Monday, June 11, 2012

The Speed of Truth

With last year's Libyan intervention proceeding according to an accelerated Balkans script, and Syrian "freedom fighters" going to "learn" from KLA terrorists, it was just a matter of time before a "massacre" would manifest and be used as justification for intervention in the name of "stopping genocide."

Enter Houla, a village where over 100 people were murdered, allegedly by the "Assad's regime." The story was the stuff of headlines in the mainstream Western media for days - and then it vanished. Why?

Because it has emerged that Houla was a frame job: the massacred civilians were loyal to the government, while the methods of murder suggested it was the "rebels" who did the killing. Daniel McAdams has more of the story on the LRC blog, quoting a variety of sources, and concludes:

"Syrian government responsibility for Houla was a lie; it was in fact a provocation by the rebels to get the Libya-style foreign intervention they need to overthrow the government. Will anyone listen now that a major mainstream outlet has reported it?"

Now, I doubt anyone will listen; the Imperial establishment has long disdained facts when they dared interfere with its conjured narrative. Even if the general public takes this story to heart, expect it to be taken by another forthcoming bit of atrocity porn. And if in some unlikely case it doesn't swallow the case for "saving Syria" by mass-murdering Syrians, the establishment will do it anyway. Just as they did in Libya, or Iraq, or Serbia. Impunity, thy name is Empire.

The silver lining, however, is in the speed with which lies can be debunked, thanks to new technology. It took a decade to get an accurate death toll of the Bosnian War, and years to expose the Racak hoax. But the "gay girl in Damascus" took a few months, and Houla was exposed as a fraud within weeks. That's still not good enough, but it shows promise.


LVB said...

Excellent post.

I've been thinking exactly the same thing - another staged and manipulated event, just like Racak and the Markale marketplace bombings, and Trnoplje, and Omarska, and Srebrenica, get the point.

But does Obama want Syria merely as an election year distraction and heroism ploy, as Clinton did to distract from his degenertate Lewinsky-gate activities and impeachment??

I don't know of any multi-billion dollar resources in Syria, like the Trepca mining complex in Kosovo that Soros and his globalist ruling elite pals wanted to steal so badly...and did.

So, what else do you suppose is behind this targeting of Syria, specifically??

CubuCoko said...

Eh, Kosovo wasn't about the mines - it was about power. So is this. The Imperial establishment has convinced itself that Syria is a key ally of Iran, so striking there would be a good proxy move. This notion is encouraged by the Saudis and their Wahhabi allies in the Gulf; just watch Al Jazeera - or rather, listen to its rabidly interventionist tone - to see what I mean.

Which is why I don't think Israel is driving this: they know they can win conventional wars, it's the insurgency and 4GW they have issues with. Assad would be replaced by a militant jihadist regime, just like in Libya - not to mention the Brotherhood now appearing "moderate" compared to some other Egyptian parties.

Zman said...

jihadists carrying massacres of Christians according to the vatican.. Lovely "freedom fighters".. Just like Bosnia..

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly - but better said. Thanks.

LVB said...

Here's another great article from Scott Taylor - one of the only true journalists left in this world of globalist ruling elite propaganda:

LVB said...

Hey Falcon,

Here's my latest article about the aircraft shootdown "incident" in Syria.

Let me know what you think.

CubuCoko said...

Didn't know about those drones. Good work!

Am I seeing things, or was the plane/drone launched from Turkish-occupied Cyprus on that map?

LVB said...

Hey Falcon,

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

I don't think you are seeing things at all, re: the map which is being used by BBC and Sky, but they seem to have "removed it" from certain stories now.

I do believe this indicates the aircraft/drone was, indeed, launched from Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus.

I have a friend who lives there in Cyprus, and I have asked her to respond further to your questions here, as she is THERE and can tell you a lot more about the situation with where all the bases are, as well as the fact that Turkey is known for frequent harrassment via overflights that constantly violate the airspace there.

I think she will add a lot to this conversation, giving you some very interesting answers and ideas, and probably some entirely new questions to consider.

This whole situation is quite odd, though predictable in many ways, and if you ask me, it already has the undeniable stench of the Yugoslavia-style PR firm propaganda and psychological warfare campaign, ala Ruder-Finn and Hill & Knowlton.

Thanks very much and take care.

... said...

Hi Gray Falcon and LVB!!

This is a very interesting blog and I'm glad to have found it through LVBs recommendation.

I'm living in Southern Cyprus, the Greek speaking part, the part recognized by the world and the part which is a member state of Europe, which on 5th July will be hosting the presidency.

Turkey and its aerial provocations are seen regularly here in the Med.

It is very common, and indeed expected, that Turkey sends 2 or 3 fighter jets to violate Cypriot and Greek airspace on a regular basis. It's always a sort of 'look at us' show of strength. It is done intentionally. They know very well where they are flying!

They've been doing it for 30 years!

I don't have the reports but they are easily available online. Turkey does this, sends in the fighter jets, over the Greek islands. Greece retaliates by sending in a couple of it's fighter jets...the pilots do a sort of 'Top Gun' show against each other (fact) and then there is a statement from the ministry, followed by no action at all except for some finger wagging!

Strangely enough, yesterday was the last day of the annual military exercises done around the coast, which always catches the eye of Turkey. In correlation to this it was reported by Cyprus state broadcaster (CYBC) last night that the UK Sunday Times ran an article on the fact that Turkey's fighter plane may have indeed gone 'off course' and wandered off while tagging over Cyprus airspace!! This was the first time I've heard this and it was only reported there, no where else. Usually the CYBC will report it, therefore it must be a blatant lie by the Times to set up a story to save face for Turkey.

I have no idea if they also used that strange map of the flightpath of the so-called fighter plane - which news sources such as BBC and Sky were using - its quite interesting.(I am not paying a website to give me faux news)

If you look at the map you can clearly see marked (in white and red boxes) the British/American 'secret' air base to the North East and I believe the 'secret' listening post on the South East, plus the two British/American bases...

I am wondering who gave the media this particular map, clearly showing that the Turkish fighters originated from Turkish held Northern Cyprus. A disputed area,due to Turkish invasion, and not recognised by the world.

It should be noted that Turkey's illegal flyovers originate from disputed territories of Cyprus, althought they don't admit it, yet it makes sense as it's closer (I haven't calculated this!)

It really deserves to be complained about to the UN itself. Yet no one says anything about this blatant act of provocation.

If war does start then this will no doubt carry on and should also be brought to the attention of the EU as well, seeing as Cyprus is a member!

As the pilots still haven't been found by now, and the waters are not so vast, it's probably because there simply aren't any pilots! ;-)