Friday, April 25, 2014

Forbidden History: Yugoslavia in WW2

I rarely do advertising here, but today I'll make an exception.

Over the past year, Kragujevac historian Miloslav Samardžić has worked to make a documentary about the untold history of WW2 in Yugoslavia. The first six episodes of the series, "Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WW2", are now available for purchase here.

Proceeds from the first six episodes will go towards the funding of the following six. You can also buy the book on which the series is based.

I had a small part in this endeavor as well, as a pro bono translator/consultant on the series' English subtitles. So while I have no financial stake in this documentary either way, I would like to see it continue out of both professional curiosity and a desire to dig up as many facts as possible about this crucial period in history.

Documentary movies - Yugoslavia in WW2


garasanin said...

The title of the series is shown in English but the video seems to be narrated in Serbian.

Is there an English narrated version planned? I think this would have the potential to reach a much wider english speaking audience

CubuCoko said...

The video is indeed narrated in Serbian, but has English subtitles (turn them on in the CC menu).

I will suggest to the filmmakers to create an English dub as well, but that will take both time and money.