Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nazis and Countries That Back Them

After Canada, USA and Ukraine were the only countries that voted "No" in the UN General Assembly to a resolution proposed by Russia condemning the glorification of Nazis, Peter Lavelle had Alexander Mercouris, Dimitri Babich and I over to discuss the meaning of that on CrossTalk.

(or watch on YouTube)

As you can see, I agree with the other two guests on almost everything - except for their assertion that Washington has ever actually regretted the consequences of its misdeeds. From where I stand, the Empire is not only absolutely unrepentant, it declares its wrongdoing to be right and just!

I mean, the New York Times of all media recently published an admission that a thousand (at least!) actual German Nazis still receive Social Security. How many thousands were brought over after WW2, and how many were propped up in Europe to "fight Communism"? And that's not counting the seven decades of collaborating with Nazis from the so-called "captive nations" (the Baltics, Ukraine, Croatia, etc), documented in The Nation (again, of all places). So it's fine that Croatians are sieg-heiling at fooball games while Kyevite militias are flying swastikas, since that represents "democracy and European future" merely defending themselves against "Serbian and Russian aggression" (see here, for example).

Another thing we didn't get a chance to mention is that all of the EU - and its hangers-on - abstained from voting. The sole European country that supported the resolution was Serbia. Personally, I'm shocked the quisling regime in Belgrade dared oppose Brussels and Washington on this, considering their absolute willingness to cut Serbia's throat on every other issue. Perhaps even they draw the line at backing Nazis, for what it's worth.

The show aired on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and was recorded the day prior. Thus there was no time to fix the error in the titles identifying me as director of the Reiss Institute (I resigned earlier this month. It was a personal decision - nothing against the Institute, and I wish it all the best in future endeavors.)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wastelands Called Democracy

Friday was a year since the start of the "EuroMaidan" protests in Kiev, which would lead to the February 21 coup and the subsequent fracturing of the Ukraine.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence of U.S. government involvement in funding, organizing and even controlling the protests, the mainstream Western media continue to present the events in Ukraine as a spontaneous popular revolt for the sake of "democracy and European future." Just like Serbia was (not). Or Libya. Or Georgia. Or any other place where "color revolutions" brought devastation and called it democracy.

Want to know what "European future" looks like? Here's Odessa, on May 2:

(RIA Novosti / Maxim Voitenko)
I spoke with RT on the subject Friday; here's the video and here a (mostly accurate) transcript. I also wrote a special feature on the subject, which was published this morning.

And while Biden the Deputy Emperor and Victoria "Biscuit-Giver" Nuland were posting for cameras in Kiev with their stooges, Nazi death squads and the Ukrainian Army were terror-bombing civilians.

Well, at least that explains why the US, UK and Canada were the only states to vote against a resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism.