Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Succor From an Unlikely Source

Lord of the Rings (from Wikipedia)
As a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's work, and Peter Jackson's screen adaptations thereof, I was amused by something a friend mentioned this morning. The amusing part is not that Jackson's movie trilogy is currently being shown in Serbia, but by whom: none other than a TV network originally established and funded by the Empire to spread pro-Imperial and anti-Serb (or am I repeating myself here?) propaganda. How ironic is it that they are now showing - most likely in a bid to improve their ratings - an epic that stands for everything they fight against, from liberty, tradition, honor and decency, to resisting the seemingly unstoppable military and propaganda might of Mordor?

That led me to contemplate how the "Lord of the Rings" would look if amended and adapted to fit the Imperial vision of the world, promoted by this particular network and the quisling cult it serves. Perhaps it would involve a panel of "expert analysts", explaining to the public what the story really means:

  • Bilbo Baggins is a thief and a rogue, who stole the Ring from its rightful owner, Gollum;
  • Gollum is an exemplar for progressive citizenry, putting above all the search for his personal pleasure, the "Preciouss";
  • Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin are dangerous terrorists who got a hold of a Weapon of Mass Destruction;
  • Aragorn represents the anachronistic and outdated institution of hereditary monarchy;
  • Legolas and Gimli are closeted LGBTQ persons;
  • Elrond and Galadriel are selfish Elves who refuse to share their bountiful wealth with the underprivileged Orcs of Misty Mountains. Moreover, they aided the Fellowship's invasion and destruction of Moria, which the peaceful Orcs barely managed to liberate from their Dwarvish oppressors, with Sauron's selfless aid;
  • Gandalf is the instrument of the Wizard-Elvish conspiracy against peace and welfare of all the peoples of Middle Earth, offered by the legitimate overlord Sauron;
  • Sauron is the misunderstood, well-intentioned peacemaker, who only wishes to integrate all of Middle Earth and usher in an end to history of warfare and strife;
  • Saruman is a realist, who understands the value of Mordor's politics of peace. He promotes industrial development and biological research, for which he is targeted by fanatical eco-terrorists;
  • The Nazgul only wanted to retrieve the WMD from the Hobbit terrorists, but the evil Gandalf murdered their poor innocent horses at Bruinen, and later interfered in their humanitarian air patrols over the bandit Rohirrim and rebels of Gondor;
  • Theoden is a crazed dictator, leading his people to ruin by choosing to fight Sauron and Saruman instead of reaching a peaceful settlement with them, abolishing the anachronistic monarchy and living in peace under the progressive, pragmatic democrat Grima Wormtongue;
  • Denethor is a wise leader of Gondor, usurped by evil wizard-conspirator Gandalf, who also turned his sons to treason. Boromir is the misunderstood hero, while Faramir an incompetent fool holding outdated ideals;
  • The siege of Minas Tirith was Mordor's legitimate response to the aggression of Elven "Axis of Evil" (Rivendell-Lothlorien), led by Gandalf, and the terrorist activities of the Fellowship...
And so on.

You may laugh at the obvious twisting of the story, but this is precisely the kind of poisonous drivel being poured into the eyes and ears of Serbs for years now, via this particular TV network and many others, by various servants of Empire: NATO lobbyists, self-proclaimed reformers, promoters of regional autonomy, "cultural decontamination," liberal and other Democrats, etc. The entire ideology of Serbia's quisling cult is servitude - to the Empire and its coercive might - expressed through contempt for liberty, justice, tradition and natural values.

There is a great quote from Gandalf, midway through The Two Towers: "Oft evil will shall evil mar." True enough, for in a bid to improve its ability to tell lies, the cult's TV is actually giving succor to those who oppose the present-day Sauron and his servants. Irony is not dead, and there is yet hope for the world.


jack said...

I thought Grimna's control of Theoden perfactly resembles Boris Berezovsky and Yeltsin between 96 and 2000.

It would be more humourous if they played Wag the Dog.

LVB said...

Great article, absolutely on point.

"Legolas and Gimli are closeted LGBTQ persons"

LMAO on that one - sooo true!!

CubuCoko said...

Serbia is full of Wormtongues these days, sadly.

LVB, I actually don't think the elf and the dwarf were like that - just saying what the promoters of Empire would most likely say, since they use LGBTBBQ "rights" for social engineering.

Unknown said...

Great post Nebojsa.

I think the only kind of nationalisms permitted (or even endorsed) in the empire are :

1) Saxon nationalism (like the Lord of the Rings and the like), for export use only, aimed at proving the "other" nations how great those Saxons are
2) local nationalism (baltic states, croatia, makedonia, bulgaria) where the main purpose is to further divide slavic or ex-slavic or pro-slavic states, and push them against one another.

LVB said...

Yes, I totally get what you were saying.

Like pretty much any Hollyweird film or sitcom, they always find a way somehow to forcibly insert some sort of sympathetic characters (LGBTBQ or other suitable agenda) specifically for the purpose of promoting their degenerate social engineering ideas via psychological warfare in mass media.

While many people are not blind to this manipulation, the programming methods are working and so they continute working to desensitize each new generation of young people - it used to be "slowly but surely", but is no longer gradual or subtle at all.

It is openly confrontational and "in your face" by now - and you are the bad person if you dare to disagree or resist their agenda in any way.

Zman said...

here is the great Serbian General Ratko Mladic with Srebrenica refugess and with UN dudes after liberating srebrenica from US backed muslims death squads(naser oric and others)


They will probably deny him accurate medical treatmen and he wil end up dead..

Nebojsha you should probably do sort of comparison to Syria and Bosnia/Kosovo.. In case you haven't followed the Syria crisis closely, they are using the same tactics from A to z.. Mass murdering terrorists are "freedom fighters". Goverment troops fighting against them are "murdering innocent civilians"..

CubuCoko said...

Usually I don't post off-topic stuff, but since I haven't actually written much in English lately...

I have in fact made numerous comparisons with both Libya and Syria, here, on Antiwar.com, and on RT. Granted, it's been over a month since I've done so last, but I've been addressing other stuff in the meantime.

jack said...

Foreign Policy magazine.

Kosovo: An international intervention that actually worked