Friday, October 10, 2008


In these dark times, just as I think the world can sink no further into depravity and decadence, something usually happens that proves me wrong.

Anyone who ever won the Nobel Peace Prize should feel revolted and disgusted that this year it was awarded to Martti Ahtisaari. Oh, supposedly the ex-president of Finland helped Namibia become independent, made peace in Aceh (hey, aren't they still fighting?) and mediated in Iraq (no comment), but we all know what really drove the awards committee: Ahtisaari's services to the Empire in first ensuring the NATO occupation of Kosovo in 1999, then engineering the "peace plan" that handed this Serbian province to Albanian terrorists in February this year.

The Nobel committee has made some questionable decisions in the past, but this is truly beyond the pale. What he did in Kosovo was not peacemaking, not in 1999 and certainly not in 2006-2008. He was a hatchet-man for NATO and the Atlantic Empire, a phony, a fraud. Even if he didn't receive kickbacks from the Albanian mafia (and those claims were never seriously investigated, but simply dismissed as "Serbian propaganda" - even though they originated from Germany and Finland!), he was still rotten to the core.

If this...thing can get the Nobel Peace Prize, then there is no such thing as peace, and the Nobel Prize is worthless.


CAP said...

You're right - you think the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke - now give us your thoughts on Montenegro's 'compliance' with the Yankee/Euro jackboot!

'Divide and rule' I guess is the presiding strategy.

CubuCoko said...

I think the Witch-King of Angmar said it best on his blog: "Milo acted according to his anture. He can not go against it any more then a hyena can go against it's own." The real blame is with the Serbs who sat idly by while Crna Gora became Montenegro, just as they currently work on dismembering what's left of Serbia (the "Vojvodina Statute, etc.) at the behest of their foreign masters. Lining their own pockets in the process is just a bonus.

Maie Kark said...

Dear Nebojsa,
This is truly a choice in extremely poor taste! But then, hasn't the Nobel Peace Prize become more or less a joke these days, among the proposed candidates being war criminals, etc.? The Norwegian Nobel Committee which decides about the awards is a bunch of snowed-in figures who do not seem to have much connection with reality. It is not long time ago they proposed Clinton for the candidature. It is definitely not as prestigious as the Nobel Prize for science and literature which is awarded by the Swedes in Stockholm. In this case I feel the Norwegians just wanted to boost their Nordic neighbours, in a general mutual feel-good atmosphere. Finland was the only one which had not received anything recently... That's the way they think.
Best regards, Maie

Maie Kark said...
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This entire Nobel prize business is so farcical and clearly politicized that I would expect nothing else from it. Remember the bone-breaking Rabin also got one of these.

No, the REAL disgrace is Montenegro and Macedonia recognizing Kosovo. From the former it is amazingly vile and treacherous, and for the latter it is just breathtakingly stupid (since they risk dealing with the very same Sheptari subversion as Serbia did).

I am, frankly, baffled that the formerly proud Montenegrins have not died of shame after such a nauseating betrayal of everything they used to stand for in their long history.

Deucaon said...

The leader of Montenegro recognised the regime in Pristina so don't blame Montenegrins in general. Had there been a referendum the idea would have never got off the ground.

Robstar said...

Disgrace sums it up. With every year this prize seems to go to people who are less and less deserving. The peace prize has become a very empty award

CubuCoko said...

Um, Deucaon, you did read beyond the title, right? This post was about Ahtisaari's prize, not about Montenegro. I wasn't going to criticize the people there anyway - after those demonstrations in Podgorica that were more honest and honorable than anything in Belgrade lately, it's plain that the true people of Montenegro won't allow the establishment of Djukanovic's newfangled "Doclean nation" without a fight.

Deucaon said...

Sorry, I commented on the wrong post (and possibly the wrong blog as well.) Well this is what happens when you're surfing multiple blogs at the same time... if only there weren't so many links leading to other articles/blogs/etc.