Friday, October 09, 2009

Sublimely Ridiculous

Look, this isn't exactly a travesty. Martti "Kosova" Ahtisaari winning last year, now that was a travesty. He actually hurt the cause of peace. Barack Hussein Obama hasn't done, well, anything.

And that's rather the point, isn't it? Until today, one at least had to have done something - however twisted or misinterpreted - to merit a peace Nobel. I'm not aware of any prior occasion that someone got this award for accomplishing nothing.

This is beyond strange, it's downright silly.

O tempora, o mores.


robert49rml said...

Kristina Hernandez, CRC: It was the Beer Summit that put Obama over the edge.

Mark Johnson said...

This is the only thing that the left and the right at all spectrums in all nations can agree upon. That an award for PEACE is inappropriately given.

How sadly ironic.

Suvorov said...

I am sure you noticed that someone posted a link to Attila the Whore's blog in response to your last article on Antiwar. I went on the latter's blog and was deeply touched by his "emotional attachment" to the Serbian people (among other peoples of the Balkans) Yes, he apparently believes that, at least when Serbia is involved, a resistance to foreign occupation is "narcissistically nationalistic". He seems to be unable to distinguish between attacking and occupying foreign countries under false pretext, and fighting to liberate one's own. Thus, according to him, since you oppose the aggression against former Yugoslavia and Iraq (as well as many others), you must by the same token condemn Serbia's struggle against Turkish occupation in the past and NATO occupation in the present. One might say that someone who posted a link to a government official (David Milliband) on his blog should not even be taken seriously, but considering his credentials, one is left to wonder whether it's possible at all to obtain a degree in this area of history in today's Britain unless you accept several official truths: benevolent Ottoman empire; genocide against Bosnian Muslims, evil Serb nationalists tearing up everything etc. He also openly expressed his wish that RS declare independence, which would give the Empire a good pretext to do away with Dayton Accords altogether.

Unknown said...,,4789691,00.html

This the Germany who grants special preference to any with a drop of "Jewishness" yet to this date nary a Gypsy is welcome in the Reich. If this goes thru, hopefully they can at least take the Germans' cash and resettle in an area of Serbia without KLA goons.

CubuCoko said...

More likely, the Germans will pay the KLA to not kill them until the deportation is over, and then look the other way - just as the NATO "liberators" did in 1999, when those people were ethnically cleansed to begin with.