Tuesday, April 08, 2014

If the Shoe Fits

A few days ago, a reader sent in a comment demanding I "stop using sexist remarks against women." (Being sexist against men is OK, then?)

Apparently, my recent use of "harridan" annoyed her, because it's a derogatory term that only applies to women, so my anonymous correspondent demanded I "cut it out."

Not a chance.

As a very American saying goes, "if the shoe fits, wear it." And does "harridan" ever fit the two women I mentioned in the article! Like a bespoke article of clothing. They are, in fact, belligerent, "bossy" women, carrying on in ways that are entirely inappropriate to anyone in their profession, male or female.

There is this thing I endeavor to adhere to here, called precision of language. So long as people like Ambassador Power and "journalist" Amanpour behave like harridans, I will call them that. I may also use shrew, termagant, harpy, gorgon, battle-ax - or any number of other appropriate expressions available in the English language.

And the Thought Police, both official and self-appointed, can go hump a burrow. 


Dad Longworth said...

One of the, possible, original meanings of harridan is a "broken down horse." I thought it was made to order when it comes to Amanpour!

bearspaw said...

Harridan is an entirely appropriate noun for shrewish hags like Amanpour and Power. Also Hillary, Albright,and the present First Housewife. Alas, for the equality freaks, nagging is a singularly female quality, so finding a suitable word to describe male behaviour would be fruitless.

Lime Lite said...

Feminazis can go take a hike. They are the new thought police - every word is now weighted for offence. Tell your new pet to get back to her feminism degree and leave adults to the real world.

Unknown said...

I was going to mention "nag" but somebody beat me to it. We will also always have "witch", which rhymes with "bitch" and is an apt descriptor for at least a couple female American statespersons presently or formerly involved in U.S. foreign policy.