Thursday, November 01, 2012

Madeleine the Bigot

On October 23, Czech filmmaker Vaclav Dvořák (author of the documentary "Stolen Kosovo") crashed the Prague book-signing of former U.S. State Secretary Madeleine Albright. Asked to sign not her self-praising book, but rather the posters of her "greatest hits" (jihad in Bosnia, ethnic cleansing in Croatia, stolen Kosovo), Albright shrieked "Get out!" and called Dvořák and his associates "disgusting Serbs," as can be seen on video.

"Disgusting Serbs, get out!" Albright in Prague, 10/23/2012
Can you imagine if she'd said "disgusting Arabs," or anything else for that matter? Isn't this sort of irrational hatred the very definition of bigotry? Sure - but while bigotry against anyone else is a career-ender in the modern West, bigotry against the Serbs is perfectly acceptable. One might even argue it's mandatory in certain spheres of society, media and politics in particular.

So widespread and accepted has this bigotry become, that efforts to fight it have sprung up only recently, and without official support of the Serbian government (out of fear of offending the bigoted foreigners, most likely). For example, during the 1990s, the British press depicted the Serbs as monkeys, among other things. U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke was proud of his disdain for Serbs; it simply oozes from the pages of his memoir. And Madeleine Albright is apparently unconcerned about displaying her bigotry as well.

Where does all this animosity come from? The torrent of abuse over the years has even made some Serbs believe they must have done something to deserve it. Many blamed the "Milosevic regime", and believed the 2000 coup - funded, organized and supported by the Empire - would put a stop to the hatred. Yet 13 years hence, with Milosevic himself long dead and all the subsequent governments making licking the foreign boot their #1 policy priority, the bigotry shows no sign of abating. Could it be that the roots of it go farther back, long before Milosevic?

Oddly enough, the case of Madam Albright might help shed some light on this.

When Marie Jana Korbelová was born in Prague in 1937, her father Josef Korbel worked as the press attache at the Czechoslovak embassy in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The very next year, however, the Munich "agreement" surrendered parts of Czech territory to Hitler, and in March 1939, Nazi Germany occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia. Justifiably fearing persecution on account of his Jewish faith, Korbel first converted to Catholicism, then fled with his family to the UK (ironically, the country most responsible for the betrayal in Munich). During the war, he worked for the Czech government in exile, and after 1945 was sent to Belgrade again, this time as the ambassador. He kept little Marie out of Tito's public schools, choosing to have her educated by a governess at first, and later at a boarding school in Geneva. This is where she became "Madeleine". When Stalin cracked down on the insufficiently obedient Czech government in 1948, Korbel fled again - this time to the U.S., where he requested political asylum.

"Madeleine" is thus raised Catholic. In 1959, she becomes an Episcopalian ("Protestant, yet Catholic") to marry journalist Joseph Albright. In the late 1960s, she attends Columbia University in New York, and takes a graduate class taught by Zbigniew Brzezinski. He later became President Carter's National Security Adviser, and in 1978 brought Madeleine to the NSC. After Reagan's election, she moved to the think tanks, continuing to work with Brzezinski on his project of toppling Communism in Europe through the Catholic Church. In 1982 she went to Poland to interview "Solidarity" activists. Upon returning, she taught at Georgetown, a prestigious university originally set up by Jesuits. She remained involved in Democratic politics, and in 1992 joined Bill Clinton's transition team to set up his NSC. As a reward, she was appointed Ambassador to the UN in late 1993, and in 1997 became the first female U.S. Secretary of State. All of this is public record.

What does this biography tell us about Madeleine, the person? First of all, that her defining identity and influences in life have all been Catholic; it wasn't until 1996 or so that she found out that Korbel had been Jewish! Her mentor in Washington was the aggressively Catholic Brzezinski, who didn't care whether the Russians were Orthodox or godless Reds, he hated them all the same (with the Afghan jihad as a result).

Now, consider the long-standing Catholic bigotry towards the Orthodox ("eastern schismatics"), amplified by the Serbs' role in bringing down the Catholic Habsburg Empire, the Cold War animosity towards the "Red Russians", Brzezinski's Polish Russophobia, and the fact that the early 1990s propaganda claimed the "Communist" Serbs were oppressing the Catholic Croats and Slovenians...The writing is on the wall, pretty much.

Ironies abound, of course. While it was the Serbs' refusal to perish that eventually led to Austrian defeat, the Czechs were among the first to declare independence from Vienna. And though Albright has repeatedly invoked the specter of Munich to justify her belligerent politics, a Munich-like dismemberment of a country was precisely what the U.S. did by declaring occupied Kosovo "independent", her Czech colleague Jiři Dienstbier pointed out in 2008. Unaware of her Jewish origins, she deliberately backed a policy of treating the Serbs the same way Hitler did, and sided with Hitler's unrepentant allies. And is it really a coincidence that the Rambouillet ultimatum so resembled the Austro-Hungarian note from 1914?

