Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watching the World Burn

Since the beginning of the (un)civil war in Syria, back in the heady days of the faux "Arab Spring", I've been convinced that Imperial intervention was a matter of when, not if.

Media vs. Syria (seen on Facebook, source unknown)
Tunisian and Egyptian revolts - aided by Otpor training - successfully overthrew their respective governments, but the Libyan stooges failed abysmally, and had to be rescued by an intervention. This was done using the Kosovo Scenario on the accelerated Bosnia schedule: establish a flimsy pretext for NATO involvement through the UN, go in bombs blazing, establish "peace" through occupation. Sure, that hasn't worked out so well - just ask the families of the Benghazi dead - but in the immortal words of the (likely) future Empress, "what difference does it make?"

The Syrian war began as one of those Otpor-like "civil revolts," but when the government in Damascus refused to crumble, it escalated into armed rebellion. The Empire and its clients have been supplying weapons to the rebels. Rebel "fighters" have also received "training" from the KLA - which, knowing the KLA, consisted primarily of advanced courses on "how to stage a massacre and blame the enemy for it, in order to create a pretext for intervention." Meanwhile, several Imperial clients have been enlisted to bolster the atrocity porn narrative in the mainstream media.

Conditioned by the endless stream of celebrity gossip to have the attention span of a spastic squirrel, the general public may have forgotten the attempt to stage a chemical attack in June this year. Yet the intervention machine had not kicked into gear then, the way it is now. What has changed? Either the Empire is now more prepared for war than it was two months ago - which I doubt - or the powers that be decided that fallout of Ed Snowden's NSA leaks, and economic and social problems at home, demanded an urgent distraction: a short, victorious war.

So now the media is deploying the heavy verbiage, trying to sell the general public on the notion that the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons somehow has the right, or even the moral obligation, to murder people in another country, supposedly to protect them from (allegedly) being killed by chemical weapons. Which were in all likelihood used by the rebels in a false flag op (see KLA training, above).

Moon of Alabama thinks the Empire lacks the wherewithal to attack, and that it's unwilling to risk a confrontation with Russia and China. He might be right about the former, but I'm not so sure about the latter. Remember that Washington lives in a virtual reality bubble, believing only the "facts" it chooses to believe (or those it invents, same difference). Note also the evolving confrontation with Moscow over "gay rights", which isn't about homosexuals or civil rights at all, but about power.

I still don't know how the Empire intends to attack, but it is abundantly clear that it has decided to. The current Emperor seems to share the outlook of his predecessor, who once spoke of wanting to "set a fire in the minds of men." So they set the world on fire instead.


garasanin said...

and then there's this:,0

Anonymous said...


Wow! Foreign Policy is giving us information we have already known for years.

Good documentary called Saddam Hussein Documentary: The Trial you will never see on YouTube that deals with western dealing with Iraq including encouraging it to go to war against Iran.

CubuCoko said...

Churchill ordered the gassing of Iraqis back in the 1920s. Nor is it a secret that Iraq attacked Iran as part of an arrangement with the U.S. (those photos of Saddam and Rumsfeld, remember?).

Granted, the general public is ignorant of this because the gatekeepers keep them busy with celebrity T&A. But even if they knew, what can they do? Vote CFR Team A out and elect CFR Team B instead?

Unknown said...

I think the emperial strategy is trying to drive the whole world into some kind of "Stockholm Syndrom" hypnosis, so that they develop natural pro-west reactions, and also learn to react strongly with any signs of power (or should i say "life") beyond the western sphere, to the point of developing the opinion that life does not exist outside the western block. (and thus can be demonized, killed, treated as animals), etc...
So, i dont think the west is so stupid, as many think, in her (west's) failure to cover up her ass, when trying to pursue her dreams for world domination. NO, they are doing it deliberately!! They want to show to the mere mortal human who is the boss!

CubuCoko said...

Except they aren't doing all that well, are they? I mean, sure, it looks like they've conquered Serbia (Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, not so much), but many others have thought so over the centuries, only to be in for a rude awakening.

Unknown said...

I know how Serbs criticize their own, (in fact i consider this trait a blessing, i wish Greeks had 1/10 of that), but i still believe that Serbs are as free as it can get, regarding we all live in a western-dominated balkans.There is no much things one can do. Let's see if the latest proceedings finally make SLAVS to believe in their selfs more.

CubuCoko said...

I actually just wrote a piece over on my other blog about how people (Serbs, but also others) can be more free, even under this sort of occupation.