Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KLA Attacks

For a long time now, the Empire has worked on a way to stamp out the last vestiges of Serb freedom in the occupied province of Kosovo (declared "independent" by its Albanian government in February 2008, with Imperial support). They put the plan into effect this week.

The pathetic quisling regime in Serbia - which has been doing everything in its power to implicitly recognize the "Kosovian" government without overtly doing so - responded by mewling about "diplomatic solutions" and "negotiations" with KFOR, EULEX and other Imperial institutions put into place to help the KLA regime carve out Kosovo. Not surprisingly, the Imperial envoy Peter Feith endorsed the Albanians' actions, saying that every sovereign state has a right to control its territory. Except Serbia, of course, because rules do not apply in her case.

According to reports from the province, Albanian special forces were beaten back from the two checkpoints at the "border", with one casualty. KFOR, commanded by a German general, is helping the Albanian "police" occupy the checkpoints. EULEX is silent. Russia is demanding an urgent, closed session of the UN Security Council.

Belgrade is rolling over and playing dead. But the Serbs in Kosovo don't give a rotten rodent's posterior for the regime currently running Serbia - they are fighting for their survival with everything they have. In the rest of Serbia, there are rumors of protest marches, which the government has banned. God forbid anyone resists the Empire! All the mainstream media are toeing the government line, so the public is rapidly turning to Facebook, Twitter and blogs to find out what is going on.

Yesterday evening Moscow time, I commented on the situation for RT. What puzzled me was the presenter's seeming belief that this was an issue that "Serbia and Kosovo" would have to resolve in order to get into the EU. Far as I know, Russia refuses to recognize the self-proclaimed Albanian state. And this is much more than a border dispute - it's an attempt to snuff out Serb presence in the province altogether, under the guise of "law and order."

What law? What order? By rights, it is Serbia that ought to be establishing its sovereignty over the occupied province, instead of Hashim Thaci's mafia clan posing as government.

Of course, President Tadic has already said his government would not fight. In any case, Serbia's military is busy taking part in NATO's exercises in Ukraine (and just who might those be aimed at? Venezuela?). Yet he and his regime are quickly being rendered irrelevant. The KLA/Imperial takeover was thwarted by the local Serbs, who seem to have preserved both their courage and their convictions.

Had the Albanians waited just a few months more, the spineless slugs in Belgrade would have given them their recognition. By launching this idiotic adventure, they may have ensured the fall of Tadic, and the end of Imperial control over Serbia.

Oft evil will shall evil mar...


Bojangles said...

Your last paragraph certainly would be the best outcome out of all of this chaos! You've summed it up completely.

Eugene Costa said...

Ukrainian Business Online:

"The Defense Ministry notes that the main aim of exercises is development of peacekeeping tasks

KYIV, July 25, 2011 (UBO) – Military exercises Rapid Trident-2011 started at the Yavoriv ground (Lviv region) within the NATO program Partnership for Peace, the Defense Ministry press service informed. Exercises will be headed by First Deputy Commander of the 8th Army Corps of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Major General Viacheslav Nazarkin and сoordinator of the international cooperation project of the US Army Europe Kevin Volk.

The Defense Ministry noted that the main aim of exercises is development of peacekeeping tasks and preparation of national headquarters and units to joint actions within the coalition forces in international peacekeeping operations.

In total, participating in the exercises will be over 1,300 military from Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia. Ukraine is a participant of the program Partnership for Peace since February 1994. Recent exercises were in 2000."

Ah, peacekeeping--another war then?

Serbia AND Belarus?

Eugene Costa said...

An interview with Volk well worth deconstructing closely:

What is a Pan-Slavic military conclave without the participation of the great US, British, and Canadian "brothers", eh?

For the moment one will restrain any seemngly irrelevant meanderings that mention Pilsudski or the Prometheans, or the role of
a decidedly German "Volk" in this little charade.

Nor, also for the moment, any mention of "Volk" from Norweg supposedly blowing up and murdering civilians for their little brother Serbs--which is a whopper if there ever was one.

Sanguinetti is a bit localized for some (one has to know the Italian situation to a degree) but the application and insight are general, and the more one reads him the more prophetic become his observations.

If it is a surprise to some that the IDF reads and tries to apply
Debord and Deleuze and so on against Israeli Arabs, is there any doubt they are also more generally familiar with Sanguinetti?