So it is unfortunate that Dvořák wore a Palestinian scarf when confronting Albright. If he meant to bait her, a mitre would have worked far better.


LVB said...

What we see here is simply a rare glimpse of Albright's true colours being shown publicly, due to her anger, dementia and lack of self-control.

It's also very important to notice the fact that she obviously felt that the phrase "disgusting Serbs" would not be a problem for her media image or book sales - so she didn't even give it a second thought - unlike if she had said "disgusting n1ggers", in which case she would already be apologizing and/or paying off media outlets to cover up the story right now.

You can be certain that disgusting creatures like Madeleine Albright and her globalist elite subhuman pals ALL think like this, and use much worse racial epithets when speaking privately about ALL of us - the "disgusting masses".

FriendFromPrague said...

During my visits in Kosovo I began to realize there is a difference in attitudes of Kosovo Serbs and Serbs abroad. Kosovo Serbs sometimes compare their own situation with that of Palestinians in the occupied territories. Of course, this does not mean that the Serbs in Kosovo are somehow pro-Islamic, antisemitic, etc. I think the same applies to Dvořák. Gorin's reaction have severely disappointed me.

CubuCoko said...

Visual symbols do tend to provoke visceral reactions, though. Julia asks how we'd react if Dvořák had worn a checkerboard scarf, or a double-eagle one. She's got every right to be bothered by it.

That said, the scarf isn't the story here, though it is a story. Personally, I think the Palestinian analogy is misplaced. I always thought life in Thacistan would be comparable to the life of a Jew living under Hamas, Fatah or Hezbollah: nasty, brutish and short.

Aleks said...

Another anti-serb bigot, Dennis McShane MP has just been suspended from parliament for twelve months for fiddling his expenses:

CubuCoko said...

I do believe his bigotry stems from the same source as Albright's.

CubuCoko said...

Here's what I got from Julia Gorin:
Friend from Prague,
Sorry to "severely disappoint" you. I knew I'd lose some friends by pointing out what was problematic about the otherwise commendable confrontation.

Thanks, Nebojsa, for backing me up. Michael Pravica and Michael Djordjevic have done the same. As I explained to a Serb reader who was mystified that I was fixating on the scarf when the big picture is Albright's crimes against the Serbs: As it is, the world misses the big picture and it's very hard to get people to see it. So why obscure the big picture further, and confuse people more? This is the damning, consistent pattern in our efforts: in trying to straighten people out, we confuse further. I've done it myself accidentally.

As for the Kosovo Serbs seeing themselves as Palestinians, I'm devastated to hear this. The fact that Friend from Prague mentions it as if pointing out a distinction between this and being pro-Arab, that fails.

Because it means the Kosovo Serbs view the Palestinians as the victims. Comparing themselves to the Arabs indirectly backs up the argument made by two ignorant Jewish writers in 2010, Commentary's Jonathan Tobin and the female Miami Herald columnist he was quoting when he wrote how "the Kosovars"--surrounded by hostile Slav nations--are like the Israelis surrounded by hostile Arab nations.

In fact, Nebojsa has it right. The Kosovo Serbs are the Jews surrounded by the Muslims. The fact that there is a literal dimension to this comparison--the Albanians are indeed mostly Muslim--makes it even easier to see the right parallel.

Still, I won't hold this against the Kosovo Serbs. I know how stupid and ignorant the average American is, so I'm not going to raise my standards for average peasants. They have bigger problems than to keep historical analogies straight. Problems that make it very hard to keep historical analogies straight.

Even if they do go all-out anti-Jew or pro-Muslim, that just makes them like the rest of the 'Citizens of the World,' which is still not as bad as the people we backed against them.

But as for you, Friend From Prague, I reciprocate your severe disappointment. I'm a friend of Serbs, and so are you, but clearly you're no friend of mine.

Sorry for being Jewish. Sorry for being offended at the symbol of my death. Sorry my taking offense offended you. But I can’t just give a shit about Serbs; I have to give a shit about my people too.

Strahinja said...

I don't think the Palestinian/Israel analogy is apt.

I think the Serbs are actually more like the Tibetans.

I mean, the Palestinians actually do make life difficult for Israel, and they do try and kill as many Israeli's as they can. They have Hamas and countless other terrorist organizations, all linked internationally, with the support of foreign governments that even give weapons (cough Iran), and not to mention they have a massive ass lobby in the western world.
Serbs are NOTHING like this.

