin or Cyril in athens, next day he would be found shot dead, and US embassy would not have to lift a finger".

Vucic, Dacic, Nikolic and co. are facilitating Serbia becoming such a country, except the lynchings are mostly verbal so far.

I don't buy the story they are "doing the best they can" - quite the contrary, they are pitching that line to the public as a smokescreeen, so they can do as much damage as possible before enough people wake up.

panix Panixgr said...

Well, I don't buy the story of really having an alternative.

Do you remember our talk one year ago, when I said that Russia is losing Ukraine, and you said that the signs point to the contrary?

Where are we now? Saxon empire owns Kiev and controls most of Ukranian territory adding one more gvmt to their list of trophies in the last 70+ years.

So what exactly do you propose? Personally having the "honor" of having been born in a 100% british/american colony (Greece), I can tell you with great faith that Serbs (with Dacic, Vrucic, Nikolic and Dodik) are FAR from the average saxon pawns like you portray them to be.

Greece is 100% under western control, as has been for the last 200+ years. Bulgaria shows some signs of love for Serbs/Russians, but 100% unable to do anything, while Serbs try to find their place in a world when the saxons can kill slavs in Ukraine at will, without any guilt, without consequences.

What would you do, if tomorrow you became President of Serbia? How would you deal with the bombings and orange revolutions, you know the ones with the "fist" as the symbol, a western concept used against Milosevic and in most arabian springs?

The western public is used to the view of the dead slav. Russian, Ukranian, Serb it does not matter. Slavs are considered ... meat, sucrifice to some ancient Gothic god of death. You know and I know that this is exactly the case.

How would you deal with that? What patriotic methods would you find against saxon intelligence and aggression?

smth tells me that Dacic, Vrucic and Dodik are much smarter (and patriotic) than we think..

What do the saxons want now? What's the ideal situation for them? The most economical?

inter-slavic tensions ... and that is exactly what happens when we accuse Vrucic and Nikolic 24x7 non-stop. (when we clearly have no other alternative)

Anonymous said...

I think Panix is partly right.
The Empire provides and guarantees security to Serbia like the mob provides protection to small businesses.

Russia could provide protection to the Serbs if they had military bases there like they had on Crimea. But then again i don't think that would stop the Empire sponsoring ethnic tensions in the region.

Anonymous said...

I still think the Serbs are betting on a dead horse, because the EU will not survive as it is entering a recession, UKIP winning in Britain, Le Pen in France and Belgium having internal problems. The neo-liberals in Europe will be replaced by anti-globalists who will be more friendlier to the Serb cause.

CubuCoko said...

I share your pessimism about the EU, @dave.

As for your mafia comparison, I think it's a bit unfair to the mob. Because the mobsters at least do protect the people they racketeer - both from themselves and from other racketeers - while the Empire actually abuses Serbia on a daily basis, and lets other "clients" (e.g. Croatia, the Albanians) do so as well, in spite of all the "protection" fees Serbia pays in land, lives and its very soul.