Monday, February 09, 2015

Facts and Fascist Fantasies

On Friday, February 6, six Bosnian Muslims ("Bosnians", per the US media) living in Missouri, New York and Illinois were arrested on charges of aiding ISIS. The day before, police in Manchester (UK) raided 17 homes, targeting an Albanian drug-trafficking ring. Meanwhile, thousands of Albanians are leaving their "free, independent state of Kosovo" - carved out of Serbia for them by NATO in 1999, and declared independent in 2008. Nobody seems to know why - though that doesn't stop the Western media for blaming the Serbs.

Over in Bosnia - the place that set the precedent for America's "white knighting" in the 1990s - an entire village has been taken over by Wahabi jihadists flying ISIS flags. This is news all of a sudden; yet the village's Serb inhabitants were driven out 20 years ago, and it has been a jihadist commune ever since - and no one in the West gave a damn. "See no jihad" was the order of the day, even after 9/11. Why? Perhaps because of Washington's plan to earn the jihadists' gratitude - even though they've clearly showm what they thought of the idea, over and over again.

Last week, Russian agencies reported that "up to 200 mercenaries from the Balkans" were fighting for the Nazi junta in the Ukraine. According to the report, the US corporation formerly known as Blackwater recruited Croats and Albanians.
Croats in the Nazi "Azov" battalion  (source)
It wouldn't be the first time; when the tattered remnants of the German 6th Army surrendered at Stalingrad in February 1943, among them were troops of the Croatian Legion - a unit personally deployed to the Eastern Front by the Croatian Nazi leader Ante Pavelić, proud of his alliance with the "Thousand-Year Reich." Albanians also served Hitler faithfully, as he (and Mussolini) gave them today's Kosovo and western Macedonia, a Waffen-SS division, and a blank check to murder and expel as many Serbs as they could.

Fast-forward fifty years after the end of WW2. Pavelić's heirs again hitched their wagon to the strongest power, and used the status of its "junkyard dogs" to fulfill their iron dream. But the International Court of Justice just said you shouldn't worry your pretty little heads about that.

Then, in 1999, the Empire that usurped the American republic launched an evil little war to help the Albanians - another ally of Hitler's - seize a part of Serbia. Then it tortured international law (via the ICJ, one should note) to proclaim "Kosovian independence" legitimate. When Moscow argued that the Crimean independence referendum was a legitimate response under that very precedent, the Empire invented a nonexistent referendum in Kosovo to argue otherwise.

Did these people at least profit from their unholy alliances? No. Croatia is almost as broke as Greece, prompting its government to consider writing off the debts of 60,000 poorest citizens. Radical Islamists ruling the Muslim-majority part of Bosnia are keeping their people in perpetual anguish and preventing reconciliation and peace. And "free and independent democratic pro-Western" Kosovo with golden statues of Bill Clinton and plaques to Tony Blair is such a paradise, the Albanians are trying to escape by the thousands. (Most of the Serbs have already been expelled, which the NATO "peacekeepers" did nothing to stop.)

That's eerily similar to the "free, independent European Ukrainians" now streaming in tens of thousands across the border into "aggressor" Russia, to avoid getting drafted as cannon fodder in the civil war started - and pursued from one defeat to another - by the Washington-backed Nazi junta in Kiev.

For years, the ever-so-trustworthy government and mainstream media - who have dutifully reported on some 37 "Russian invasions" of "free democratic Ukraine" over the past year without a shred of proof, just as an example - have been telling you the Serbs were evil, genocidal aggressors and the Croats, Albanians and Bosnian Muslims their unarmed, innocent victims. Even if the truth was precisely the opposite. Any and all mention of these "victims" being allied with Hitler, or perpetrating atrocities that appalled even the Germans; of jihadist activity, Nazi revival and organized crime, were dismissed out of hand as "Serb propaganda."

How many acts of jihad, exposed drug-running or slaving rings, displays of Nazi revival does it take to make you realize this was all a lie? That Brian Williams isn't an exception, but the rule?

While the government and corporate media in the West paints every leader of every country that's being "democratically" bombed, invaded or blockaded as the reincarnation of Hitler, they are the ones that backs the Nazis today. From Nazi Croatia and Greater Albania to a Banderist Ukraine, Hitler's old clients are now the most fanatical clients of the American Empire. Meanwhile, the stupid and criminally incompetent policymakers dream of working together with jihadists while pretending to fight them.

