Friday, June 01, 2012

A Message in Blood

There was some confusion in Serbia as to where the "international community" (i.e. the Empire and its long tail of servants) might stand on the newly elected president. After today, there shouldn't be.

Unarmed Serb civilian "threatens" NATO "peacekeepers"
In a shocking repeat of last September's bloodshed, this morning American KFOR troops fired upon Serb civilians trying to stop the demolition of the roadblocks in northern Kosovo. There are reports of 3-4 seriously injured people. KFOR immediately claimed several of their own soldiers were injured, but didn't provide any proof. Same as last time.

The roadblocks were erected after the KLA regime in Pristina tried to seize the "border" with Serbia in July last year. Serbs living in the north of the province refuse to recognize the illegally declared Albanian state, and continue to resist occupation.

The rest of their kin in the province has either been ethnically cleansed, or lives in ghettos surrounded by barbed wire and "protected" by the same NATO troops that established the Albanian "state" in the first place. While officially claiming to defend Serbia's claim to Kosovo, the quisling government in Belgrade has done everything to surrender the province. But the Serbs actually living there refuse to submit; in a referendum in February, they told both Belgrade and the KLA regime to bugger off.

NATO's "KFOR" mission has repeatedly tried to dismantle the roadblocks, asserting they were entitled to "freedom of movement" everywhere in "Kosovia." The local Serbs have defied them with sticks, stones and bodies, nothing more. There was an unofficial truce during the winter, as heavy snows blanketed the province (though contrary to KFOR's hopes, that didn't dampen the Serbs' resolve any).

Initially, the Serbs were blocking all traffic. But with KFOR outposts at risk of disease from waste accumulation, the blockade was relaxed: KFOR vehicles could pass, but Albanian "officials" and their EU enablers were still banned. Despite continuing to insist on unconditional passage, KFOR took the deal. According to local Serb leaders, after today, that deal is off.

Former UNMIK official and U.S. diplomat Gerard Gallucci - an outspoken critic of the occupation tactics, even as he supports "Kosovia" as "reality" - argued earlier this month that the Albanians aren't interested in a negotiated solution, only surrender. So they've been trying to provoke violence, in order to get NATO to do the job for them.

Albanian motives are hardly a mystery: they covet land, and hate the Serbs viscerally (as a legacy of the Ottoman era, not because of phantom "human rights violations"). But what is the Empire thinking? Though they've been used as an example of America-loving Muslims (though the Muslim angle is routinely downplayed in the West when Albanians commit acts of terrorism), creating the "Independent state of Kosovia" isn't really about the Albanians at all.

To conquer the Balkans, one must conquer the Serbs. To make sure the Serbs stay conquered - which a succession of empires in the course of history has found a challenging endeavor, to say the least - they must be lobotomized. And the way to do this is to destroy the nexus of their identity, the legend of their heroic defiance to Ottoman conquerors in the Battle of Kosovo. Once the Serbs embarked on the long, arduous road to freedom from the Ottoman Empire in 1804, they didn't stop fighting till they've liberated Kosovo - which they did in the First Balkan War of 1912. Ever since then, enemies have tried to take it away: from Austria-Hungary in WW1, Nazi Germany in WW2, the Communists since 1945, and now the Atlantic Empire.

Trouble is, there are still Serbs who refuse to surrender. Besieged, blockaded, bombed, betrayed by the quisling cult that rules in Belgrade - nothing seems to work. And nothing will. When people are set on liberty or death, there is little an aspiring conqueror can do. That's something KFOR and the Empire still have to understand.


Unknown said...

Kosovo was and always will be Serbian. The Atlantic Empire must know it has opened a Pandora's box in the Balkans.

Melbourne Greek Chetnik

el swino said...

Dear Nebojsa

I'm a regular reader of your Antiwar website and quite enjoy your columns. I notice that you are quite of criticial of the previous and the current government in Serbia for not doing enough in Kosovo. What would you have them do? I would like to hear what options you have or what options you think the Serbian people have.

