Friday, April 01, 2005

"Reality Park"

Chris Deliso's by now traditional April Fools' column at is like satire from The Onion: uproarious, but too close to the truth for comfort. If there is anything the state-supermacists have demonstrated consistently over the years - besides the propensity for violence, anyway - it is that they are capable of far more outlandish and absurd things than even the cleverest satirist could conjure.

Anyway, Deliso's piece is worth reading in full, but here is just the part that pertains to Serbia, whose corrupt politicians and oblivious people continue to believe in the "earthly paradise" of the EUSSR:
Speaking of Serbia, [Stability Pact Commisar] Busek at the same time iterated that every diplomat’s favorite punching bag would in fact never join the union, but be preserved as a sort of “reality park,” in which smoking, drunkenness, unemployment, turbo-folk and dangerous, outdated cars would be preserved forever. “This way,” he said, “Europeans will have a chance to enjoy, at least for a few days of vacation, the visceral thrill of what life used to be like before we opted for a nanny state of total comfort and regulation,” he said.

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