Friday, November 16, 2012

Injustice for All, Redux

When the ICTY convicted two Croatian generals (and acquitted another), in April last year, I wrote:
"It would be a mistake to believe that the Tribunal or the Empire have suddenly developed a case of caring about Serb suffering. At best, the judgment against the generals is a gambit to create the perception of impartiality, while continuing to pursue the "Greater Serbian conspiracy." Under the JCE, the accused is guilty of merely existing - i.e. holding a position of authority the Tribunal decides should have had control or even awareness of events - so the fact that one of the generals was acquitted strongly suggests the verdict was political. It is entirely possible that the other two will be acquitted in the appeals process..." (Injustice for All, April 15, 2011; emphasis added)
So I can't say that I was surprised by today's decision by the ICTY to overturn the original verdict in the appeals process, and set the generals free.

The original verdict had two objectives: to clear the nominal obstacles to Croatia's entry into the EU, and to bait the Serbs into lending the ICTY some legitimacy, until it could finish the process of blaming them for the 1990s Balkans wars. It has accomplished both, so now it can be disposed of.

This is just one more tile in the mosaic of evidence indicating that the faux "tribunal" is a political court, nothing more.


LVB said...

"A political court, nothing more".

I would add that it was a completely biased farce from the beginning, designed only to blame Serbs for not only their own war crimes (some real and many that were fabricated) - but also those of their Croatian enemies, and the many atrocities committed by the Albanian Muslim KLA terrorists and the Bosnian Muslim mujahideen.

And ICTY was primarily a diversion to obscure and ignore the most heinous war crimes of all - which were committed by NATO, in the name of "humanitarian intervention".

We can easily see the results of their efforts to develop radical Jihadist Muslim allies, in the blowback and aftermath of Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan - and now, moving right along into Libya, Syria and Iran.

The Empire is trying to develop plenty of "alliances" with useful and violent idiots these days - but why?? Proxy wars, both covert and open, in diverse places, is the answer.

Perhaps even to assist the globalist elite in a second American revolution, when they find out that many of the American military and police forces will not attack their own people - the most heavily armed citizens on earth, by the way.

kapetan Mile said...

What a cold shower this "judgement" is. The proof that this is a political court will come again when they convict Karadzic. think about it, he isn't even a general and make no mistakes, he will be convicted from what i see today. If i had any doubts about this court beeing political they are gone now.

I keep repeating myself but i can't help to think that part of america's untold agenda in this war is to divide and conquer by allowing the installation of muslim countries in europe. after all the euro zone was an economical threath to them in the early 90's. If Europeans are too stupid to realize this than they truly deserve what is coming to them. And it's coming fast.

Also, if what i read today is true, that the croatian soccer federation want's those general's to be at the soccer game against croatia and serbia next march for WC2014 qualifying, and should serbia dare even show up at such a game, I can unfortunatly say then, that serbia deserve's the humiliation it will get.

Zman said...

I doubt they will convict Karadzic.. They have NOTHING on him.. srebrenica is a major lie, he had nothing to do with it and most of the killing were by Muslim jihadists and a vew chetnik gangs.. the only genocide was probably against Serbs in sorrounding area.

Karadzic will get sick and die like Milosevic and they will talk about how they will convict him.

Now there is a lot of lies about the balkan wars but there is one crime that is BEYOND dispute. That is the 1995 NATO backed ethnic Cleansing of Serbs in Krajina.. There is no bigger crime in the entire war than that, it's not even close..

LVB said...

I have to agree 100%, Zman.

Operation Storm was conceived and planned by former US military (MPRI) mercenaries, financed by the US (via CIA, MI-6 and other agencies) and executed by Croatian and covert NATO/CIA forces - with the full blessings and approval of the war criminals of the Clinton administration - Clinton himself, Albright, Holbrooke, Clark, etc.