The most audacious lie surely has to be the comparison of Vladimir Putin and Russia to Hitler; considering that it was the Soviet Union that contributed close to 90% of the effort to defeat the actual Hitler back in the 1940s - a fact conveniently overlooked by Western politicians, historians, film-makers and pathetic excuses for media.

And when they aren't comparing Putin to Hitler, the lying warmongers of the West compare him to Serbia's Slobodan Milošević (an example, and an analysis of this behavior) instead. Next time you are tempted to say that "everyone knows" Milošević was a monster, ask yourself - was he really? Or were he and the Serbs simply slandered, by the same people who follow in Hitler's footsteps - while claiming to be defending the world from a plague of Hitlers, no less! - lie about everything, and create desolation everywhere but call it peace? 


Zoran said...

What I've sadly come to believe is that Nazism was never actually 100% defeated. It was just transferred to the good ole US of A at the end of WWII and start of the Cold War (i.e., the US's use of former Nazi's in their fight against the communist menace). Any hope of America actually becoming the country it could be died with JFK. (I highly suggest you read anything by James Douglass or Jim DiEugenio). Now in the USA we live in a country where politicians openly discuss the value of "torture" and what essential information it can reveal. Not to mention we can hold certain individuals in indefinite incarceration at Guantanamo. Why? Because we can. Sounds like a Nazi's wet dream

Anonymous said...

Notice any resemblance between the Thousand-Year-Reich and the End-Of-History of today’s Atlantic Empire?
They all thought they were immortal, indispensable and destined to rule the world like the Roman Empire.

Anonymous said...

Washington is inflaming the Ukrainian conflict to isolate and destabilize Russia and put Europe under it's rule, it sends tanks and other forces to the Baltic and Poland not to tackle Russia but to enforce it's will on Europe, it is actually occupying Europe with help of their henchmen from NATO. Washington and especially NATO are cowards, they do not dare to fight Russia directly but instead through a proxy war using Hitler's old clients and their victims as cannon fodder. With this Washington is playing poker with Europe's security, it could easily get out of hand.

CubuCoko said...

Dave, if you read Holbrooke's 1998 memoir - however nauseating the experience may be - you'll find that he openly admits the goal of white-knighting in Bosnia was to re-establish US control over Europe. Is it surprising that the goal is the same today, if Washington is using the same script,and pretty much the same actors?

Anonymous said...

That also explains Putin's "patience"; Putin doesn't want to fall in Washington's trap, instead is trying to create a wedge between Europe and Washington by showing patience and reason and at same time frightening Europe with mock bombing flights close to their borders.
Merkel said she wants a BIG (german) Europe all the way to Vladivostok, but i don't think she and her colleagues want to sacrifice their economy or security to achieve that goal (she is no Hitler). Washington on the other hand is prepared to gamble with Europe's security to establish it's control over Europe (Russia included would be an added bonus).

Anonymous said...

I think Americans are delusional, they have "Munchausen by proxy syndrome" or something which goes back to WW2 or even the Crusades. Their current identity is tied to WW2 in which they themselves see as saviour of Western Europe (or even the world). So the Washington elite cunningly create problems (all around the world) and come to the rescue in order to satisfy the American electorate, geopolitical goals, banksters and their own power hunger.

CubuCoko said...

Part of it is the desire to destroy everyone else so they would get and keep hegemony, and part a desire to case themselves as the knight in shining armor rescuing those in distress - "white-knighting", as the term goes. Either way, they create deserts and call them peace.

Anonymous said...

White-knighting is too nice to describe their behaviour, i think they have an illness. They harm those who they want to save so they could harm those who are in their way to hegemony.

Anonymous said...

It appears to me the Germans and Americans are competing with each other for control over Europe. The Anglos hate the Germans. The Germans are not willing to sacrifice their economy and security to achieve that goal, but Washington is willing to sacrifice European security to secure it's hegemony over Europe and put Germany and Russia in their place.

The war in Former Yugoslavia also started in this fashion, back then it didn't escalate further into a larger European war, this time i am not so sure...

kapetan Mile said...

this just about sums it up about what happend in the balkans in the last 20 years or so