Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"Balkan Insight," publication of the Imperial propaganda mill otherwise known as IWPR, reported the other day that the new "Independent State of Kosova" has been assigned an international indexing code by the U.S. bureaucrats. The code used for this abomination will be "KV."

I find that somewhat ironic. No, make that especially ironic. In a recent film version of Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend, KV is the name of a retro-virus engineered by Dr. Alice Krippin (hence, "Krippin Virus") as cure for cancer. That it did. The "side effect," however, as to kill 90% of humanity, and turn the rest into vicious, rabid killers.

The creation of "Kosova" was supposed to win the Empire brownie points in the Muslim world and finalize the conquest of Europe by subjugating the stubborn Serbs. Instead, it tore up international law. All bets are off now, and God only knows how this will end.

"KV," indeed.

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