Warmest regards

robert49rml said...

I'm with the Serbs.

bearspaw said...

NATO will not be there forever. It took 400 years last time. Their weapons and machinery will be rusted and long gone before then.

Zman said...

What would you have them do?

There is not much they can do.. If he does something that the empire/EU dont want him to do he will be accused of "genocide", "human rights abuses", "ethnic cleansing" "being the new hitler".. same thing with milosevic happened

Meezer said...

Actually, there is quite a lot they can do. They chose not to. They chose to lick the aggressors boots instead of making things very"uncomfortable" for them

Meezer said...

From Day 1 of the break up of Jugoslavia there was always something more the Serbs could have done, but they chose not to for a variety of "reasons" Had they had their version of Ruder Finn from the get go, things would have been a lot different.

The obvious choice for Serbia is for Toma to be BFF with Putin.

CubuCoko said...

We need to distinguish between three different categories here.

1. What should have been done;
2. What could have been done, by the people who were in a position to do something; and
3. What can and should be done now.

Interestingly enough, #1 is the most contentious, #2 comes down to people loving or hating the people actually in power at the time, and while opinions may differ about the details of #3, there does appear to be a consensus that resisting with Russian help is the way to go.

Naturally, it wouldn't do to discuss the details of #3 in public.

Zman said...

one thing not mentioned is the stranglehold the empire has over Serbia.. It's scary.. I have done the research.. All the NGOs that are suppose to be "independent media" are all owned and funded by US/Soros and some others from the same club.. They spout the same NATO propaganda line that you get on CNN and the rest of empire media. The main tv channels,newspapers are all owned by foreign European/American corporations. It's total dominatation as far media goes.

It is also cultural,religious domination. While in islamic countries the empire promotes radical islam, in Serbia they are trying to DESTROY the orthodox church because it is one of the few instituitions people still respect. They are also trying to destroy family values and depopulate the country by promoting gay and lesbian garbage under the cover of protecting "human rights".. I haven't been to serbia in a while since I moved to the US but it looks like the TV entertainment stations are showing the same garbage as they do here in the US.. you know american idol(I guess it's serbian idol or something) and garbage reality shows like that.. I dont think they show the serbian classics anymore, I could be wrong but they are trying to brainwash the population.. and I think the schools also teach our young kids the NATO propaganda line about the wars and not what actually happened.

I mean I could go on and on with this.

I'm sure NEbojsha can add to this, it's really that bad.

CubuCoko said...

It is just that bad, and worse. On the other hand, we have the tools to circumvent the brainwashing: the internet, word-of-mouth, traditional families and kinship ties - all the stuff that managerial statism in one form or another has tried to destroy for decades.

The harder they push, the stronger the backlash - to the point where the whole experiment in social engineering will fizzle and fail.

LVB said...

Great article. I really enjoy reading your site, as an American who has done enough research to know how to separate the truth from the constant lies of the global mass media.

The UN, EU and NATO are inherently corrupt and false constructs that are the building blocks of a one world government that no one wants - except for the globalist ruling elite, of course.

The KLA-puppet govt of "Greater Albania" is nothing more than a tool of the ruling elite used to continue their obscene profits from heroin and human sex slave trafficking via Kosovo into Europe and the rest of the world.

The CIA, MI-6 and Interpol were all well aware of these organized crime gangs before the wars, and have only increased this activity in the aftermath.

In fact, now that they have all of the poppy fields in Afghanistan, you could say they have complete control over the raw materials, the supply chain and distribution networks - almost like it was planned this way to begin with, isn't it??

Kosovo is Serbia. Period.

Keep up the good work here, it is very much appreciated.

