Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Woefully Unfit, Indeed

Reuters "reports" on the crisis in Bosnia today, including this bit of editorial guidance:
It [the Dayton peace agreement] has created a highly-decentralized and dysfunctional system of power-sharing woefully unfit to steer Bosnia through economic transition or the process of integration with the European Union, to many their best hope of prosperity.
Ignore for the moment that the riots in (part of) Bosnia just coincidentally flared up during the lull in the Ukrainian drama, and petered out just in time for the predicted coup of "Maydanist" stooges this past weekend. For that matter, ignore the incongruity of EU being the "best hope of prosperity" for the unnamed "many"; to which the best response would be to list countries improved by their EU "integration": Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia... should I go on?
(photo: Antonio Bronic/Reuters)
No, I'd like to draw your attention to the "woefully unfit" language of the paragraph, implying - falsely - that the Dayton Accords are to blame for the malfunctioning of Bosnia as a whole, rather than - factually - that the problem lies in the corruption, bad faith and lack of responsibility in one part of Bosnia, the Federation. If there is a "dysfunctional system", it is the Federation, and that arrangement has nothing to do with Dayton (read for yourself), and everything to do with a wartime alliance set up by Washington in 1994.

While changing the Constitution of Bosnia would literally require rewriting a portion (Annex IV) of the peace agreement - and once that is done, the whole thing might well unravel - amending the Federation's constitution is far less of a chore. But it would require responsibility, a modicum of good will, and - perhaps most importantly - for Muslims and Croats to stop blaming the Serbs for all their problems and put their house in order.

Far easier to shift blame and demand Imperial intervention, through staged riots, arson, and "activist journalism" of the kind quoted above. 


Anonymous said...

Timoshenko's daughter thanked (Preshevo) Albanians for arranging the release of her mom. I wouldn't be surprised for the (former) KLA (together with corrupt elements from NATO countries) being involved with the Madian coup AND helped stage a Racak style massacre on the Maidan square while Yanukovych was having guests from the EU (great timing for a massacre). Apparently KLA militants together with the Canvas (Otpor) organization are exporting violent revolutions around the world (Syria, Ukraine...) with financial, political (and sometimes military) support from NATO countries. Republic of Srpska is next on the list to be taken out (by NATO!) in this global game of chess.

CubuCoko said...

The KLA and Otpor are tools. Don't look at the tools, look at the hand that wields them.

chris m said...
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chris m said...

If you already know whats in their brains then You dont even need to look at the tools.

Thats because they are all nihilists

CubuCoko said...

True. I was just pointing out that looking at Otpor or the KLA as the movers here is missing the point, since they aren't moving anything, they are the lever that someone else (i.e. the Empire) uses to move those it targets.

I just can't decide whether the Empire is Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

The tools tells you which methods they use for regime change:
In Egypt, Saudi sponsored Salafists were killing Muslim Brotherhood supporters, the "international community" immediately put the blame on the police/military. The police and military, on the other hand, were blaming the MB for the violence.

The Empire is not black or white, but grey with a lot of evil in it.
There is a lot of evil among the elite, evil of the paranormal kind! Not Kidding...

The Empire can also be seen as a crow starting a cat fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzCJsRjDv-I

Unknown said...


The sad think is that we have a lot of garbage in the Slavic ranks, who betray the whole branch for peanuts.

Haven't they learned anything from the 90s?

This Julija and her daughter should be two happy hairdressers and nothing more than that.

It extremely dangerous when idiots come to power.