Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Failed God's Holiday

Today is Election Day in the United States, where subjects of the omnipotent imperial state get to indulge their self-delusion that their will, mystically transferred through the magic ballot box via a piece of paper (or a more modern digital device) gives a divine mandate to one of the candidates to become the absolute ruler of America and Emperor of the known world.

Of course, each election is the Most Important Election Ever, and each time the voting ritual is supposed to be of crucial importance for the fate of America and the world, and each time the people are told that if the "other guy" wins there will be an apocalypse, but if "our guy" is elected there would be heaven on Earth. And each time it's all a load of manure.

Emma Goldman was right; if elections could change anything, they'd be made illegal. What actually takes place today is a ritual of the dominant secular religion, wherein the masses give their overlords power by pretending to have a hand in choosing them. There is even a religious overtone to the campaign this year, as one of the candidates is painted almost as a Messiah coming to save America (and the world, let's not forget about the world - though it gets no say in the matter) from its present troubles.

If you are really looking to put a messiah into the White House, and you're a Christian, Muslim or a Jew, that makes you a blasphemer. Have fun with that. And that's the least of the problems I have with the self-anointed prophet of HopeChange. But I won't go into those now; this essay isn't about him - it's about the process in general.

Same goes for the other guy. If he's "conservative," there's nothing worth conserving. One's tempted to think the GOP frantically looked for anyone that wasn't Ron Paul. Now, Paul championed real change, and real conservative values - but he didn't want to be Emperor, and he wanted to cut off as much parasitic, bloodsucking scum from the government feed trough as possible. Good for the country, but bad for the political class; can't have that.

Don't delude yourselves. Whoever the high priests of democracy anoint Emperor today will keep breaking your leg and picking your pocket. He may just make it sound more pleasant. The strongest chains that bind a man are always in his own mind. It's a lesson governments all over have learned long ago.

As for me, even if I could vote today, I would not. Whatever happens in the coming months and years, don't blame me - I didn't encourage them.


CAP said...

Have you noticed how no-one mentions all those ‘reliable’ polls that indicated how close this election would be? What happened there? Were they really so out of touch? Or were they only predicting one or two hours in advance? All that sophisticated sampling and factor analyis…

They were lying and everyone (tacitly) knows it. This election was always going to be Obama’s and it was only a question of by how far. He as much as told European and Middle East politicians that. All those polls were just a part of the elaborate sham to endorse the obscenely extravagant advertising campaigns. When the result is ‘so close’ – all that extra effort is needed, right? All that air-time, flights, busing, conferences – commissioning of more polls, etc – all part of the pretence and excuse to spend more money and justify the process.

What a joke.

Robstar said...

I see Tadic and the rest of his DS mates have wasted no time in sucking up to Obama. Not to mention this accepting EULEX on certain conditions, how stupid can someone be. The west has never lived up to any agreements.