Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lots of Hot Air

AP quotes the latest bloviation of Serbia's deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus: “That is the task of our whole society... we must all work together to join the E.U.,” he said after the Brussels Leviathan approved the possibility of annexation talks (presumably refraining from licking its chops). Ah yes, nothing so refreshing as a blast of collectivist claptrap in the mid-afternoon... though to be fair to Labus, it was just around lunchtime in the States when the story hit the wires.

Showing it isn't only the Eurocrats and neo-imperialists who have a pathos for symbolism, the perpertually whiny Keynesian also "expressed hope that stabilization and association talks would start Oct. 5 - the fifth anniversary of Milosevic’s ouster from power."

Well, not much trumps getting rid of a tyrant at home (stipulating that's what Milošević was) except to replace him with thousands of tyrants abroad, now does it? Worked for the French, right?

Sickening. Just sickening.

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