Sunday, July 27, 2008

Combo #2, with extra cheese

While I'm pretty sure the BBC employs a political (correctness) commissar, it definitely does not employ fact-checkers. I know, I know, big surprise. But if they did, they would avoid such whoppers as:

"Mr Karadzic declared independence for Bosnian Serbs in 1991..."

Huh? The "Serb Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina" (later renamed just Serb Republic, Republika Srpska) was established in January 1992, following an illegal decision by Muslim and Croat delegates to hold a referendum on "Bosnian" independence. Isn't it great how the BBC puts the cart before the horse?

Oh, but it gets better. Ever since Izetbegovic adopted the name "Bosniak" for people who were previously known as Muslims (in Izetbegovic's youth they were "Croats of Islamic faith," and in the days of his grandfather, "Turks"), foreign journalists have been thoroughly confused.

What's the difference between "Bosnian" and "Bosniak"? To them, none - they've used both terms interchangeably since the war. And hey, if the reporters can't tell the difference, and most of their audience can't tell Bosnia from Botswana, no wonder the ploy to establish Bosnia as the homeland of "Bosniaks" (with Serbs and Croats as vile interlopers) seems to have succeeded.

So what is one to think of this line, used by BBC to describe what Karadzic is wanted for:

He has been indicted for crimes against humanity and genocide over the massacre of up to 8,000 mainly-Muslim Bosniaks at Srebrenica in 1995. (emphasis added)

What in the name of Political Correctness is "mainly-Muslim"? Is that like "a little bit British" or maybe "somewhat-American"?

So, let's see... I'll have a Serbophobia Special, extra cheese. Ultra-size it, BBC, and don't worry about the facts. Not like your audience gives a damn.


Cossack said...


Well, here's something to raise your blood pressure still more. It's our old "friend", Ed Vulliamy. I realize that scum (and turds) float. Why oh why can't someone flush this reprehensible piece of human excrement away finally. In his vicious article, Vulliamy once again uses the discredited picture of Fikret Alić in this photo:
The caption to that bit of British propaganda reads: "A still image from video footage showing emaciated prisoners at the Trnopolje concentration camp in Bosnia in the summer of 1992. Fikret Alic is standing in the centre, at the front. Photograph: Reuters"

Hmmm, "emaciated prisoners"? Aside from Alić (who BTW, is was established even then to have been suffering from tuberculosis aka consumption) the rest of the "prisoners" seem reasonably well fed, eh?

For those wishing to afflict themselves with Vulliamy's vile words, here is the URL to his Guardian story:

As the punchline of a particularly nasty joke goes, "It never ends! It never ends!"

Cossack said...

Sigh, truly, it never ends! All the old Serbophobes have slipped their muzzles and are baying for more Serb blood, more Serb humiliation, more Serb suffering. For the likes of Ed Vulliamy, Roger Cohen, et al ad nauseam, there are no limits to the calumny that can be ascribed to the Serbs. I hope they'll all enjoy the pools of shit they'll be doing headstands in in Hell!

Unknown said...

The problem is: no pool of shit can ever be too large to create for these bastards. Long live the Serbian people!

CAP said...

Notice also that 'up to 8000' - therefore starts from zero, as any old statistician knows...

CubuCoko said...

Indeed. Speaking of those numbers... I just love it when people ask me why I quibble about numbers. Hey, it isn't me making a big deal out of numbers, it's the folks that inflate them so they can claim "genocide"! If there wasn't some sort of propaganda magic in the numbers, why are then various Imperialists (or for that matter, Muslims and Albanians themselves) invoking "10,000 killed" in Kosovo or "300,000" in Bosnia?

Unknown said...

My comment is aimed at Nebojsa Malic who said that Israel is friendly to Serbia which is quiet opposite of reality in these links where Israel is the only middle eastern state said to recognize "kosovo" when time comes. Surely describing a killer like thaci as "ben gurion" is enough of a clue not about thaci but of those who say it .

CubuCoko said...

erdega, consider yourself banned. There's sharing your thoughts, and then there's being rude. Regardless of the subject of the post, your comments inevitably contain a rant about the "evil Jews". Now, I can't stop you from having an opinion, but I can and will stop you from airing it here.

Oh, great, you found someone at Ha'aretz who likes the KLA. Er, so what? Who reads Ha'aretz these days anyway, except the "let's slit our own throats, and maybe Arabs won't hate us as much then" liberal Israelis? And so what if some Jews, in Israel and elsewhere, have been taken in by the "Serbs are Nazis" propaganda? That was the point of the propaganda all along.

Whatever. If you actually presented a reasoned argument for your position, I'd be inclined to listen to it. But you troll, rant, stalk and now just make shit up. Have I ever actually said that Israel was a friend of Serbia? I'm a libertarian - I know states don't have friends. And need I point out that Israel in fact has not recognized Kosovo?

I've seen people blinded by hatred. I'll have none if it here. Go peddle your conspiracy fantasies elsewhere, to those actually willing to listen.

Robstar said...

After reading and listening to these reports over the past week i have come to the conclusion the serbophobes are the laziest people on the planet. Not one of those reports had anything in them that has not been said or written before, its like they all just cut and paste for previous reports.

Yep it sure is easy being a serbophobe, not only are you not required to get any facts right, you don't even need to come up with any orginal crap either and best of all you get paid for it, and paid well. No wonder so many people sign up for the job