Strahinja said...


you said: -They are also trying to destroy family values and depopulate the country by promoting gay and lesbian garbage under the cover of protecting "human rights"-

I have to ask, how exactly do gays and lesbians cause "depopulation"?
Your statement is easily beyond ignorant.
If you are so concerned about Serbian depopulation, a good place to start would be to encourage Serbian women to stop using abortions as a contraceptive method, and to start having more kids. Serbia = highest abortion rate in Europe. Kosovo = Highest birthrate in Europe.
Absolutely nothing to do with gays and lesbians, although the way you attempted to mix your homophobia with 'Serbian interests' is rather cute. Why even bring up gays/lesbians at all? They weren't even mentioned in the post.

You also mentioned how they show garbage reality shows on Serbian television. Have you heard about the law of supply and demand?
The only reason those shows exist is because Serbs want to watch them. Do you honestly think that the ONLY reason those shows are aired is because they are forced down the throats of poor innocent Serbs? Serbs watch that garbage, so its their own fault its on TV at all. Don't like the shows? Don't watch them. The fact they're so popular speaks for itself.


One constant recurring theme is about the 'respect' for the Orthodox Church has from Serbs.
Forgive me for asking, but why?

What has the Orthodox Church done to save Kosovo?

They're the only pan-Serbian institution still around, they've got international connections, they're probably the most wealthy non-governmental institution/organization in Serbia, and apparently they've got the respect of all the Serbs; so why the inaction?
You'd expect the Church to do more to save Kosovo.

But then again they were rather busy denouncing the recent gay pride parade.

Don't get me wrong, I love Serbia and I want to see Serbdom restored to some level of respectability, but what I cannot stand is the stupidity of my own side, and that is what I want to criticize, and if there is one thing that absolutely frustrates when I see coming from Serbs, its the neo-Orthodox Serbian nationalism which has absolutely nothing to do with Orthodoxy, and has no historical basis at all. It was invented in the 1990's, and is an outlet for young, uneducated and dissatisfied Serb males. That deserves no respect at all. It's purely a movement of destruction that will yield nothing. We will have a glorious future by returning to our past. Sounds just like today's Islamist.

Finally, yes the regime in Belgrade is corrupt to the core, but remember this:
It takes two to tango. If the Serbian people were REALLY fed up with that revolting regime, it would of been toppled by now.
Nineteen eighty-four is just a book. No regime is permanent or unmovable. The fact he had 10years in office in the first place, again, speaks for itself.
Sure you can blame it on foreign meddling, and to a certain degree it is, but when will Serbs stand up for what they want?
We cannot control what is done to us by others but we can control how we react, and Serbia's reaction has been one of the ideal slave.

Kosovo is Serbia, but Serbia REALLY needs to get its house in order.

Zman said...

Is this article garbage or what?? They claim soldiers attacked on 3 different occasions?? WTF?

Doesn't seem plausible.. attack with what against armored thanks??

CubuCoko said...

I smell a rat. KFOR has been systematically disarming the Serbs in Kosovo for years (so they would have to rely on KFOR for protection against the rampaging Albanians, and we know how that usually ends).

The Serbs at the barricades carry cameras, not guns, because they know those are a much more powerful weapon. They record everything, and the raw files are usually up within minutes. NATO takes four days to publish images purporting to show their injured.

Joan Roca said...

Serbs have done everything bad since the split of yugoslavia. They would have to deal with separatists, not begin a war, if they would deal with croatia they before vukovar serbs would have today a coastal line in dalmatia as payment for croatia independance , and both states would have an agreement to dismember teh fake bosnian state
I am agree that USA and germans supported puppet states of the republics , but if serbians had udes their bizantine diplomacy in the past , nowadays they would have
they desired borders more or less

CubuCoko said...

Joan, part of the problem is that the Serbs haven't had any diplomacy, much less a byzantine one, since roughly 1919, when they gave up their victory in the Great War to live in the same state as their former (and future, it turns out) enemies.

For what it's worth, I think taking out the separatist leadership before it gathered momentum would have been a better choice than letting them do what they did - but that's with a benefit of hindsight, and without taking into consideration the people that were in power at the time, and the limitations of their character, understanding and ideology.

