Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conquerors on Parade

Two years ago, a "Pride Parade" turned into a day of anti-government riots, as some 6,000 police protected a handful of professional activists and their foreign sponsors as they strolled through occupied Belgrade. I speculated at the time that the police was inching towards mutiny; though no hard evidence came forth to corroborate the guess, the following year the parade was canceled as a security risk.

In May this year, within days of the quisling regime losing the presidential vote, the "LGBT activists" announced they would parade on October 6. The date is absolutely not accidental: October 5 is the date of the "revolution" in 2000 that brought in a government loyal to foreign interests. More militant of the quislings have since invoked "October 6" as a symbol of the need to "finish the job" - which, according to them, is to strip the Serbs of all the "regressive" values: religion, tradition, nationhood. Once the Serbs stop being Serbs, they cease to be a "factor of disturbance" for various foreign powers with designs on the strategic territory they oh-so-inconveniently inhabit.

I've explained this last year, but it bears repeating: the way its organizers are going about it, the "Pride" isn't about anyone's human rights - including those in Serbia who define themselves through their sexuality - but rather a tool of social and political engineering. While much of the resistance and resentment is driven by a dislike of homosexuality, it is the engineering aspect that actually drives the violence and threats thereof.

Having a country blockaded, bombed, demonized in the media the world over - all without a chance to defend itself - then handed over to a gang of thieves for a dozen years, is not going to make anyone particularly tolerant, forgiving or civil. How anyone can think that foreign-funded activists demanding special rights, while insulting everyone around them, could conceivably advance any cause of acceptance or tolerance is beyond me as well.

And now celebrities from the West, past and present, are getting involved - as if their stardom gave them any special standing to preach to people they know nothing about (and what they think they know is wrong). It's the "Pussy Riot" affair all over again - except that over the past week, the hypocrisy of it became even more apparent in the Western response to Muslim riots around the world. Apologetic statements seeking to placate the rioters only reinforce the conclusion that the West only listens to the argument of force, rather than the force of argument. The inescapable - though unfortunate - lesson of the riots is that rage gets results, while reason only results in more mockery.

Instead of fighting for life, liberty, and property - concepts that would actually encourage tolerance and acceptance of their lifestyle - the professional alt-sexuals demand the "right" to parade down the streets of Belgrade like a conquering army. That's not supposed to endear them to the general public - but perhaps that's precisely the point. "Tolerance" is seldom the objective of those who demand it the loudest. The Parade is a stick with which to beat the Serbs until they submit. Don't be surprised if they hit back.


LVB said...

The cult of "Tolerance" (and political correctness) is among the biggest lies of all time, and is preached by those who are the least tolerant humans on earth.

Anonymous said...

On instrumentalistion of Belgrad Pride: