Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh No, You Don't

To say that something "isn't quite right" about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian (allegedly) behind the Utøya massacre on Friday, would be an understatement. Yet it is true in more ways than one.

According to the police, Breivik detonated a car bomb in front of the government building in Oslo as a diversion, then infiltrated a summer camp for the ruling party's children on the island of Utøya, and opened fire. Initial reports put the combined death toll of the bombing and the shooting spree at 93, which have since been revised to around 70.

Much is being made of Breivik's Facebook, Twitter and blog posts - all very recent - and the manifesto (CNN) he allegedly worked from. They almost read as a list of talking points of the diversity-obsessed multi-culturalists, wishing to discredit their critics.

Charlie Brooker rightly found it terrible that the media "experts" rushed to judgment and blamed the Muslims. Given the jihadist proclivity for terrorism, that wasn't an entirely outlandish conjecture; the problem was that it posed as certainty.

I'm not sure anyone will dare speak up in a similar manner against a rising tendency to smear all the traditionalists, conservatives, and opponents of totalitarian welfare-statism and unrestricted immigration as murderous fanatics. It will again be a conjecture posing as certainty, only even less grounded in fact. Breivik is shocking precisely because he is a glaring exception to the rule. Surely, his fanaticism can hardly compare to that of people who believe the best way to ensure diversity of appearance (a goal asserted to be good without explanation) is the ironclad uniformity of thought?

Those looking for sympathy for Breivik will find none here. He's a murderer. How can fighting for the future of one's nation - Breivik's declared goal, if the papers are to be believed - mean murdering that nation's children? An absurdity, if ever there was one.

Nor do I want to get into arguments over which of his convictions were grounded in reality; I've been saying for years that actions and beliefs ought to be judged on their own inherent merits, or lack thereof, rather than on the basis of who claims association with them.

I do, however, wish to address one particular aspect of Breivik's alleged motivation, which is getting more and more play in the Western press. According to CNN, his manifesto suggests that he was driven to action by Norway's involvement in the 1999 Kosovo war, directed against "our Serbian brothers (who) wanted to drive Islam out by deporting the Albanian Muslims back to Albania." Next thing you know, the media will declare, "The Serbs made him do it." Worked for that kid in Salt Lake City, did it not?

Let me clarify, then. If Breivik saw the 1999 war in the way described above, he was factually wrong. While Islam is a powerful factor that has shaped and driven Albanian chauvinism for over a century (and certainly underpins the destructive rage against the Serbian Orthodox churches), the Albanian regime controlling Kosovo today systematically oppresses not only the remaining Serbs, but also the Gorani - Muslims by faith, Serbs by language - which indicates that its bigotry is ethno-cultural as well as religious.

If anything, it was NATO - and the U.S. - who saw the war in terms of helping the "good Muslims" against the evil Orthodox Serbs.

The Serbian government fought to defeat a terrorist insurgency seeking to make Kosovo part of an enlarged Albanian state. There was no plan of persecution and deportation - unless one believes the sordid German fiction called "Operation Horseshoe". Serbia is actually the most multi-ethnic Yugoslav successor state, and home to a substantial Muslim population. These days, Belgrade is entirely too tolerant of a militant Muslim cleric who seeks to foment a rebellion in its southwestern parts. To argue that Serbia sought to expel the Albanians in 1999 due to their Muslim faith is to accept NATO's excuse for the bombing. That claim was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

Furthermore, over the past two decades of vilest demonization in the Western media - worse by far than the cartoon depictions of Muslims over which there have been riots, death threats and even murders - as well as not one, but two bombing campaigns, there has not been a single Serbian terrorist attack in the West. Not one. As a result of Imperial meddling, Serb populations in today's Croatia, large parts of Bosnia and Kosovo have become extinct, yet no Serb has ever resorted to terrorism against NATO countries. Let alone shot up a summer camp full of children.

No cause can justify the murder of innocents, whether it is purportedly a struggle against the loss of national identity (as Breivik claims), or bringing democracy (as the Empire and its allies have claimed) to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - or for that matter, Kosovo. Sadly, neither Breivik nor those who will sit in his judgment seem to understand that simple fact.


Doot said...

It's impressive how some Serbs are able to make the whole world about them. a unique kind of malignant narcissism

Dorde said...

Yes, Frum and other neos are begging the drum beat again. Alas their "job" seems to be to continue to foment mischief and not understanding of the facts.

Dorde said...

Nebojsa, even worse, we are now being held accountable for the overdose death of a British pop singer!

CubuCoko said...

Doot, next thing you'll tell me is that the Economist blogger devoting so much space to the "Serbian connection" is actually a Serb?

How did that parade go, by the way? Owning the future yet?

David of Rascia said...


The Serbian ruler and poet, Petar Petrovitch-Nyegosh has a suitable word of wisdom for you: "The monkey is looking at himself in a mirror."

About the only malignant narcissism that is extant in today's world is that of the U.S. Be a man and stop prodding your nose into other people's business.

Dorde said...

Should read "beginning the drum beat...". Izvinite.

Justin said...

If anything, Breivik's agenda sounds more like the Ustashe than the Serbs, the way he talks about ridding Europe of foreigners.

He thinks he'll fit right in with the Serbs, when in fact that is clown would fit in better with the Croats because of their Croatian Ustashe agenda, which shares several points as Breivik's.

Hostility to Communism and Marxism.
Pro-Church morality and heavy emphasis on the state and Christian religion, like what Breivik believes.

Expulsion of foreigners.
Hostility to foreigners.
All Ustashe traits that Breivik repsresents in his manifesto.
The Ustashe also believes that they were liberators from foreign Serbian influence and Jewish influence and that Roman Catholicism was the answer to create a crusade, much like Breivik did.

This guy's manifesto resembles the Croatian Ustashe in every way, but he is paired with the Serbs, which is ridiculous is my opinion, when in fact this clown MORE resembles the Ustase. Ante Pavelic saw himself as a religious savior from foreign influence and sought to rid Croatia of foreigners and foreign influence, much like Breivik does.

Breivik is an Ante Pavelic inmitation, yet he knows nothing about Ante Pavelic and the Pavelic agenda that HE resembles. The whole Croat nation believes people like Breivik because people like Breivik are leaders over there. And he thinks he's a Serb or has Serbian brothers? Please! This idiot more resembles the Croats and the Croatian Ustashe than he does the Serbs or the Serbian resistance fighters against Ottoman tyranny. If anything, he's an Ustashe pure and simple.

This guy is an Ustashe clone, pure and simple. Right?
Thank you.
Breivik is a psychopath, much like Pavelic does. See the resemblence between him and Pavelic? They're practically twins with their ideological hate agenda. They couldn't be more different.

Anders Breivik is another Ante Pavelic! Pure and simple.

Doot said...

You guys must be proud that a murderous nutter agrees with you!

CubuCoko said...

Doot, you're projecting. Check the mirror.

1389 said...

It's just fine when the socialist/pro-jihadi axis spreads propaganda. They never get blamed for any of the evils THEY incite. Funny how that works.

Something interesting about the "youth camp" itself:

Utøya Youth Camp was Fatah PLO Camp for Nearly 15 Years

BTW, I haven't heard from you in a long time. If you want to get in touch with me, please click HERE.

1389 said...

Somebody ought to tell Doot that facts are facts, regardless of the motives or the character of those who recite them.

Just because Breivik told the truth about the Serbs being victimized, that does not make it any less true.

Facts are not a matter of opinion, but of evidence and logic. Doot the Narcissist can have whatever opinions he wants, but he doesn't get to have his own facts.