Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Grand Betrayal

On February 14-15, the Kosovo Serbs conducted a referendum that withdrew consent from the quisling regime in Belgrade to sell them out and recognize the abominable "Republic of Kosovo".

Response from Germany (speaking for the EU, no less) greatly resembled Berlin's reaction following the March 27, 1941 coup against the Yugoslav government that had signed a pact with Hitler.

Jumping to please their overlords, the Belgrade quislings ordered their special border police (gendarmerie) to attack the Serb civilians last night, dismantling several roadblocks and cutting off alternate approaches to the province. The assailants were masked and wore no insignia, but the government media confirmed this morning that they were, in fact, gendarmes acting on government orders. By doing so, they basically forced the besieged Serbs to use the NATO/EU/controlled "customs crossings" manned by "Kosovian" police.

Thus betrayed, the Serbs of Kosovo have sent the following plea to Russian Ambassador A.V. Konuzin, presented here in the English translation for the sake of historical record:

"Honored Excellency Aleksandr Vasilevich,
Dear brothers,

Serbs in Kosovo are surrounded on all sides. All alternate routes towards inner Serbia have been blocked.
Our official government is negotiating with the so-called authorities in Pristina.
They are negotiating on our behalf, but we have no idea what they are negotiating away.
All roadblocks on alternate routes to inner Serbia have been removed by masked men with no insignia. We do not know who they were.
The lives of 150,000 Serbs in Kosovo are in danger. We are blocked from receiving aid. We are denied freedom of movement.
We beg Russia to raise its voice against this abuse. We beg Russia to help us, because no one else will.
If someone doesn't act, the occupiers will get their wish: Kosovo will not be Serb anymore, because there won't be any Serbs left in Kosovo." 

Think about this the next time you hear someone in the West preach about democracy, human rights, and intervening to help civilians being abused by their government. Here are civilians, peacefully defending their rights, liberty and property, being systematically abused - not just by their own government (and this is true whether one considers "their" government to be in Belgrade or in Pristina), but by the so-called international community (EULEX, KFOR) as well. But because the abused are Serbs, and the abusers are Albanians, Belgrade quislings and the "international community," that's supposed to be OK.

Well, it isn't. And while Russia may be a bit busy fighting off a NED-spawned "revolution," something tells me Moscow knows that as well.


Teddy said...

I wonder what the Russians will do about this???

Srbo said...

The action of Serbia's Gendarmerie was projected to be a sign to the Albanian negotiators in Brussels and especially the dissenters in Pristina that Serbia really means to go against its own people to protect the interests of the Albanian separatists. You know, Serbs have to prove they can be trusted and the best by proving you mean well to your enemies is to kill yourself.
I'm not saying Serbia killed herself on Jarinje or in Brussels, but it definitely killed Serbdom in itself. Serbia without Serbdom is a German march.

CubuCoko said...

Agreed, with a caveat: Serbia did nothing. The quisling regime calling itself the Serbian government did. And they have killed off any Serbdom within themselves years ago.

Asteri said...

I recently met both Vuk Jeremic and the Russian ambassador to the UK, and asked them about this. The reply from Jeremic was that they were prepared to negotiate a partition if it came to it, Russia supports that outcome if all parties agree. However he said Serb-Russian relations are pretty problematic at the moment, due to Serbia spurning Russia in favour of relations with the EU and NATO. I only hope that Serbs sees the true ugly face of the EU being displayed right now and hope they don't let whats happening to Greece happen to them in a decade or so.

CubuCoko said...

Partition? A colleague already explained who talks about partition and why. Jeremic is a rotten egg.

As for Russia, I'm a little tired of them being polite towards the Belgrade dregs. However it was intended, "We'll support whatever you decide" has turned into a carte blanche for the quislings.

Serbia is already more indebted, more bureaucratic, and more occupied than Greece. At least the Greeks are trying to fight back.

Blackbird said...

I agree. Russia should not do whatever the quislings in Belgrade want. If Russia is a real friend to Serbia, she will do what the Serbian people want. On the other hand, one can hardly blame the Russians that the Serbian people are too cowed to stand up and say what they want and to vote these pigs out of office.

CubuCoko said...

Indeed. I'm not blaming Russians for the Serbs' despondency, mind you - just think they could do more to help fight it. They don't have to, but I think it would be useful to them in the long run as well. The Empire chose to make a point of Serbia, so defeating it there would resonates far more than doing so in, say, Georgia.

James said...

Well something similar was done with the fall of Krajina during Operation Storm. An American Serb who went to Bosnia to help Serbs, claimed that "YU forces" were attacking those soldiers/defenders who were trying to help against the onslaught of the Croats. That the bulk of the Serbian forces had withdrawn (as we all know), and this was due to pressure and control through Belgrade/Milosevic (which had been threatened by Richard Holbrooke just prior), but that those Serb forces in Croatia (perhaps including Bosnia) who were trying to fight back (with great self-sacrifice and partly or mainly so the Serbian civilians could get out more safely), were also attacked by forces from Serbia ("YU forces is what Zoran referred to them as.) I'm guessing he meant the areas near the Croatia/Serbia/Bosnia border, but I don't know for sure. I don't know if it is what he witnessed himself (because I believe he was only in Bosnia) or just heard/knew because he had that knowledge and communication from being there having connections with the soldiers there.

robert49rml said...

"Are there no Serbs in this room?," Konuzin

balkaninfo said...

History repeats itself.

"Ante Pavelic Croat Ustashi Meets Adolf Hitler 1941"

50 years later:
"Germany backs Tudjman 1991"

"hope they don't let whats happening to Greece happen to them in a decade or so."

The EU already did worse against Serbia by bombing it with DU in 1999 and looting it after they installed the Djindjic dictatorship.

Teddy said...

Are are the so called opposition parties all in the tank for this betrayal???

Isn't there anyone in the opposition smart enough to go & discreetly get some money and backing from the Russians?

WTF is Koštunica's problem??? Remaining neutral between East & West?? Is he smoking crack or what???? Our "friends" in the West attack, bomb & destroy half the country. Then they steal our land. Yet he wants to remain "neutral & refuse help from the BRIC's???

CubuCoko said...

Kostunica has condemned it verbally. What he plans to do about it is less clear. Perhaps write a letter to the UN how he's very angry and sad and disappointed. That'll show 'em!

Thing is, I'm not sure someone isn't already working with Moscow and Beijing to change this state of affairs. But if they are, it's hardly wise to talk about it in public...