The deliberate and blatant mass murders and ethnic cleansing of more than 200,000 innocent Serbian civilians from Krajina is one of the worst war crimes in history.

and yet, if you ask average people anywhere other than in the Balkans about Krajina or Operation Storm, it is a safe bet that 9 out of 10 would have no idea what you are talking about.

To me, this is an even greater crime against humanity committed by the the globalist mass media, who so skillfully lied and ignored these war crimes in Krajina.

This fact alone tells all of us everything we need to know about the criminals who run the mass media.

Unknown said...

You are all missing the point.
It is conceivable that Gotovina and Markach, as the wars and military responsibility to a conduct go, are not particularly savage or guilty. These two, particularly Gotovina, have all the makings of historical set up for a greater cause: Foreign Legion, rapid ascent, victory, "vilification", "flight," "apprehension," "trial and conviction," and, finally, "acquittal." It took 17 years to achieve this, time long enough to solidify the lies about the "yearning for freedom" by Croatia, to white-wash the destruction of a sovereign state, and for the West, the principal sponsors, to walk away not just free but as hero of freedom.
You are all barking up the wrong tree.

CubuCoko said...

How are we "barking up the wrong tree" when I've argued from the very beginning that this wasn't about the generals, but about the whitewash of Project Croatia?

The ICTY's mission isn't to prosecute war crimes, but to impose a politically correct forgery of history.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Karadzic Pawel Pawlikowski 1992 BBC Serbian Epics documentary is now online on his website that follows Karadicz from the first person perspective.

It doesn’t give any new insights or anything but it is interesting none the less.

It is a shame that Wilcox does no longer have the time and financial resources to cover the Karadzic trial as it would help to unravel the timeline of events especially the infiltration of foreign jihadists and mercenaries when lots of good info was being revealed.

I did try to contact RT before the Karadzic trial started about 3 times to see if they would cover the trial but I never got a response.

I have mentioned it before but there is one thing that Serbs blogs and news sites don’t cover is that of Arkan and the Scorpions.

Teddy said...

Speaking of "politically correct forgery of history"

How convenient to omit Naser Oric's "Greatest Hits"

CubuCoko said...

Oof, Meezer. I'd say thanks for the link, but that's just foul stuff. These "activists" have no shame. None.

Asteri said...

I say that this is a blessing in disguise. The Empire has scored a spectacular own goal here, it’s even harder to argue against the accusations that the ICTY is a rigged kangaroo court that dishes out politically motivated judgments. The idea of JCE is shown to be really flimsy and everyone looks bad as it comes very close to Croatia’s EU accession. After all, sending Gotavina down only made him into a martyr, at least now he will always have the shadow of uncertainty that his acquittal was highly suspect and political cast over him. Finally and most importantly, the Empire has set its-self back in Serbia only furthering its own unsavoury image; the right people all lost here.

CubuCoko said...

Precisely. And if more people stopped to think, instead of flying into Pavlovian-conditioned emotions at news reports, they'd see it as well.

LVB said...

Excellent point, Falcon.

I've been thinking in similar terms about this whole Petreas CIA mass media event. Seems to me that regardless of what is true, it is all a massive psyop to manipulate those same Pavlovian-conditioned emotional responses you spoke of.

In this case, a perfectly timed diversion, immediately following the trauma to America after the election that most of us know was stolen by Soros, et al (the same globalist criminals who stole Trepca and Kosovo) but we are too stunned and wounded to even think about it - and the realization that anything good about our country truly IS lost now, if there was any doubt.

At least Serbia still has some integrity and pride left in its people, and therefore, some hope for repair and independence.

James said...

Meanwhile the Bosnian Muslims are treating the Croats in Bosnia much as the Croats treat Croatian Serbs. Bosnian Croats are gradually paying for getting in bed with the "peaceful, innocent, multi-cultural Bosniaks". This just happened in the Muslim-dominated part of Bosnia:
Catholic priest killed in Bosnia