Zman said...

Response to Senad Alihromic part 1

I’m not concerned about depopulation actually, it’s not that big of a deal.. Serbia is a small country, if the population goes down to 5.8 million as it is projected by 2050, It’s not relevant. You’re missing the point.. It’s the people who run the world, the elite, who believe the planet is overpopulated and therefore they use certain tactics to promote activities that leads to depopulation. In Africa, I’m sure you know what they do there.. After all, the one child policy in China was adopted after western recommendation. Promoting gay/lesbian nonsense is one way to promote depopulation. Saying that Kosovo has the highest birthrate in Europe isn’t saying much.. You forgot to mention that it has actually collapsed since the KLA gangsters and rapists took over.. How many women do they kidnap and force to become prostitutes?

I’m quite familiar with the laws of supply and demand... I don’t think you are... Serbian people were not “demanding” this garbage they got on TV... it was forced upon on them after the occupation was finally completed when Milosevic was ousted. It’s supply that creates demand. Not the other way around. Ok buddy? Serbian people are “demanding” lower cost of food In Serbia but guess what? No one is supplying the cheap food. I highly doubt these shows are that popular, but social engineering is very powerful as Nebojsha mentioned..

Orthodox Church hasn’t done much but it can’t do anything. It’s not a powerful organization, but it’s one of the few that’s not corrupt by today’s standards.. There is a reason why they are trying to destroy it.

Now this is very you are clearly showung how clueless you are.. The protests were not anti-gay. You should read nebojsha’s post on it from 2010. He makes it very clear that it was anti-government because there were corrupt government officials side by side with these so called activists.. They don’t care about gay/lesbian rights.. It’s just cover for the politicians who were marching with them so they can say the people were rioting against gays and not the political class..

Zman said...

Response to Senad Alihromic part 2

Serbian is one of the most secular countries in the world.. once again I have to ask who the hell you are?? There is no religious nationalism or any religious fundamentalism in Serbia at all.. That’s a myth..

“If the Serbian people were REALLY fed up with that revolting regime, it would of been toppled by now.”
Well there you go again.. Latin American countries were under US backed dictators for almost a century and have just now been getting some independence.. It has been made plenty clear that the people are not content with the political class but taking control of the political system is extremely difficult. It takes time. The right political party that can organize and get the people behind them has not yet emerged for several reasons but they are starting to.. Another thing you forgot to mention is that Serbia will face hostilities by the EU/US axis if it has a government not obedient to them.
Serbia is surrounded by hostile enemies and neo-fascist, criminal regimes in Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia and worst of all the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

It’s not easy to deal with that, the tadic regime cleverly used the “Nato will bomb us again” propaganda to terrorize the people, and “ we will be in war” if he does not get the vote. After all the Bosnian Muslims neo-fascist leader Izetbegovic(a convicted nazi war criminal from WW2) had the green light to invade republiku srpsku if they were not obedient to NATO and this was after the Dayton accords.. The KLA gangsters are looking to start a war any second and they will if there is not an obedient regime in Belgrade..

The Serbs in Kosovo are clearly standing up to Occupation but hey they are being shot at by KLA terrorists and NATO overlords.. The country is rotten to the core and there is just enough bribed individuals who get their salaries by paid by western institutions(IMF, US funded NGOs and so on) who fight to keep it that way otherwise they might face prison time.. The reaction is not of an ideal slave, the Serbs are resisting more effectively that most client states, there is a reason we’re still so demonized in the media..

Strahinja said...

@Zman: Part1

"Promoting gay/lesbian nonsense is one way to promote depopulation. Saying that Kosovo has the highest birthrate in Europe isn’t saying much.. You forgot to mention that it has actually collapsed since the KLA gangsters and rapists took over..."

