Friday, October 17, 2014

Anglosphere Media Spin: "A Small Drone Stunt"

Three days after the drone incident at the Serbia-Albania game in Belgrade, the propaganda in the mainstream Anglosphere media is getting worse. That should not come as a surprise: for the Empire's lie machine, anything goes when dealing with the Serbs - from simple spin and subterfuge to outright making up one's own "facts."
screenshot of the NY Times article header, October 17, 1500 EDT
Here is the New York Times' Dan Bilefsky, blaming the Serbs for attacking, insulting and provoking the pure, innocent Albanians:
Video of the event showed some Serbian spectators — Albanian fans were barred from the stadium — shouting “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Others ran onto the field, attacking Albanian players, sometimes with chairs, and forcing the Albanian team to escape through a tunnel at the end of the field. 
Per Bilefsky (or his editors), it all started when "a small drone trailing a nationalist Albanian flag" flew into the stadium. At this point, I would like to refer you to an outright brilliant analysis by the good folks at eBritic, who not only surveyed the British media's distortions of Tuesday's incident, but set the facts of the case straight. I also refer you to the Serbian Football Association account, endorsed by the match officials. 

Just to be perfectly clear: the NYT - and other media - is busily spinning this as yet another manifestation of "Serb bigotry" against the poor innocent Albanians. Imagine, the Albanian fans were "barred from the stadium"! Serbian fans were likewise banned from the upcoming game in Albania - for the same reason, security fears - but there is no mention of that, of course. It would spoil the "Serbs bad" narrative.

The "nationalist Albanian flag" was in fact a banner depicting the so-called "Natural Albania," the objective of Albanian chauvinists since 1878 or so, for which they have repeatedly enlisted support of outside conquerors (Austria-Hungary, Nazi Germany, NATO). Of course, Albanians and their Western sponsors are shrugging this off as "Serbian propaganda" or paranoia - even as the US "diplomat" involved in staging NATO's 1999 casus belli openly endorses the project.

And let's by all means talk about that particular elephant in the room. Fifteen years ago, NATO attacked Serbia in support of an Albanian terrorist insurgency, occupied a part of Serbian territory (the province of Kosovo-Metohija) and had it declared an independent state (in 2008). Albania has backed the insurgency, the NATO war and the subsequent land grab all the way.

Even though the quisling government of Serbia has nonetheless bent over backwards to properly host the Albanian team in Belgrade, the Albanians launched a drone with an incredibly offensive banner - and not just to Serbs, but also to Greeks, Montenegrins and Macedonians (all Empire's vassals, but I guess beneath Albanians on the ladder so their interests don't matter?). They have tried to profit from the resulting interruption, bragged about it on social media (the US standard of truthiness, per J. Psaki), Albanian officials congratulated them for a "job well done" and called the whole thing a "splendid subtle provocation". And this is somehow Serbia's fault?



James said...

"Even though the quisling government of Serbia has nonetheless bent over backwards to properly host the Albanian team in Belgrade"

Serbs must put more pressure on their government and protest its wrongs. They need to pressure it stop the meeting of the Albanian PM. He will come and say inflammatory things and gloat. They are gloating that they pulled off this stunt.

There is nothing good about inviting Albanians in - they have shown what they are and want. The do want to steel more land and they are instigators.

Serbs have to get up and protest, protest, protest. Vucic is dumb and has entered into almost full zombie-puppet mode. He leads more and more to endangerment territory for Serbia.

Anonymous said...

The flag incident is a message to Serbia; choose EU over Russia or end up like Ukraine.

Vucic is doing a good thing by balancing between east and west while giving the impression going west.
On the other hand so was Ukraine balancing between east and west...

James said...

Now there's been a riot after the Corsican flag was waved at a match in France. So are the Brit's going to do hit pieces on the French? At least it would be picking on those more their own size/power/influence.

"Riot after Bastia’s sub keeper Leca waved a Corsican flag at Nice’s ultras, four people arrested"