Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moments of Transition: Overload

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At a meeting in March 2009, Secretary Clinton presented her Russian counterpart with a red button that was supposed to read "Reset" in Russian. Instead, it read "Overload." It seemed like an innocent mistake, a syllable lost in translation. But was it, really?

During his Moscow visit, Obama said he wants Russia as a "partner". Somehow, I don't think that word means what he thinks it means...


Firefly said...

Without deliberately wanting to plunge the discussion into the gutter, I think the only sort of 'partnership' possible between these two (to the US' satisfaction at this stage) would be somewhat pseudo-masochistic. Leaving Russia in a gimp suit, handcuffed to the bad debt in the attic.

The only thing a partnership with the US will get at this stage is buying more US debt and an abstract war on something somewhere. Now that the Hope has come and they lie that the Depression is getting better, (tell that to Los Angeles) America wants people to 'buy in' again.

Green shoots for everyone!

Gray Falcon said...

Oh, I've maintained for a while now that the Empire didn't see others as either friends, or partners - only as servants or (potential or current) victims. Russia clearly refuses to be a servant.