Wednesday, March 19, 2008


(Update 2: corrected for Canadian FM's gender)

The roll of shame has several new additions this week: Canada and Japan both recognized the "independence" of Kosovo, followed by Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Canada's FM Maxime Bernier demonstrated his mastery of wishful thinking when he said that "unique circumstances which have led to Kosovo's independence mean it does not constitute any kind of precedent."

Hey, whatever you tell yourself to be able to sleep at night, Max. But how many are willing to wager that the Quebecois will also claim to be "unique" (hey, isn't everybody?) and go on their merry way?

Japan - which is still under U.S. occupation, following the 1941-45 war - expressed hope that recognition will "contribute to long-term stability in the region" (IHT/Reuters). Right. Because seizing a part of a country's territory is stabilizing. Remember Manchuria?

Japanese FM Masahiko Komura said, "Our country has traditionally been on friendly terms with Serbia, and by this recognition of Kosovo it is not our intention to disturb our relations with Serbia."

Just like it wasn't the Americans' intention to disturb their traditional feelings of friendship for the people of Japan by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I guess. What's a little tough love among friends?

If Komura-san had any honor, he'd be polishing a sword with his guts right about now.

Canada's Bernier also claimed that recognizing the Albanian quasi-state meant joining "the international community". What community - some 30-odd countries? And all they have in common is that, when Washington says "Jump!" they answer with "How high?" More than anything else, a country's recognition of the Kosovo monstrosity is an indicator of whether it is truly independent, or a satellite of the Empire.

Canada and Japan have just made their choice.

As for Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria, I'm not wasting words. All of a sudden the "satellite" comment is more apt than ever; these three countries were also on the side of "European integrations" at the Serbs' expense back when a certain Austrian corporal was behind the endeavor.


kapetan Mile said...

When Canada decided to recognized the "independence" of Kosovo, i must say i was a bit upset. as a Canadian Serb and living in Quebec this is very close to home i must say. I can confirm that Bernier's statements are indeed wishful thinking and this will turn againts Canada one day. Quebec lost the last referendum by the narrowest of margins (50.58% vs. 49.42%). Rest assured that in the next referendum Serbs will make the difference. I shall do my very best to remind my fellow serbs here what Canada as done to us. it's only right we give it back.

CubuCoko said...

That's up to the Serbs in Canada to decide. Assuming, that is, that they aren't "democratically" deprived of their voting rights simply for being Serbs. As we've seen with the swimmer this week, any display of Serbdom seems to be deemed criminal...