As for the Jews, well Israel is actually a functional state, and it usually does what it needs to regardless of anyone's opinion. It has a powerful military, and it has a very organized and wealthy lobby group in western countries, specifically the US.
Again, none of the above could be said of the Serbs.

The only parallel I see between Serbs and Jews or Serbs and Israel is that both face constant Islamic aggression, and demonization in the media.
True, we have common enemies and get common treatment, but Jews actually do something about it, while Serbs don't, just like the Tibetans.
And just like the Tibetans, everyone 'knows' about it but no one actually cares.

That guy who approached that bitch war criminal should of been wearing orange robes, it would of been much more appropriate and honest.

P.S: You'd be surprised how many Serbs actually support the Palestinians. Even in Belgrade. A lot of them simply don't like the west and see Israel is a western puppet, so they support the Palestinians (and Iran).

Сербство said...

Жене у црном

Asteri said...

I agree with LVB, it is wonderful we have this beautiful piece of footage to remind us forever of what she is. At least now its harder to argue the anti-Serb agenda is just a conspiracy theory.

As for Denisi Makshani MP for Pristina North, it's equally wonderful. An early Christmas present. I unfortunately follow him on twitter, he's basically a volunteer PR man man for Thaci and for some reason he believes himself to be some kind of Balkan expert (apart from being a corrupt, contemptible oaf) even serving as 'Minister for the Balkans' under Blair. As you can imagine - he's loathsome - even by Blairite standards and this makes his fall all the more enjoyable if not very overdue.


As for the 'Palestinian' scarf, they are generally Middle Eastern in origin and its common to wear them in Europe (especially in the UK) for fashion, I even have a few; don't think of them as having any political statement.

CubuCoko said...

Сербство's link goes to a gallery of pro-Palestinian protests by militant anti-Serb outfit "Women in Black".

Anonymous said...

@Gray Falcon

I hate to burst the bubble but Thaci did visit Israel and his campaign manager was an Israeli although I do know Israel worked with the Serbs during the Balkans wars probably for their own interests given Bosnia’s links to Bin Ladin and Iran not to mention Tom Lantos vocal support for Kosovo independence since 90/91.

As for Albright’s ethnicity I don't think her Catholic or Jewish background has anything to do with her Balkans policy as she is a member of a group of lobbyists promoting Turkish interests in the US that is the 2nd most power after AIPAC who want to make Turkey the regional super power that will deliver Caspian oil and gas through the Balkans to Europe bypassing Russia which due to Russian control of Dagestan has the largest land area mass to Europe that borders the Caspian Sea hence the support of Chechen terrorist groups who want a serious of separatist ethnic Turkic states in the Eurasian energy sphere aligned with Turkey based on British created pan-turkic/Turanian ideology.

I could do a whole comment post on that filled with links but here is a few.

@Senad Alihromic

Tibetans and the Dahlia Lama and his clique have been long standing agents of the CIA and western intelligence since the 50’s who failed in a CIA backed uprising against the Chinese because it did not have popular support amongst the population who were living as slaves under a Kleptocracy complete with eye gouging and other nasty things.

Unlike the Serbs the Tibetans have universal international media and political support including millions in funding from western intelligence linked NGO’s and training Tibetan guerillas in camps in the US during the 60’s and 70’s.

Not much the Serbs can due primarily due to its geographical position and ethnic makeup of the region.

Suvorov said...

"The only parallel I see between Serbs and Jews or Serbs and Israel is that both face constant Islamic aggression, and demonization in the media."


Even that statement isn't quite accurate, in my opinion. Regarding the aggression, you will have to remind me how many civilians were killed on each side during "Operation Cast Lead". Also, you may want to recall how many thousands of people were killed in Lebanon in 2006 in response to the kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers. The Lebanese infrastructure was turned into rubble and hundreds of thousands of people were misplaced. Therefore, when you talk about aggression, you have to look at the situation from more than one angle.
As to the demonization in the media, I am really not sure which media outlets you are referring to. Even the allegedly anti-Israel BBC is closely surveilled by the Israel Lobby: (particularly after 27:00)

Somehow I don't feel that a former AIPAC lobbyist Wolf Blitzer of CNN is prone to becoming too harsh a critic of Israel either and I will not even discuss Fox News.

