Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Libya, 5 years later

It's been five years since the Atlantic Empire "liberated" Libya - turning the once prosperous North African nation into a jihadist hellhole. The very same governments that conspired to overthrow the regime of Col. Gadhafi in 2011 now bemoan that Libya is becoming a sanctuary for Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

Oh? You mean the Western "estrogen-driven paternalism on steroids" (as my friend Ilana Mercer so aptly described it) didn't result in a liberal-democratic republic based on diversity and human rights? I'm shocked.

Back in September 2011, when the Empire was basking in its "victory" in Libya, I went on CrossTalk to argue that the intervention was wrong on principle. The relevant passage is about 14 minutes in:

"This is no way to run the world. You can’t run a dog-catching operation like this without it backfiring... What we saw happening in Libya was basically the entire circle of Balkans interventions accelerated to hyperspeed – within weeks instead of years – and you ran through the whole gamut of excuses, from refugees to mistreatment of minorities to this and that and the other, to install in power a shadowy movement that we don’t really know much about – except that it’s composed of Al-Qaeda veterans (which isn’t supposed to bother us at all). But that’s sort of not the point. It doesn’t matter how this ended. The outcome of it is frankly irrelevant. It’s the principle of the thing."


Anonymous said...

@Cubucoko I think you were too polite and too nice to your opponents.

Blumi, asociate professor history sounds like he got his history lessons from CNN and created his own pseudo-intellectual conspiracy fantasies out of it.

Ian, the journalist, he don't care about the victims, if it's 100.000 more or less, he just don't care, he only cares about his opponents.

Western racketeers/interventionists are the ones creating the problem in the first place and then provide the solution so they can expand their Empire.

Serbia, an occupied country with a puppet government and western sponsored media, is sneaking into NATO-membership. I do not expect for them to criticize western revisionists, rather acknowledge them.

CubuCoko said...

I was too nice - but it was four+ years ago. I'm much meaner now. Time has proven me right, and them wrong. As for Serbia... that seems to be the case right now. Might be otherwise soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The prime minister of Serbia a CIA stooge?
Interesting youtube clip of Seselj talking about the disintegration of his party:

Nkechiyerem Onwughara said...

Mr. Malic please don't take this the wrong way by getting offended. I'm sorry to say this but while truth was most definitely on your side you seemed unable to take advantage of it and respond effectively to Mr. Williams' propaganda when you should have jumped on his throat for lying. You had many opportunities to jump in and interrupt him the way he did to you but you failed. You ended up looking rather silly and intimidated like a frightened schoolboy debating his bullying teacher while he looked cocky and confident. I hope next time you're better prepared with more effective debating skills. I left a comment on the video exposing Mr. Williams' hypocrisy.

CubuCoko said...

Well, this was five years ago (which I did mention). I'm not taking it the wrong way, just wishing you'd been paying attention.