Friday, March 19, 2010

Lies Liars Tell

Some time last year, the professional victim and proprietor of the "Srebrenica Genocide Blog" (no, I'm not going to link it) seems to have made me an object of his personal little jihad. Time and again, he's been Google-bombing me with claims I'm a "discredited genocide denier" and so on.

Following my latest post, he went on a comment spree (guess what I did with those), and then finally put up a piece denouncing me on the SGB. Normally I wouldn't pay this much heed, but the way he did it amused me to no end, and I thought I'd share it here. Namely, he said that I had sent in a comment to the SGB - which he deleted - and then offered a response allegedly proving me wrong (by quoting the ICTY, the old fallacy of appeal to false authority again).

Except I did no such thing. My alleged "comment" was copy-pasted from the actual essay, "Bleiburg in Potocari." It wasn't deleted. It didn't violate his comments policy. It did not exist. But SGB spun a whole yarn about it nonetheless. Kind of like the whole "Srebrenica genocide," actually.

Here's a pro tip: if you are trying to paint someone as a liar, it helps to not be one.


Homophobic Horse said...

Srebrenica: Emblematic of the Bosnian Taliban.

ajokic said...

So who is the lying owner of the "Srebrenica Genocide Blog"? Attila Hoare?

Serb Unification Org said...

This from the SGB editor,

"Bosniaks did not commit any mass killings of Serbs around Srebrenica. This is just a Serbian lie; they lied about Jasenovac, most of what they said about WWII is also a lie."

SGB then goes on to quote two different sources for this aforementioned quote which is a ridiculous attempt at justification as even anybody who has even attempted a basic study of Jasenovac knows the differing accounts given which include international historians and even the Nazi German officers on the ground at the time themselves who were horrified at the mass killings that took place.
Seems to me it is a classic case of do as I say not as I do in SGB's quest against deniers.

Suvorov said...

Did I not write under your antiwar column that you were yet to hear from "Branko Zivanovic"? Several months ago I came across a comment by him, which read something like: "We Serbs cannot be trusted about Bosnia, because we lied about Slovenia and Croatia". He made that comment several years ago, but I suppose he still expects some to believe that he is a Serb saved by Muslims during the war from a Serb sniper (was it the same very one who almost killed Hillary Clinton in Tuzla?).

CubuCoko said...

ajokic, far as I know, the SGB proprietor is someone calling himself "Daniel Toljaga". I don't think it is Hoare, as he is actually capable of speaking English.

Suvorov, you were correct, that's one of the names used for comments I received.

SUO, Jasenovac denial is part and parcel of the 1990s war propaganda, so that doesn't surprise me. That is why I don't normally pay attention to SGB rants, since it obsesses with denouncing "deniers" of a fabricated genocide, while itself busily denying a very real one.

Aleks said...


A heads up of an article by the former Editor of LM magazine on the now suggested reform of british libel laws and what happened to LM magazine when it that ran the Thomas Deichmann expose of the fake death camp stories in '97:

I actually went to one of Deichmann's presentations. It all reminds me so clearly what a heroic battle it was fighting the serbophobic bigoted media at the time and all the good people who took part. What a fight, but at least the Serbs still have history on their side!