Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Great Despoilment

Thirteen years have passed since the "democratic revolution" of October 5 in Serbia. It became clear almost right away that there was nothing democratic, or revolutionary, about it. Rather, it was a coup on par with the 1953 overthrow of Mohammed Mosadegh in Iran - and with similar consequences for the country.

National Assembly on fire, October 5, 2000
I've written much over the years about the political consequences of the "peaceful occupation" by the devotees of Empire's quisling cargo cult: the mockery of laws and elections, destruction of the country's military capability, corruption of its politics and society, complete abdication of sovereignty and statehood, appeasement and empowerment of separatists, etc. But all that was accompanied by old-fashioned looting as well.

According to one study, in the years since the 2000 coup, as much as $51 billion has been siphoned out of Serbia into various offshore accounts. This figure does not include whatever the quislings and their followers have managed to rob and stash inside the country, so the real extent of Serbia's economic rape is actually greater. Even if the promised EU donations and pie-in-the-sky stories of Arab investment turn out to be true - and they won't - they are utterly insignificant in comparison to how much of Serbia's actual wealth has been looted by various "democratic reformers", "moderates" and "pragmatists."

They have systematically looted, corrupted, and defiled everything they've touched, ensuring that no civilized means of contesting their vile reign remained available. Their reckoning, when it comes, will be nasty, brutish and short.


Yiorgos Arvanitis Bouas said...

how/when will the reckoning come?

Asteri said...

Just like Greece. Thats the future that awaits Serbia. Every Greek government since the 1940s has ruined, bankrupted, socially and economically destroyed the country; preventing it and its people from having any prosperous future. Lining them up (and their Serbian counterparts) in front of a firing squad would be too good for them.

Zman said...

Greece borrowed huge money at almost zero percent interest and everything was great when they had those low rates.. However when hedge funds and wall street banks and other investors stopped lending them money and asked for a legit rate of interest the whole thing collapsed.

Instead of letting those who lended the money take the loss by defaulting they are now pillaging the country the same way they pillaged serbia when Milosevic was overthrown.

However Greek politicans are to blame to, they destroyed their own economy through all sorts of policies and created a phony one based on borrowing at low rates but when they could no longer borrow at lower rates.. Game over.. Debt and goverment budget cannot be serviced.

Unknown said...

I disagree with you Asteri, because Greece although his corrupts governments, has not lost a portion of his territory since 1923, while Serbia within yugoslavia lost macedonia(old serbia), kosovo-metohija,crna gora, and portions of dalmacija, bosnia and hercegovina and lika.Serb politicians after Milosevic are the worsts quislings I ever seen.

Asteri said...

Losing territory is not the only measure of dreadful leadership. Greece's political class has done nothing to defend Cyprus or fight for the restoration of Northern Epirus. There is also the African levels of corruption, the destroying of Athen's Neo-Classical architecture to build a city on concrete blocks and flooding the country with third world immigration; all of which has now driven the population into the hands of Chrysi Avgi.