Thursday, September 15, 2011

Once More About the "Belgrade Pride"

Last year, the corrupt, contemptible regime in Serbia sent six thousand police to occupy downtown Belgrade, so a handful of Imperial politicians, local quislings, professional activists and their foreign guests (including a prominent Dutch pedophile) could parade down the city's main avenue. One of the participants, Predrag Azdejkovic, boasted about taking Belgrade's "anal virginity".

The general citizenry reacted to the "Pride Parade" with cold contempt. Many who went forth to oppose it directly chose to do so peacefully, as part of Church processions, which were blocked and harassed by the police. Others chose to assault the police cordon directly. The government reveled in branding them "thugs and hooligans," conducting mass arrests and show trials, and arguing that Serbia needed more of its "reforms" in order to become "civilized."

Make no mistake, though: the riots of 10-10-10 were anti-government, not anti-gay.

In the past two decades, Serbia has been blockaded, bombed, and dismembered by the Empire, then looted by the repressive and treacherous regime while being dismembered some more. Once an exporter of food, Serbia now has people rummaging through garbage for leftovers. The government callously disregards the Constitution and other laws, gerrymanders election results, mocks the democratic process and routinely insults its citizens' intelligence. It aids and abets ethnic and religious separatism within the country, while systematically suppressing or subverting any expression of Serbian identity, faith, culture or tradition. To ask for "gay rights" in such circumstances, when there are hardly any rights at all, is simply perverse.

We are told it isn't easy to be gay (or lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, whatnot - though these groups have very little overlap between themselves, and are only lumped together because they define themselves by their alternate sexuality) in Serbia. That is true. But it isn't easy to be anyone in Serbia, unless one is somehow associated with the government.

Therein's the problem: the "GLBT" activists - not the folks who wish to enjoy life with their sexual partners, but those people who get paid (by foreign foundations, as well as Serbian taxpayer money) to be victimized homo/trans/alt-sexuals - don't want the government out of their bedrooms, but are actually in bed with the government. The 2011 "Pride," scheduled for October 2, isn't about anyone's rights, human or otherwise - it's about privileges for these professional victims, and further empowerment of the government, at the expense of Serbia.

One cannot demand tolerance from others, while being intolerant. Acceptance needs to be earned. If the alt-sexuals spoke up against government abuses of the law and the citizenry, that would certainly advance the tolerance and acceptance of them among the general population. But no - instead, they align themselves with the government considerably responsible for the present reprehensible state of affairs. By doing this, and taking the government's coin, the professional alt-sexuals are doing their constituency a colossal disservice. So while the advocates get to keep getting money for fighting the problem they are themselves making worse, the ordinary alt-sexuals - who presumably just want to live in peace - are being manipulated to serve the corrupt regime, instead of joining forces with the oppressed Serbs and thus earning acceptance and tolerance.

In effect, the alt-sexuals are being set up as the lightning rod for the disaffected citizenry. The Pride is the government's way of telling the jobless, the hungry and the humiliated, "Eat cake." It's an insult, as much as anything this government has done for the past 3 years (and parts of it before then). There is a general understanding among the populace that the alt-sexuals aren't the real enemy, but only a cat's-paw of the government. That won't make it any easier to swallow the insult, however. It is very likely there will be violence come October 2, once again aimed against the government, once again manipulated by it to justify further repression, further abuses and further insults.

Now, in the struggle between the current government and the Serbian people, my money is on the latter. Furthermore, I am willing to wager that most alt-sexuals think the same way: last year, most of them wanted nothing to do with the parade. But that's not enough - they are still tolerating the hijacking of their interests by professional activists and the government. If alt-sexuals of Serbia want to earn acceptance, they will have to fight alongside the general populace, for the rights of all and not just their own.


Anonymous said...

Well "Pride Parade" is just a distraction from the real issues at hand, finalization of Kosovo amputation by proxy, and getting Serbia to submit to recognition of Independent Kosovo, if it wants to be a member of EU.

Today the Russian ambassador called upon Serbian people to defend Kosovo. It is obvious to the ambassador that the current fifth columnist regime of Serbia is not capable of doing much at all, so he is asking the Serbian people to do the right thing, they want people to vote for change. what do i mean by that? Well Serbian people need to decide if they want to be part of EU at a cost of Kosovo? Serbia does not need EU. Serbia does not need NATO. Why would anyone in their right mind want to become a member of an organization that bombed it, and amputated Kosovo province from it?

Serbia does not need Gay Rights, or legalizing same sex marriage in order to please EU perverts. Serbia needs jobs, Serbia needs to make sure that it's sovereignty is not compromised any longer, Serbia needs to make sure that EU's extortion is stopped. Serbia needs to tell EU and NATO and UN, enough is enough.

I believe Russia is ready to stand by Serbia, but Serbian people need to choose the right politicians that see the truth and need to ask for Russian help. I watched the Serbian people twice now, choosing the wrong people, the wrong parties to run the country.

It's not the regime anymore that is at fault the Serbian people refuse to vote for change, they still believe in dreams of EU handing them money, get real, but at the same time the benevolent rescuers, EU plundered everything of value for peanuts. That is not benevolence, that is not genuine interest to see Serbia or Serbian people prosper, period.

Serbia needs a real change, Serbian people need to vote for Serbian interests. Russians can't be greater Serbians then Serbs, Russians can only do so much.

Eugene Costa said...

"Once an exporter of food, Serbia now has people rummaging through garbage for leftovers."

The same modus operandi over and over, if by different means--and distinctive of what was originally British-style Capitalism.

If you have not yet read Wood's The Origin Of Capitalism, it is again highly commended.

By the way, something very similar happened in former East Germany, where local food production was immediately shut down by the West German Capitalists after enosis and to the dismay of many locals.

Lewis Mumford's The City In History is also commended, including this delicious passage, quoting Townsend, on the many uses of hunger:

“The freedom demanded by the utilitarians was in reality freedom for unrestricted profits and private aggrandizement. Profits and rents were to be limited only by what the traffic would bear: decent customary rents and a just price were out of the question. Only hunger, distress, and poverty, Townsend observed in his commentary on the English Poor Laws, could prevail on the lower classes to accept the horrors of the sea and battlefield, and only these same helpful stimuli would 'spur and goad' them on to factory labor. The rulers, however, preserved an almost unbroken class front on any issue that concerned their pocketbooks as a class: and they never scrupled to act collectively when it was a question of beating down the working classes.”

Using debt credit European Finance Capitalism will obviously move in a similar direction against any remaining rural self-supporting Serbs.

Oh yes, meanwhile back at the ranch, an investment group of former Goldman Sachs brokers is pushing buying up African land in large tracts, and some of their biggest investors are US universities like Harvard.

Indeed, as the Libyans also may soon discover, John Locke's "Liberty" is a wondrous machine, is it not?

Bon appetit!