Friday, May 23, 2008

Someone Got It Right's Justin Raimondo, that is. One would think that after eight years of Clinton "humanitarianism" and another eight years of Bushian "humble foreign policy" the American people would not be eager to elect another warmongering imperialist to the White Marble Throne. Not so.

This week is doing its quarterly pledge drive, soliciting donations from readers in order to continue its operations. As part of illustrating the consistent opposition of to imperialism (which is bad for both the people being "liberated" and Americans), Raimondo has posted excerpts from his 1996 brochure opposing intervention in Bosnia. From his introduction:

It was the Kosovo incursion that set the stage for the Iraq invasion, from the rhetoric of "liberation" to the mechanics of "nation-building." Operation Allied Force had all the elements that were later developed to the max in Operation Enduring Freedom – an allied group that provided phony "intelligence," i.e., war propaganda, and had the same hubristic, hectoring style. Militant interventionists, such as John McCain, jumped on board the war bandwagon because they realized that a precedent had to be set in the post-Cold War world, an assertion of American hegemony.

Today, we are all paying the consequences.

Whether you want to or not, you are already funding murder and pillage at home and abroad, through taxes you are forced into paying. If you value your freedom and oppose the soul-sucking and murderous enterprise that is the Empire, I urge you to make a voluntary contribution to a cause of liberty and justice today.

(Yes, I'm a columnist for and as such, keeping them in existence is in my self-interest; but that doesn't make anything I've said here any less true, and you know it.)


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