Sunday, April 28, 2013


After a ten-round circus in Brussels, on April 19 the quisling regime administering Serbia on behalf of the Empire said it was ready to declare Serbia's rape consensual.

To hear them say it, they did this to "save" the Serbs who remain in the occupied territories (recognized by the Empire as the "Republic of Kosovo") from another pogrom. This is cynicism at its worst, because the "deal" turns those very Serbs over to the tender mercies of the Albanians and NATO - the very parties responsible for the peril of pogrom to begin with.

NATO is supposed to "protect" the Serbs, much as it has "protected" their brethren living in the ghettos elsewhere in the occupied province. Much as it has "protected" them during the actual 2004 pogrom. No, the tanks and bullets of the barricades showdown are more likely to be the NATO response.

Treaties with the Empire aren't worth the paper they are printed on. Whatever "guarantees", safeguards and privileges this "agreement" offers the Serbs on paper will vanish with the first KLA boot on the ground, or the first NATO tank. Just as it happened in 1999, and has been happening ever since.

In recognizing the statehood of "Kosovia," submitting to the EU and Imperial demands, selling out its citizens - both in the occupied territories and the rest of Serbia - the quisling government in Belgrade has trampled the Serbian constitution, and committed high treason.

Whatever legitimacy it could claim to have, it has now lost. Entirely.

As of April 19, 2013, the President and government of Serbia stepped outside the law. On Friday, April 26, the parliament of Serbia did the same.

Make of that what you will.


garasanin said...

Molon Labe...they came and took it!

Not that hard when it's just given away I guess.

James said...

The concerning thing was always how very fixated Vucic and Dacic are towards getting into the EU. I don't know if they are that foolish/dumb to trust its promises (and ignore all the economic and financial problems of those countries already in the EU - including Slovenia which was supposedly the wealthiest of the republics to break away and currently is at risk of needing a bailout) or there is something else here.
Dacic has already long shown himself a traitor in word, deed and action, but Aleksandar Vucic showed genuinely patriotic actions for years and also he did start on the right path for bringing down corruption. He faltered though, when there were some ties/meetings between Dacic and Darko Saric's main people exposed. He didn't want to trouble Dacid in the least and defended him. Such an excuse for colleagues actually promotes corruption and weakens the war against corruption in Serbia. So, it seems to me that Vucic has been weakening in that area and others the longer he holds his current position.

And it makes me wonder also if there is some kind of blackmail threat the way he sees Serbia getting into the EU as vital and there's no alternative, not even to the point of just slowing things down or putting a temporary hold on it.

If the only blackmail is that Serbia won't get into the EU or things will be delayed longer, then he is really a stupid fool. Could there be something else the EU countries have threatened him and the leadership over? Threats to Serbia they won't make public?

And unfortunately Russia never gives Serbia any real encouragement to stay out of the EU or that it would help ameliorate any negatives if Serbia fully rejected the EU path. I guess Russia just has too much business with the EU and particular EU countries to even think about jeopardizing that by offending or criticizing them much, or getting in the way of their bullying Serbia.

As for Tomislav Nikolic, he is a stupid old goat who was always pulling stunts to get attention and into power, such as the hunger striking he did a few years ago.

kapetan Mile said...

and I spent close to 78 days in 1999 protesting night after night downtown a Canadian city. know I know for sure I wasted my time out there.

CubuCoko said...

Time spent resisting tyranny is never wasted. If any of you are tempted to despair (and your comments suggest so), remember that this is a weapon of the Enemy.

The only reason they seem to be winning is that we are letting them win. The solution is painfully obvious.