Thursday, January 17, 2013

Liars, Cowards and Thugs

I've mentioned before that the Serbian Orthodox Church follows the Julian calendar, which is currently about two weeks off from the Gregorian commonly used in the West and elsewhere. So the Gregorian January 14 was the Julian January 1, and hence New Year's Day.

This was the occasion for the current UN General Assembly chairman, formerly Serbia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, to organize a little concert and reception on East River. It revolved around the performance of an a capella choir "Viva Vox" (notice the "chauvinistic" Latin name). A recording of the show is available on YouTube. And one of the songs the choir performed - and received by the audience with quite a bit of enthusiasm - was the "Drina March."

Within a day, the UN was being harassed by haters: the "Congress of North American Bosniaks" and its satellites (I've written about their activities before) sent a nasty letter to the Secretary-General, claiming the song was a symbol of "aggressors" and insulting to "victims of genocide."

The GenSec's spokesthing (can't even call it a "person" anymore, might offend someone) instinctively apologized, of course. Such behavior is par for the course for the spineless bureaucracy on East River, used nowadays primarily as a forum for politically correct hatred of the West or a fig leaf for Imperial intervention, depending on what day of the week it is.

Mainstream coverage of the apology was predictably laced with Serbophobic drivel. An AP piece published by just about everyone contained "facts" about the song taken off Wikipedia and characterizations that may as well have been copy-pasted from CNAB's letter. By way of example:

- the song was "originally written as a nationalist hymn after World War I".
Wrong! Stanislav Binički composed it following the Battle of Cer, in August 1914, after the outnumbered and outgunned Serbs fought off an invasion from Austria-Hungary.

- it "became a favorite of fascists and Serb nationalists".
Says who? First of all, this facetiously pretends that "fascist" and "Serb nationalist" are the same, and they are not. Were "fascists" decorated by the U.S.? Were they the people who saved U.S. airmen that bombed them? Or those who opposed the Communist takeover of Yugoslavia and the amnesty of Croatian Nazis (some of them later known as "Bosniaks") that followed? I know that "Serb nationalists" are somehow supposed to be evil incarnate, but can anyone actually coherently explain why - without relying on thoroughly debunked propaganda by their enemies, who just so happen to have been Nazi allies back in the day?

- it was "banned by Yugoslavia's Communist government after World War II".
Wrong again. In fact, the Communists produced a movie about the Battle of Cer in 1964 (on its 50th anniversary), praising the Serb military prowess, featuring the song prominently throughout, and even sharing its title.

There was even a bit about how it was voted the new Serbian national anthem in 1992, but the government decided against it - supposedly because it would have been inappropriate due to the Bosnian War. But CNAB and the Empire and AP accuse that particular government of being the "aggressor" in the said war, so its supposed sensitivity in this instance makes zero sense whatsoever. Or rather, as much sense as the mainstream narrative.

So what is one supposed to make of the multiple covers of the catchy trumpet tune, from a 1960s acoustic version by "The Spotnicks"  (heard here in a Greek film), to a modern electric guitar cover? Never mind any of that, you're supposed to hate the song, and feel ashamed for liking it and demanding an encore - because professional victims of the CNAB claim it was a "favorite of [imaginary] fascists and [supposedly evil] Serb nationalists." And the AP says so as well, so it must be true, right?

Add that to the constant stream of apologies you're supposed to make, to anyone who demands them, for anything they can think of. Anything else would be "racist" or "insensitive," the two only sins of modernity in which all the other sins and vices have been declared virtuous, hypocrisy most of all.


LVB said...

Yes, the hypocrisy is nauseating on far too many levels these days.

Now the proud Serbian people (and they should be proud) are even supposed to apologize for their music??

This entire false pretense - the rubbish and disease that is "political correctness" - is ridiculous. Although I dare say it is much worse in the West and especially in the USA, which has become an evil and grotesque mutation of the free and beautiful nation that it once was.

The UN and its cowardly sycophants can very simply go straight to hell. This nonsense is totally unacceptable, and as a true American (meaning NOT a globalist) and musician, I support the right and duty of all proud Serbian people to celebrate their own culture, heritage and music in any way they choose to.

On that note, I am working on a surprise to be released very soon which will do exactly that - to honor and celebrate the amazing beauty of Serbian music.

I will let you know when it is completed and post a link here for you to enjoy and share with others.

CubuCoko said...

Looking forward to it. Thanks!

Srbo said...

Great piece and a lesson!
One thing that bothers me in the whole affair is the fact that, somehow, Ban's PR staff reacted to a letter from a marginal organization of extremist tendencies in this way, rather than going to Jeremic for consultation and advice. Ban doesn't go around paying attention to every Joe Schmoe being offended by a song, but in this case, an apology ensued.
Where is Jeremic's influence and how is it possible that his influence is lesser than the influence of Bosniak Congress. Is it merely a matter of "the spineless bureaucracy" or has the matter of a song call for an intervention from a higher-up source on behalf of the Bosniak lunatics?
Who cares that much?

bearspaw said...

We are being nibbled to death by ducks.

CubuCoko said...

