Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Criminal Thanksgiving Day

It has been nineteen years since the Empire's "junkyard dogs" committed the biggest act of ethnic cleansing to date: Operation Storm.

What the Catholic Nazis of the 1941-45 Independent State of Croatia could not achieve with Hitler's help, their heirs of 1991-95 did with the funding, training, propaganda and material support of the Atlantic Empire. Of the Orthodox Serbs that have lived in Dalmatia and along the old Hapsburg Military Frontier for centuries, only traces remain - and even they are being destroyed on a daily basis.

Shameless in their bigotry and projection, the Croatian authorities celebrate "Homeland Thanksgiving Day" every August. But it is no victory, only a crime.

And the East remembers.


Unknown said...

The extermination of Croatia's minority Serbian pollution was their dream for many years. Your are correct in saying what the Nazi Croats failed to achieve in 1945, the new resurgent Nazi Croatia did in 1995. But the latter was only achieved with the total support of Washington. This ranks as one of the gravest war crimes in modern human history, yet is ignored by the Western media. Shame.

CubuCoko said...

Either ignored, or outright denied.

As I noted in the 2005 piece I linked here:
"Tudjman made Pavelic’s dream to rid Croatia of Serbs a reality. It seems everything is in the choice of allies."

CubuCoko said...

Far as I know, the "Kiev Patriarch" heads the unrecognized and non-canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which may as well be Uniate (loyal to the Pope). So we can't really speak about "orthodoxy" of any kind here...

Mabuballah said...

What has the Ukraine or any Ukrainian prelate to do with it? With Operation Storm we are talking about the United States government under Wm. and Hilary Clinton intervening on the side of Nazis in the largest ethnic "cleansing" operation seen in Europe since the immediate aftermath of WWII. Pointing to statements of church leaders is but a pitiful attempt to obfuscate the stories of civilians being subjected to unspeakable tortures or the pictures of roads choked with civilians fleeing in terror of their lives, of a 5-year-old Serb boy shot through the temple, and of the bodies of young women lying by the roadside with their brains beaten out. That, rather, is the so-called moral high road upon which we in the West with our R2P have embarked since the fall of the Wall.
Worse still, it now looks like, far from repenting such sins, we may be about to double down and compound our errors.