Sunday, December 07, 2014

An End and A Beginning

I've tried "unpacking" the implications of last week's announcement that the South Stream pipeline is no more, in a column for RT, and another for

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think the Empire's quisling cult is celebrating prematurely. South Stream's demise was primarily aimed at punishing Bulgaria's treachery, as Gazprom's CEO Aleksey Miller pretty much spelled out over the weekend - but also effectively destroyed all the Western plans to bypass Russia using Turkey.

Andrew Korybko has some interesting thoughts as to why Ankara defected. But I expect Washington and Berlin (Brussels is for show, after all) won't spend much time trying to figure that out, choosing instead to use all means at their disposal to bring the Turks in line. Good luck with that!

As for Serbia, well, notice the Russo-Turkish agreement says nothing as to where the Europe-bound pipes will go through after they reach Greece. Does anyone really think it would be through Albania, a client of Washington ever more than Bulgaria could ever aspire to be? And if not there, then perforce north, through FYROM and Serbia - which would require the stabilization of both, at the very least through the curbing of Washington-backed Albanian aggression. Given that Washington has relied on Turkey (and Germany) to do much of the work in actually supporting the Albanians, while the US sat back and basked in the adulation, let's just say that calculation will now need to be revised.

While it is certainly possible that Russia will just throw Serbia under the proverbial bus, I don't think that's likely. That line about the West wanting to destroy Russia like it destroyed Yugoslavia, in Vladimir Putin's big annual speech, was there very much on purpose. Unfortunately, while I would love to see Serbia take the lead on this, I don't know if the country - infested by the quisling cultists as it is - can muster the strength right now. As one Serbian commentator describes it (link to original, translation mine):
"Looking at Serbia and Russia over the past 25 years, one could say that they are comrades in arms whose mutual understanding has sometimes been better and sometimes worse. But one of them has been left behind, wounded and bleeding out, behind enemy lines. That is why it's Russia's move today, not Serbia's."
Call me naive, but I have faith that Russia will come through. For its own sake, if nothing else. The fact I can't see the signs of it happening doesn't mean it's not in the works: it just means the enemy can't see it either.


Anonymous said...

Serbia always wanted the South Stream, so did Bulgaria! Serbia suspended construction because Bulgaria suspended contruction because of new EU rules (which came after the south stream agreement), so Russia threw in the towel. Minister of construction, transport and infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic of Serbia always tried to sabotage the South Stream agreement. Even if Bulgaria went ahead with the construction, Serbia would have been forced to choose between joining the EU or the South Stream. Serbia as a BANANA REPUBLIC would choose the EU over the South Stream!

Michael said...

Serbia has massive hydro-electric potential. The Djerdap-3 dam would add nearly 1/3rd to Serbia's electricity production. Russia could supply the turbines under favourable terms and then Serbia would not need gas or an EU-owned pipeline passing through its territory.

Unknown said...

they own everything. There is no way that south stream would be ever realized.
+ it was only an energy project. Where were the common plans for industry, infrastructure , culture, education, etc??

Sad truth is, that after the saxons conquered the medieval capital (Kiev) of the greatest Slavic empire, then everything is possible.

A small isolated and pseudo-nationalistic bulgaria and serbia won't exactly scare them away.

@gray falcon,
bring food on the table for 20 million Serbs (SRB/RS BIH and abroad), build defence projects , and then curse Nikolic and the quislings as much as you want. Or at least give a plan to get there. Unable to do that you are punching on thin air.

CubuCoko said...

Panix, what are you trying to say, that the "Saxons" are all-powerful and resistance is futile? Or that Nikolic and the quislings are somehow putting food on the table - instead of taking it away, as they are actually doing on a daily basis?

So, in order to criticize a regime that has basically written a whole new book on treason, I would have to somehow do better than them? What the hell kind of logic is that?

Anonymous said...

I have noticed Vucic being heavily addicted to power, his power hunger is being fed by Berlin and Washington. The more treacherous he becomes, the more powers he gets from his masters.
If you watch his eyes closely you can see he is possessed, he sold his soul to the devil. Vucic cannot turn back, as a power junky he'll go forward until the very end. Vucic is acting tough in own country, but in Brussels, Berlin and Washington he behaves like a lackey. Nobody respects a leader from a self-loathing nation, not even his masters from hell...

Unknown said...

"So, in order to criticize a regime that has basically written a whole new book on treason, I would have to somehow do better than them?"

Yes, you got that right.

"What the hell kind of logic is that?"

The only kind of logic.

Unknown said...


lets reverse that, his masters from hell have created those kind of gvmts before the very ppl invlolved even knew. They might plan e.g. for me to become president in Greece or simply die after writing this msg. It all depends on what the Saxons want.

Only size can win them. As long as we have pseudo-nationalistic anti-socialist mafizo-cracy in the balkans and slavic europe death and destruction will be the norm.

CubuCoko said...

Panix, that's insane. So in what's in your mind the "only kind of logic," I would have to first overthrow the government in Serbia and do better myself, before I have legitimacy to criticize their actions?

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people in Serbia weren't actually guided by this, though... Helps explain the lack of resistance.

CubuCoko said...

And if "everything depends on what the Saxons want", then the answer is to out-Saxon the Saxons?

I used to think we're both looking at the same outcome, but disagreed on the means of getting there. Now I'm not so sure...