Another thing I cannot imagine is a Serbian president with any sense of national dignity even being allowed to speak in front of US Congress, let alone receive 29 standing ovations. Was it that Cartoon-Bomb Bibi so appealed to congressmen's natural sense of justice or was it perhaps that members of congress were under close surveillance by the AIPAC. In the case of the former, where was this sense of justice every time Balkan policy was concerned, or when Congress almost unanimously passed a resolution condemning Russia's actions protecting civilians in Northern Caucasus against Georgian aggression in 2008?
In summary, how one could compare those who occupy land against international law and those who are being occupied in violation of the same international law is beyond me. One people is above criticism and another people cannot be mentioned without being smeared in Western public discourse.
Yet this, in my opinion, faulty comparison is gaining some traction:

Teddy said...

As much as it pains me to write this, I have to say that I'm disappointed by Julia's comments & what IMHO is an overreaction over a scarf.

Julia asks how we'd react if Dvořák had worn a checkerboard scarf, or a double-eagle one?

Well Julia, I'm a Serb who has had family members, relatives, ancestors, etc. butchered by the usual Anti-Serb vermin.

I would have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER if Dvořák wore a checkerbosrd scarf, etc., while confronting the evil halfbright.

As we used to say in the military, it's all about the mission. The BIG PICTURE.

Sometimes it is necessary to put on your adversaries SCARF, uniform, kit, etc., in order to get in close to them to inflict damage. It's one of the oldest gags in the book.

Btw, I would put on a checkerboard scarf, double eagle one, Gestapo/KGB/Stasi garb or whatever in order to get close to confront halfbright in a New York minute. As the neocons love to say "The ends justifies the means"

The other thing that I didn't like was this sorry for being Jewish comment. Really???

If I'm against the Israeli Government use of "collective punishment" does that make me Anti-Jew?

So if I was against the vichy Tadic regime, did that make me Anti-Serb?

If I'm against the warmonger Bush/Obama regimes, does that make me Anti-American?

CubuCoko said...

The end never justifies the means - though I do agree the big picture ought to take precedence. I wish I could ask Dvořák whether the scarf was a political statement, a fashion accessory, or an article of camouflage. Only he knows the actual answer, after all.

Asteri said...

I don't think the Palestinian/Israel or Tibetan analogy is apt.

The Serb situation resembles the Hungarians in Romania and Slovakia or the Sudeten Germans and South Tirolians. There is one big difference, which is the Hungarians/Germans share a common religion with the Czechs/Slovaks and Italians and a similar European culture, the differences between Hungarians and Romanians (or Serbs for that matter) is more pronounced, though, to look at they are all the same.

James said...

"Btw, I would put on a checkerboard scarf, double eagle one, Gestapo/KGB/Stasi garb or whatever in order to get close to confront halfbright in a New York minute."

And yet no Serb in ALL THESE YEARS has ever pulled such a stunt - got close to her and confronted her. And it's the same in Serbia with all these haters such as Natasa Kandic. She and her group go to rallies of Serbs who'd had their relatives kidnapped - she gets inside these groups and even once SLAPPED and elderly man whose relative/s were kidnapped - and the Serbs all around did NOTHING to her - not even a slap back or grabbing and pinning her arms!
Not even a prank or sign of disrespect, not even confronting these people with the awful pictures of people maimed and killed by NATO, NATO separatist proxies or mercenaries. Serbs let people walk all over them, and sometimes even generously feed and house the same people (journalists, spies, tourists, NGO meddlers, etc.) who spit (or worse) on Serbs.

CubuCoko said...

A valid point, James. There's being tolerant and not lashing out at people one disagrees with, but there is a point at which that turns into being a doormat.

Who cares what "the world" will say or think (the recent "soccer racism" story should teach some lessons), so long as you've done the right thing and can face yourself in the morning, or God when that time arrives?

CubuCoko said...
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CubuCoko said...
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CubuCoko said...

Asteri, Jack, Suvorov, Senad and Meezer: Julia Gorin has chosen to post a reply to your comments on her blog since there wasn't enough space here.

I'm closing the thread to further discussion. Thanks!

Blackbird said...

I understand Julia's offense at the Palestinian scarf. I found it confusing when I saw Dvorak walking around wearing it - all my attention was on that scarf at first with questions going off in my head. Sadly, even when we get support, Serbs never seem to be in anything but murky waters. It would have been nice to have this record as a clean and clear statement about Albright but, instead, it's somewhat muddied.

I believe that Serbs have to stand with Jews. I am not all that well versed in the history of Israel but I am knowledgeable enough to say that the Jewish people are not equated in my mind with Israel, although I support their right to have a state of their own and I do not support Palestinian tactics of suicide bombing as a substitute for logic. I think Serbs should keep in mind that both Yugoslavia, which Serbs naively supported more than any other ethnic group of the former Yugoslavia, and Israel were both countries that owed their origins to British "diplomacy." When it comes to world meddling, the Brits can give the Hapsburgs and the Ottomans a run for their money.