Friday, October 28, 2011

Is it Jihad Yet?

photo: Beta
This is Mevlid Jasarevic, age 23, follower of the Salafi sect of Islam, who this afternoon opened fire on the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Jasarevic was subsequently shot and reportedly killed. [Clarification: Jasarevic was wounded and detained by the police.]

Because Jasarevic is from Novi Pazar, a town in Serbia, odds are the mainstream Western media will describe this as a "Serbian attack", or at least identify him as "Serbian citizen." This would be horribly misleading, of course, but that hasn't stopped them before.

Here are some things to keep in mind here, before the spin distorts them:
  • Salafi missionaries came to Bosnia during the war, with tacit approval and even assistance of the U.S., to get the "wayward" Bosnian Muslims in line and wage jihad against the Serb and Croat "infidels."
  • There are 150,000 or so Muslims in the Raska region of southwestern Serbia (which they call "Sanjak", a term going back to Ottoman days). Their religious leader, mufti Muamer Zukorlic, was appointed by the top Islamic cleric of Bosnia and has been stirring up trouble and preaching violence and hate for several years. In this, he enjoys the support of many foreign governments ("Friends of Sanjak"), including the U.S.
  • Jasarevic may technically be a citizen of Serbia, but he is wanted there on charges of terrorism. He left Serbia last year, and settled in the Salafi commune of Gornja Maoca in northern Bosnia. Until it was ethnically cleansed during the Bosnian War, it used to be a Serb village called Karavlasi.
In addition to terrorizing any Christians (Serbs or Croats) they may come across, the Salafi frequently harass ordinary Bosnian Muslims, who by and large follow the Hanafi school of Islam. The Hanafi approach accepts local customs and is what made coexistence with Christians in the past possible in the first place. Salafists dismiss this as heresy and preach absolute intolerance of any who do not follow their ways.

Anyway, just watch: Jasarevic will be described as a lone lunatic, his motives will be "unknown", and there will be no mention of jihad or Islamic terrorism. The notion that the Salafists in Bosnia may be nurturing terrorists who threaten American lives runs counter to the mainstream narrative of innocent Muslims being victims of evil Serbs, and is therefore thoughtcrime.

Update (10/31/2011): Julia Gorin has a post up about this and other jihadist attacks, with links. Lots of links.


bruce said...

Link presented without comment

CubuCoko said...

Interesting! The headline has since been corrected - wonder what made them do it...

The Hero of Crappy Town said...

Further context:

2002 - Christmas Eve Massacre of Anđelić family (3 dead, 1 wounded)
2008 - Bomb at FIS Vitez shopping center (1 dead, several wounded
2010 - car bomb attack against Bugojno police station (1 dead, several wounded)

So then Salafi terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is nothing new, only this time target was American.

Anonymous said...

I like to read more information about Serbia's Muslim region.

Got any links about the recent history of Islamic penetration into the region?

I doubt the media will even cover it but no doubt they will simply call him a Serb if they do.

Actually as I wrote a couple of years ago I think the Beslan massacre was rehearsed in Bosnia which I think there is good circumstantial evidence including a video of terrorist performing hostage taking in a school that mirrored that in the Beslan video which CNS posted on there website that they have since removed.

Luckily I downloaded and saved the video at the time and the articles.

Anonymous said...

Part of the video is on YouTube.

Apparently he is still alive after being shot in the leg.

CubuCoko said...

True, Hero - but the Americans successfully swept it under the rug for years, dismissing it as "Serb propaganda." Now their ox is being gored, but I doubt that will make any difference whatsoever.

Jack, I heard conflicting reports; he might be dead, he might be crippled. We'll know for sure in a day or two. If he lived, I'm sure there will be an outpouring of "human rights" sentiments over how he's being treated, and even treatises on how it's really Those Evil Serbs to blame.

CubuCoko said...

The region where the terrorist originated is called Rashka (Рашка, Raška), but some call it Sanjak (Sandžak), from the old Ottoman expression for a military district.

What was known as the Sanjak of Novibazar was occupied by Austria-Hungary from 1878 to 1909, in order to physically separate Serbia and Montenegro. It was ceded back to the Ottomans after the annexation of Bosnia, and three years later liberated by the Serb and Montenegrin armies in the First Balkan War (along with Kosovo and Metohija, for that matter). There is a sizable Muslim population there, though not a majority by any means.

Nowadays they style themselves "Bosniaks" and claim that Bosnia is their motherland (when not claiming Turkey instead, anyway). Though there are many more Salafis in Bosnia itself, they seem to be having an easier time operating in Rashka, since any attempt to shut them down is denounced as "Serbian oppression" by the "human rights" crowd...

Suvorov said...

Yes, they will pin it down on Serbia in one way or another. It should be recalled that Sulejman Talovic's deadly spree in Salt Lake City was attributed to the cruelty his people suffered at the hands of the Serbs.

Dorde said...

Perhaps someone in the editorial room had a lucid moment (unlikely, but possible) and realized that if a real Serb had committed this act, the sub-heading would have to read "Massive tear in the space-time continuum."