-Explain how promoting gay/lesbian 'nonsense' is a way to promote depopulation. I feel as if you think people can be recruited into homosexuality and hence stop having kids. That's not how it works. You are aware of this right?

-Albanians have Kosovo because they've got a higher birthrate. We can spin this any way we want, but if Serbs got Kosovo back, we wouldn't know what to do with it. Who would return? The Serbian population is aging, the Albanian one is young.
They have more kids. It isn't unique to them, its standard for Islamic people.

-If your reference to Africa is about the spread of AIDS, you can thank the Catholic Church for that and their anti-condom policy. If that wasn't what you were referring to, then I'll have to say that I don't know what you're talking about and you'll have to elaborate.


>Law and Demand/Garbage Reality TV shows: Firstly, the whole premise of social engineering is based on the idea to create something 'artificial', to design something new, and replace the organic/natural 'culture' that came before it. You seem to think that social engineering is creating something fake in Serbia, that is trying to eradicate the 'real' culture.
This is a play on words. Culture is culture, it changes, it isn't frozen, and technically all culture is a construct. Every change can be seen as a piece of social engineering. The modern Cirilica alphabet didn't appear out of the blue. Was it itself not a form of social engineering?
What you call social engineering can be called conscious culture building, as opposed to subconscious culture building, which is how most cultures came into being. It was a subconscious trial and error process rather than a conscious decision to create a certain culture. The point is though, its all man made. All of it. This organic Serbian culture vs social engineering is an illusion.
Secondly, suppose you're right about social engineering; why is Serbia so susceptible to it in the first place?
You're placing too much emphasis on 'social engineering'. Did it ever occur to you that the Serbs are guilty for eating all that stuff right up? Hardly 'victims'.
Easy to blame social engineering, much harder to blame our own people's stupidity.

"Now this is very you are clearly showung how clueless you are.. The protests were not anti-gay."
-I'm well aware that the pride parade was more anti-government than anything else. But I just couldn't help but laugh when I saw the Church members and 'Dveri' talk about what a big threat it was, and standing on the side of the road waving crosses. Medieval flashback or what. But hey, at least they weren't stoning anyone to death. Slow progress, but progress none the less. Just a few more hundred years until we reach 21st century standards.

"They don’t care about gay/lesbian rights.. It’s just cover for the politicians who were marching with them so they can say the people were rioting against gays and not the political class.."
-I guess the rioters then fell right into the trap. Again, stupid or what.

Strahinja said...

@Zman: Part2

Religion/Orthodox Church: Serbia is not a secular country. Christian values are still deeply rooted in Serbian culture, the Church is a huge part of Serbian culture, and even if Serbs are not 'religious' in the definitional sense, Orthodoxy is part of the cultural DNA of Serbdom. It is NOT secular. By European standards, Serbia is very religious.
As for the -"There is no religious nationalism or any religious fundamentalism in Serbia at all.. That’s a myth.."- comment; have you been living under a rock?
The Serbian Radical Party is the largest party in Serbia. That itself is saying something. Then you've got organizations like Obraz, as well as the cocktail of football and nationalism in that whole Delije/Partizani thing. You know, the people who love Serbia so much that they can't wait for the next chance to riot on the streets of Belgrade, destroying everything they can, and making a national embarrassment of Serbia in Italy during a football match.
As for religious fundamentalism, one word: Dveri.
You probably don't think they're fundamentalists...but anything religion inspired or religion based is religion. Matter of degree. Their entire platform is based on Christian values. If you take Christianity out of the whole Dveri movement, they have absolutely nothing to stand on. Its Orthodoxy under the cover of 'traditionally Serb'. Which is pretty much the same thing anyway. Dveri = religious.

"Orthodox Church hasn’t done much but it can’t do anything. It’s not a powerful organization, but it’s one of the few that’s not corrupt by today’s standards.. There is a reason why they are trying to destroy it."

