Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yep, Hoppe sure was right

To be fair, I was hedging my bets. The election really could have gone either way. On Friday I wrote:

"Tadic and the Democrats have turned to spreading panic and fear.... it could work, given that Serbs have been brainwashed not for years, but for decades, to feel inferior, guilty, and unworthy of their rulers. Having gone from blockade to postmodern, credit-funded consumerism, Serbians feel they are living better, and may fear to lose it. Yes, the whole selling out for a mess of pottage thing comes to mind here, but how does one argue that with someone who's mortgaged his soul for the sake of a suburban apartment and a mid-sized car?"

On Sunday this turned out to be the case.

Many are now saying that it was decided by ethnic minorities' disciplined turnout. And no, before the professional and amateur Serbophobes pipe up, it's not the Radicals engaging in baseless accusations; it's the minority politicians themselves claiming credit for Tadic's victory.

I don't think it matters as much, though. Sure, these communities fail to appreciate that Serbia treats them better than EU chairman Slovenia treated its minorities (think of the outrage if Serbia had "erased" people), but how can anyone expect other people to respect the Serbs if the Serbs can so manifestly fail to respect themselves?

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1389 said...

Yes, I definitely spent way too much of my life in Chicago. That's why I have no doubt that the runoff election count was bogus. For what it's worth:

But who COUNTED the votes in Serbia?