Sunday, October 18, 2015

No to Kosovo in UNESCO

It ought to be the elementary standpoint of any civilized human being that those who destroy heritage (not to mention living houses of worship) absolutely do not belong in organizations whose purpose is to protect it.

After gaining membership in the corrupt and morally bankrupt FIFA, "Kosovo," a NATO-occupied Serbian territory pretending to be a country, is trying to become a member of UNESCO.

The "Kosovar" Albanian treatment of Serbian churches, monasteries, cemeteries, libraries, books and monuments - deliberately destroyed and desecrated since the NATO occupation began in 1999 - has been no different than the one afforded by the so-called Islamic State to the antiquities in Mosul or Palmyra.

Worse yet, these are not some ancient heritage sites, but living houses of worship - whose congregants have been expelled or murdered under NATO sponsorship in the past 16 years!

"Kosovo" does not belong in UNESCO. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.


bearspaw said...

Soko, I must differ with you. "kosova" and UNESCO are a marriage made in hell. Kosovo has been in a Kafkaesque nether world these past many years. At times it is a victim, unable to join the civilized world because of know who. At other times it is a vicious, mindless aggressor capable of the most heinous atrocities. But it is given an endless pass to commit evil. UNESCO and its parent brand, The UN, find nothing wrong with packing the humanitarian and peace committees with all manner of psychotic lunatics from various third world nether regions. " Kosova" is just the latest lunatic fringe to be embraced by the schizophrenics at UNESCO . No, this no longer surprises me.

Anonymous said...

@CubuCoko What do you think is happening in Montenegro with the unrest?
You know, Nuland paid them a visit in july. Does Washington want to open a second front in Europe against Russia and militarise Europe under NATO control?

Jeff Birst said...


Is there a way to contact you, other than this blog? I am doing research on the "TDF" attacks on the JNA in late April & early May 1992 which led up to the Dobrovoljačka incident. As I'm sure you know, finding information on it is not easy - especially since I do not speak Serbian. I hoping you can fill in some of the blank spaces on what I have found thus far...Thank you

CubuCoko said...

I can certainly help with that. Please leave a contact email in the comments (i won't publish it) and I will get back to you.