Though I don't think Jeremic ever had much influence at the UN, I am also perturbed by the reaction to what by all rights out to be considered a fringe hate group. Not surprised the media were all over it, though - they never saw a Serb-bashing story they could pass up.

kapetan Mile said...

i can't say how exactly but the western media among others has succeded in turning serbs into history's wort vilains ever. Nazis and their crimes don't comapre to what serbs' did, that's how it looks. and the worse brainwashed people are croatians closelely followed by serbian speaking people of muslim faith from BIH.

LVB said...

kapetan Mile,

What the globalist mass media has done to Serbia is a combination of three concepts:

1) Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.

2) If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, in time people will accept it as the truth. (Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda)

3) Definition of Doublethink: "To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed...." (from Orwell's '1984')

In the first case, most people in the West (and especially the USA) have no clue about the history of the Balkans. Specifically, that Serbia was the ONLY Balkan nation that actually helped the US and Allies in WW2, and bitterly resisted Nazi occupation - unlike Croatia and the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims, who embraced and loved the Nazis - and actively participated in the mass murder of millions of Serbs, Roma and Jews in the Balkans and Europe.

Thus, because of this lack of knowing history, people of the West were easy targets for the big money American PR firms to sell the big lie that Serbs are "Nazis" and their enemies in the modern Yugoslav wars (who actually were the Nazi collaborators in the Holocaust and genocide of WW2) are now somehow the "good guys" and innocent victims.

This big lie has been constantly repeated since the early 1990s and has largely succeeded, due to the monopoly of globalist mass media saturation in "news", movies, etc.

And "Doublethink" has now become second nature for the USA, UN, NATO and all governments that are members of this evil alliance.

Almost everything they say is a deception, filled with duplicity, double meanings and the worst hypocrisy in all of human history.

Now more than ever before, it is up to all of us as individuals to question everything the globalist elite-controlled mass media tells us. We must do our own research, indepedently, and truly think for ourselves.

Otherwise, we are left with only their lies and propaganda with which to form our beliefs - and that is the biggest mistake of all.

wDorich said...

January 18, 2013

The Honorable Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
760 United Nations Plaza
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

REF: The Drina March apology

Your Excellency,

The first Allied victory of World War I was accomplished by Serbians who were “ethnically cleansed” from their own country. From the Greek Islands Serbs fought their way back. The first city captured in WWI was Belgrade, the first city recaptured by Serb forces was Belgrade.

Serbs marched from the beaches of Salonika all the way to the Austrian border to liberate Serbia. The tombstones at Salonika contain 44,000 grave markets revealing who made the major sacrifice to the end WWI. You owe the Serbs an apology for your hideous lack of knowledge about this history and this song—much less your immoral knee-jerk reaction for political purposes. Little wonder Serbs look upon the United Nations with such contempt.

The Drina March represents Serbs fighting for freedom. Those Muslims who objected to The Drina March today are the same Muslims who fought against the Allies in both World Wars. In WWII, it was 22,000 SS Hanjar Muslim troops whose despicable task was to guard the railway links between the Balkans and Auschwitz. These Bosnian Muslims who liquidated hundreds of thousands of Serbs, 40,000 Jews and 75,000 Roma escaped justice as you manage to look the other way today. Your Excellency lacks moral character and should step down from your lofty perch.

Serbs today in Bosnia and Kosovo are living behind barbed wire compounds. Over 514 of their ancient Serbian Christian churches have been razed since the end of the war in 1999 by these terrorists Muslims as 17,000 NATO troops continue to prove incapable of defending the Serbian minority.

The illegal bombing of Serbia for 78 days violated the United Nations Charter. You look away as the NATO Charter is violated as was the Geneva Conventions and the Helsinki Final Act. With immoral idiots like you at the helm of the United Nations you leave little hope for equal human rights and equal justice in the world.

William Dorich, Beverly Hills

The writer is the author of 6 books on Balkan history including Serbian Genocide 1941-45 (1991), Kosovo (1992), Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence (1993) and his current book, Serbia: Faces & Places. He is the recipient of The Order of St. Sava, the highest recognition bestowed on a layperson by the Holy Synod of Serbian Orthodox Bishops and An Award of Merit from the Serbian Bar Association of America.

CubuCoko said...

I've seen this letter, and more than a dozen others, over the past few days. Is anyone willing to wager that none of them will get any media attention, unlike the "Bosniak" screed?

LVB said...

Gray Falcon,

Sadly, I think we both already know that due to the absolute corruption and bias in the globalist mass media, there will be no balance or anything that resembles "equal time" for the Serbian point of view in this recent (and very stupid) controversy.

None of this nonsense is actually about a piece of music - it is really all about the intolerance and blatant hostility of a small extremist group toward the nation of Serbia and its people - and the UN and mass media are only too happy to help them.

It is nothing but a distraction and a very thin disguise for their true intentions - which are to attack and ridicule Serbia in the mass media whenever possible.

Like all bullies, who are cowards by nature, they always love an unfair fight - one where the other side is not allowed to fight back.

Asteri said...

Are they going to mail a protest letter to back to 1994 when the Sloven metal band Laibach covered the song?