Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why you should support

If you are sick of war and the Empire, of the arrogance, hubris, posturing, lies and deceit we are forced to listen to every day in the mainstream, "legacy" media that are dedicated to serving the Imperial idea, what are you to do?

Look at all the candidates for Emperor, already preening and posturing. They all want to be Bush, not beat him. The only candidate who actually wants to be a Constitutional President - Ron Paul - is being ignored by the legacy media, in their arrogant belief that if they can just deny the existence of something or someone, that something or someone would actually cease to exist. How is that different from that famous neocon sneer at the "reality-based community"?

I know times are hard. Because of war and the Empire, the dollar is worth less than ever before. You think it will be worth any more if there's a war with Iran soon? Oh, wait, you didn't know about that one? But features news, analysis and opinion exposing the Empire's war plans every day... and they don't charge for it! All they ask is that you donate, however much you think it's worth to you.

What price truth? What price liberty?

Of course, I have a dog in this fight; runs my own column, Moments of Transition, on Thursdays, so obviously I have a vested interest here. But if you donate - and you should - don't do it for me. Do it for the millions of Americans who oppose the war, who cherish liberty and reject the Empire as an abomination.

Do it for yourself.


Zlatan Vrabac said...

Is there an archive of your articles from before you joined

CubuCoko said...

There used to be, but the site that published them has since been redesigned. I may collect them and publish them online, or in book format, sometime in the future.