1389 said...

Have you seen this?

Worrisome, to say the least.

Eugene Costa said...

Consider the difference between a stab in the dark and a stab at the dark.

Again at the risk of seeming irrelevant to the issues at hand,
including the Balkans, one recalls the various sophistries of Leo Strauss, whose main criticism of the NAZI's was, it seems, not only that they were anti-Semitic but, in effect, that they were not actively Zionist.

This may seem an extraordinary and fantastic statement.

On the other hand, recall that the same Strauss, the cryptic theorist behind the Neo-Cons, was also a Critias-like character who, verging on atheist or agnostic himself, was still actively Zionist and a proponent of the manipulation of both "religion"--that of others--and "democracy".

It is then perhaps more a stab at the dark than a stab in the dark that "Islamo-Marxist" was surely coined by the same people who coined "Islamo-Fascist" and that it is now found upon the lips of a Norwegian Right Wing terrorist.

How finely wrought indeed such tools as Breivik, now supposedly fighting, according to his manifesto, among other things, for the Serbs against "Muslims".

Come again?

And yet also pro-Zionist?

Or, too, groups like Hagee's Fundamentalist Christian Zionists in the US, intensely sponsored and cultivated in Israel itself by no other than Netanyahu.

As Gray Falcon has more than once pointed out, whatever the wars in Yugoslavia were about they were not about Serbian persecution of Muslims, including Serb Muslims. Just the reverse.

The right dupes, on the other hand, Left and Right, are the material out of which crusades are made.

Meanwhile NATO, still sponsoring Albanians against Serbs, not as Muslims against Christians, but as ethnic and linguistic elements of a complex Realpolitik, sends more German and Austrian troops to Kosovo, once more to discipline putatively demonic Serbs into being good little Europeans.

Surely this is enough to decipher at least part of a very involved puzzle indeed, including why the US and NATO, and also to an extent Israel, colluded with the likes of
Bin Laden and others in Albania during the criminal US and NATO attack on Yugoslavia.

Ah yes, but "Bin Laden" has been conveniently eliminated--yes, yes--and buried at sea. After all it was imperative to capture and torture his supposed chauffeur, but "Bin Laden" himself was much too valuable an intelligence asset to be captured alive.

Bang bang.

So continues the stage play, and those who manage it and are managed by it.

1389 said...

More here:

Kosovo Serbs facing food shortages

NOTHING about this in the lamestream media, of course...

CubuCoko said...

Oh of course not. For them, this is a "clash" between the legitimate KLAlbanian "authorities" and the Serb "organized criminals" in the north. Why am I not surprised?

1389 said...

It's genocide against our people, plain and simple.

CubuCoko said...

I don't like using that word lightly, but in this case it does seem appropriate. The ethnic cleansing of Serbs from the Communist-created province of Kosovo went on for decades prior to the NATO takeover on behalf of the KLA in 1999; indeed, it was Albanian Communist officials that came up with the term "ethnically pure" (see NYT from the early 1980s). This is just the final stage of their "final solution."

But I am hopeful; the quislings in Belgrade may not want to resist, but the people seem determined to.

Eugene Costa said...

Both Serbia and Iraq are now covered in low-level radiation from the explosion of depleted uranium munitions--another topic the main stream western media has been slow to cover.

Are similar munitions being used in Libya?

One can't get a straight answer.

How that connects with "genocide" one will leave open for the nonce.

One thing that cannot be said often enough is that, however low level the radiation, it is still atomic warfare, isn't it?

And in the long run it also qualifies as genetic and biological.

CubuCoko said...

Yes, though DU effects are rather indiscriminate - it affects equally the local population (Serbs, Muslims, Albanians) and Imperial peacekeepers (e.g. the original "Gulf War Syndrome", Italians pulled back from Bosnia). By definition, genocide has to be specifically targeting someone.

Not that I'm defending the use of DU, but it probably requires a different category of evil, one entirely its own.

kapetan Mile said...

what worries me is that the current serbian gorvenment is letting serbia itself becoming like another kosovo in let's say 40-50 years from now.

CubuCoko said...

Mile, your timeline is entirely too optimistic. I think the Yellows want Serbia itself gone by 2014. But they will fail.