Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hide! They are "Helping" Again!

Being in the U.S. myself, I can't watch Voice of America news. You see, VOA is official Washington propaganda directed to the outside world, so it can't be shown to Americans. Might interfere with all the brainwashing done by PBS, CNN, Fox and so on, somehow, I guess.

So I could not verify for myself what Serbian agencies reported today, about what Ambassador Robert Gelbard told Voice of America. But I'll take their word that Gelbard said that "Washington must help Serbia progress and consolidate democracy and stability."

Gee, Bob, hasn't America "helped" enough? First it helped destroy the country built on the blood of over 2 million Serbs, while making a million Serbs into refugees or second-class citizens. A part of Serbia has been occupied and declared an "independent state," following an illegal war of aggression undertaken by NATO at Washington's orders. Then Washington used Serbia as a Petri dish for testing the formula of "popular revolution" that was later deployed in Georgia, Ukraine, and (without success) Belarus. In its efforts to "help" Serbia, Washington has not only supported the very people Bob Gelbard has called terrorists, it has also funded the very worst quisling scum, both within the government and the so-called "civil society."

“The Balkans are a very important region and the United States of America should closely cooperate with the European Union and Russia in order to preserve the progress made in the last decade,” Gelbard is said to have told VOA.

Progress? Yeah, the nightmare I just described above is considered "progress" in Washington. Through a combination of aggression and Trojan takeover, Washington is finally completely in control of "the most important country in the Balkans that has an influence on the whole region” (Gelbard to VOA, as quoted). And just to be on the safe side, it will grind it down to a more manageable size soon.

Once a Balkans envoy until his candid remark about the KLA got him exiled to Indonesia, Gelbard is now a member of Obama's policymaking posse, and in that capacity he criticized the freshly departed Emperor, who "completely ignored the Balkans in the first four years" and then focused solely on Kosovo thereafter.

But hey, according to both Washington policymakers and their paid presstitutes in Serbia itself, carving out Kosovo was supposed to help Serbia overcome the handicaps of having a culture, history and heritage that were holding it back from become a proper member of the "international community" - you know, a lobotomized postmodern society that obeys Imperial commands unconditionally. So you see, Bush the Lesser was actually helping Serbia, just like Clinton before him bombed it, with nothing but the best of intentions in mind.

In their minds, maybe. I'm aware that sarcasm isn't readily apparent in writing, so I'm laying it on with a trowel here; if you really believe this garbage, I've got a sweet coastal property in Kansas for you...

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Gelbard also praised "a very good authority there with President Boris Tadic at its head." He probably said a good government, but thanks to the idiot who translated the interview we got "authority." Whatever. The point is, Gelbard and his people like Tadic. And why shouldn't they? He's doing their bidding to the letter, while pretending to care about the country and people of Serbia. He's selling them down the river with a song in his heart. Who in Washington wouldn't be proud of such a creature?

So chin up, Serbians - Uncle Barack is coming to "help," just like George and Bill before him. Between the brotherly affections of the American people (as represented by the enlightened policies of their democratically elected government) and the sheer brilliance, competence and honesty of your own elected officials, a brighter future of prosperity and democracy is just around the corner. Any day now. Soon. Real soon. Almost there.

Now, about that beachfront property in Kansas...

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Unknown said...

"In the language of Orthanc help means ruin, and saving means slaying, that is plain."

Those words sort of haunt one, don't they?