Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Medium is the Message

Russia Today interviewed me about Biden's visit, earlier this morning (link):

The very fact that Biden, hero of the "Bosniaks" and about to be decorated by the KLA, was sent to do the Balkans is a message.

Obama's foreign policy establishment, resurrected from the Clinton era, decided that finishing off the Serbs and cementing their "nation-building" enterprise in the Balkans would be the perfect easy victory to salvage the sinking ship of the Empire.

But will the Serbs surrender? Will the Empire's plan succeed? We'll find out soon enough.


ajokic said...

What is Russian about this RussiaTV? The idea that one must qualify a question with the formulation that "Nationalist parties" accuse Biden for '99 bombing etc. is so western, so non-Russian that I can hardly connect this character to Russia or disconnect from CNN or BBC propaganda (except the latter would never have Malic on). Thanks for the link, however.

Michael Averko said...

Nice segment Gray Falcon.



RT is a mix of non-Russian/Western reared folks, brought up on certain biases and Russians, who might not always be up to snuff on what's up with the applied lingo. Also assume that the Russian RT personnel don't all hold the same views on any number of topics.

RT had a previous segment where the Serb Radical Party was referred to as "extreme nationalists." On the other hand, that term doesn't seem to be applied to the repackaged KLA in Kosovo.

On the one hand, RT having on the likes of Gray Falcon and Srdja Trifkovic is a plus over what predominates in the established English language mass media. On the other hand, RT can and should be doing more for alternative views, which have been muted.

I qualify these points by saying that I very much believe the need for effective English language media and PR efforts vis-a-vis mainstream Russian and Serb views. Others besides myself continue to be disappointed.