Friday, September 05, 2014

The Emperor Doth Protest Too Much

His Most Elevated Majesty, Barack the Blessed, gave a speech in Talinn (Estonia) on Wednesday, filled with words such as "freedom" and "democracy" and "real progress" - whatever that means.

I'll deal with it in more detail in my piece tomorrow (update: here's a link). For now, though, just some thoughts.
photo via RT
C-Span has the 30-minute video. The White House has a transcript.

Listen to it. Compare what he says to be the truth, with actual truth. Compare the actions of his own government, his own officials, his own troops - to his platitudes about "big bullying the small" and "dignity" and "independence". I dare you to listen with a straight face to his words about freedom of press and thought, what with Anglosphere media marching in absolute lockstep and every dissent dismissed as "propaganda."

Listen to his soothing platitudes about how NATO isn't aimed against anyone - the blood of Serbs, Iraqis, Afghans and Libyans begs to differ. Listen to his lies about how there were no Nazis in the Maidan, or how there was no coup in Kiev. "These are facts, provable, not subject to dispute" - except they are not.

And the "currents of history... flow towards freedom"? Who wrote this speech, Citizen Kang?

All this talk of the inevitable triumph of freedom, democracy, "real progress" (whatever that is) - methinks that's just His Imperial Majesty protesting too much. He is trying too hard to persuade his "allies" (i.e. clients) that he is still the most powerful, still the strongest, still the richest, that End of History is just around the corner.

Not everything in the speech was a lie. Moral strength is more powerful than tanks. People generally do wish to be free from bullying, and be independent. Might indeed does not make right.

So why is his country and his own government using tanks (or planes, or missiles)? Why does he bully other countries into making only the "choices" his government dictates, under threat of "kinetic military action" or "color revolution"? Why is it the core belief of the current government of the United States of America that might does make right?

He lies about motes in the eyes of others, while failing to see the beam in his own.


Anonymous said...

Dutch preliminary report on the downing of MH17 mentions the Boeing being impacted by external projectiles with high velocity, but they do not mention the word "rocket", because that would be speculation according to Tjibbe Joustra!

If they have doubts MH17 was shot down by a rocket, then maybe it was downed by machine gunfire?!

CubuCoko said...

Given the length of time it has taken to release anything, the ambiguous language, the seized ATC recordings and the non-disclosure agreement, I think the "investigation" will be an exercise in spin. Already, the Imperial media is going "See, the Russians did it! Because we say so!"

Nikole said...

Last night CNN had a report which I didn't hear it all It was mostly about the technical condition of the plane -- damage which seemed to come from outside the cockpit, under the pilot, etc. They pointedly mentioned that the report does not state who caused the crash. There may have been other interesting comments but that was the conclusion if anybody wants to look it up.

PetarPetrovic said...

Hi Nebojsa.

Interesting news story from the most popular Serb portal in Montenegro (

They have obtained a "restricted nato document" that instructs the quisling regime in Podgorica to act against the wishes of the vast majority of Montenegrin citizens.

I've followed your work for years, unfortunately haven't noticed that you've touched upon the fact that over half of Orthodox Montenegrins are Serbs and they are also being subjected to extreme discrimination and terror.


PetarPetrovic said...

Hi Nebojsa. This is my 2nd time posting, my 1st post got lost!

I've been following your work for a long time and enjoy reading your views on various subjects.

Unfortunately, I don't recall you ever talking about the plight of Serbs in Montenegro. Serbs are the Orthodox majority in Montenegro, and possibly form a relative majority, given the fact that the government in Montenegro falsifies statistics.

I've posted an interesting read for you, from the most popular Serb portal in Montenegro ( This article exposes a "restricted nato document" that gives instructions to the quisling regime in Podgorica how to brainwash the population and side-swipe any referendum regarding nato ascension.

CubuCoko said...

Petar, I have addressed Montenegro many times over the past 15 years (over at, just haven't paid any attention to that NATO satrapy recently. Thank you for the article. It is indeed the way the Empire operates, and an object lesson to people everywhere. Now if only the Serbs (not just in Montenegro) could organize somehow and resist this...