-They aren't trying to 'destroy it'. Did it ever occur to you that the Church is simply being left behind because it is a relic of a time long gone? I don't understand why absolutely everything except an increase in power is seen as an attempt at destruction. This whole anti-Orthodox thing sounds too similar to the Islamic 'oh the Zionists are out to get us and destroy Islam!'. I can assure you, religion pretty much everywhere is becoming less and less relevant. It's not unique to Serbia. But fear not, Serbia is still no where near being secular, so relax!

Strahinja said...

@Zman: Part3

"It’s not easy to deal with that, the tadic regime cleverly used the “Nato will bomb us again” propaganda to terrorize the people, and “ we will be in war” if he does not get the vote."

-This just exposes the stupidity of the Serbian people. I almost feel like saying they deserve to be bombed again because apparently they learned NOTHING the first time. You would think that after the NATO bombing Serbs would realize who their real friends are, and who there enemies are. It seems like they still haven't figured it out, and that is pathetic.
The success of the Tadic regime lies in direct proportion to the ignorance and naivety of the Serbian public. Tadic isn't that smart, and neither are any of his thugs. They're standard trash with lots of money. A universal trait for politicians. You are making them out to be something much bigger than they are. They wouldn't have a chance of succeeding if Serbs paid real attention to whats going on instead of, oh I dunno, waiting to see who's going to win on Serbian idol.
Serbs cannot afford to be stupid and ignorant. They're not in any position to.

"Another thing you forgot to mention is that Serbia will face hostilities by the EU/US axis if it has a government not obedient to them."

-Yeah that might of been a legitimate concern in 1990. Serbia was ALREADY attacked. They won't do again because the EU/USA/NATO have bigger issues at the moment.
The only thing stopping Serbs from fighting back is their own lack of will. I just find it ironic that American bombed Serbia to help the Muslims, and the Muslim repay them with 9/11, as well as numerous other attacks against American targets, and the Serbs in response do NOTHING, except elect a Western puppet twice for President, and attempt to join the EU/NATO club; you know, the people who bombed them in the first place.
Who are the real idiots in this scenario. I just cannot feel sorry for Serbs. I am by no means happy about the situation with Serbia/Serbs, but I'm not even going to bother treating the Serbs as 100% victims (except for PR purposes). In reality, the Serbs partly dug their own hole. And blaming 'empire' for everything will get you NOWHERE.

CubuCoko said...

Closing the comments on this, folks - the article is a week old, and much as I think there are some valid points raised by both Zman and Senad, I'm entirely too busy to babysit comments.

Max said...

Serbs will never again live under muslim rule. They already did that for four hundred years and they aren't going back.
There are more churches, monasteries and other Christian landmarks per square kilometer in Kosovo than anywhere else on earth. Kosovo is to Serbian Orthodox Christians what Canterbury is to Anglicans and the Vatican to Roman Catholics. Kosovo (or Kosovo and Metohija in Serbian or Kosova in Albanian) was the political center of mediaeval Serbia and makes the very essence of Serbian spiritual and cultural identity and statehood since the Middle Ages up today.In 2001, the civilized world was outraged when the terrorist Taliban regime in Afghanistan demolished two gigantic statues of Buddha. But the post-1999 destruction and desecration of Christian churches and monasteries by mobs of Muslim Albanians in the Serbian province of Kosovo is barely noticed... The truth about Kosovo, Albanian jihad terrorism, organized crime (drugs, weapons, sex slaves including children, destruction of churches / monasteries and attacks on Christian Orthodox Serbs by Muslim Albanians is becoming impossible to ignore. Still, incredibly, elements of the international community including some sectors of the U.S. government and important voices in Congress have accepted the idea that the only “solution” for Kosovo is to detach it formally from democratic Serbia and create an independent Islamic state! This would mean the eradication of the remaining Christian Serb population from the historic cradle of their spiritual and national life. It would also mean officially handing power to the criminal and jihad terrorist leadership of the supposedly disbanded “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA), who would then become the “sovereign” government of a new state in Europe!