Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Forbidden history: WW2 documentary series now complete

I have just found out that the final parts of the documentary series "Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2" - which I've mentioned here before - have been finalized and posted, completing the 18-episode project.

According to executive producer Miloslav Samardžić, the trailer for episodes 13-18 has been posted on Vimeo, where the entire 18-episode run is up for purchase or rent. 

It took the Kragujevac-based Pogledi and the society of former Royal Yugoslav Army soldiers in the UK nearly four years to crowdfund and produce the series, which shows the previously untold story of the war in Yugoslavia. 

The first twelve episodes were offered to the Serbian Radio Television (RTS), which was supposed to reply by the end of May but has yet to do so, Samardžić said.

He says the series shows a much-needed alternate perspective to the movies glorifying the Communist Partisans, which are currently being shown on RTS in re-runs.

"Our story isn't made up," Samardžić said, adding that buying or renting the series on Vimeo will support the producers' new project, a 90-minute documentary "General Draža Mihailović."


balkaninfo said...

I have a question:
Why there is no article or comment yet on the death of Helmut Kohl?

Kohl was the most aggressive, revanchist and anti-Serb warmonger of NATO. Already in 1991 he openly demanded the destruction of Yugoslavia and armed the Ustashe:

"Illegal German Weapons to Croatia and Bosnia Fuel the Balkan Conflict"

"The chancellor praised the fact that NATO's bombardment against the Serbs had an effect on the Serbs, "has something to do with my influence.""

His FM Kinkel demanded in 1992: “Serbia must be forced to its knees!”

The destruction of Yugoslavia and genocide against the Serbs was so important to him that he rushed a bill for the illegal NATO attack against Yugoslavia on his last day as chancellor in 16.10.1998.

machine-translation of the bill:

Whole transcript of the Bundestag (too long for google-translate):

dave said...

@cubucoko off topic - don't you have the sense "fake news" is being dissiminated through Greek and other (Serb and international) media regarding the incident on the island of Zakynthos using "anonymous sources"? Like the attack being a hate crime and Bakar protecting the Serb girl?! WTF?! I looked closely at the CCTV footage, albeit not really clear, but it appears to me the girl was making a selfie with a white guy, while Bakar was merely a part of the group at the table, it appears he forcefully grabbed her, she like pushed him off forcefully, then a Serb interfered and the Serb got hit first by Bakar. But in the pro-globalist media (including Greek and Serb) they have turned it the other way around. It seems to me the incident is being politicised like everything else had been against Serbs from the 1990s until now. Cubucoko, do you feel the same?

CubuCoko said...

Dave, I haven't seen any footage from Zakynthos, so I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case, and the story is being spun to make the Serbs and Greeks the villains, because what are they going to do - submit harder? (given the governments' policies...)

Balkaninfo, I noted Kohl's passing on Twitter, but then got busy with my (fairly demanding these days) day job. Thanks for the reminder and the sources. One of these days I'll make a retrospect about Germany's role in breaking up Yugoslavia not once, but twice (1941, 1991), since that tends to be glossed over in the torrent of fake news blaming the phantom "Serbian imperialist nationalism" for everything.